Idi: Bernardini (Roma Trung), no Group stew.

  • July 30, 2014 at 9:06 pm

Roma, July 30. (Reuters Health)-No ‘ stew ‘ Idi group. It is the position of Sandro Bernardini, Secretary General of the Uil Fpl di Roma e del Lazio, commenting on the situation at the end of the tender for the sale of the Group’s business. We will not accept, for what we compete, proposals that include chopping the group says Bernardini to Adnkronos health-we ask, as we are doing from the beginning, the protection of this structure, which represents an excellence, and workers. Therefore, we reiterate our no sale apart structures, with the risk of speculation. The Idi is a value added, although it has been run shamefully. Now you need to get out of the crisis and to avert the risk of bankruptcy, the solution is unique and guarantees the relaunch of the structure, so far happened also thanks to the efforts of employees, and the maintenance of full employment. . Similar text can be inspected clicking web site.

Pisa develops the first marine robot: the Octopus Octopus and Poseidrone.

  • July 30, 2014 at 3:28 pm

LIVORNO-are still babies and Poseidrone Octopus, yet have already beaten three world records. Are the first artificial marine creatures made in Italy, have Leghorn-native pisani and even before hi-tech steel won a page of the New York Times. Have been carried out by young scientists of the Institute of Robotics of the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna di Pisa. The laboratories are located in the buildings of the "Scoglio della Regina", historic belvedere Livorno seafront where, not without criticism and protests, has begun a massive restructuring that, according to some critics, would have obscured a part of landscape and defaced a historic place of Livorno although abandoned. Are flexible, Octopus robot and Poseidrone, a kind of synthetic octopuses who are following a constructive philosophy different from that of the "usual" all steel and plastic automata so far known. The two babies were created with soft materials that make them, as researchers at Sat’Anna, flexible, soft, ‘ snappy ‘. Is nothing new: the University of Pisa (professor Antonio Bicchi) has already built machines "fluffy", useful in industrial use (to prevent injury), however the idea of marine robot is certainly a step forward in robotics, science still in its infancy. For years, Cecilia Laschi, Deputy Director of the Institute of Robotics and his team, studying marine polyps and other animals and try to replicate them artificially. The project was finished on the NYT, is funded by the European Union and nato to "steal the secrets that hide the dexterity of the Octopus, to reproduce them in a new type of marine robot from" body "soft-explain the researchers-and then the development of complex marine applications, such as the cleanliness of the sea, exploration, water monitoring and even rescue operations». . Additional info can be read clicking

Controversial funding method: federal environmental agency called fracking ban for shale gas.

  • July 30, 2014 at 1:21 pm

The current opinion is especially to possible risks for the groundwater, which may result in the production of natural gas by fracking from so-called unconventional deposits. Such deposits is in Germany to shale or coal seams at a depth of less than 3,000 metres. In this store rocks, gas is too tightly bound to open it up with simple holes. Therefore is there repeatedly with high pressure and long pressed into a mixture of water, sand and chemicals into the deposit. The gas can escape from the emerging cracks in the rock. One of the main problems of engineering is dealing with the so-called Flowback – water that comes out of the bore hole to the surface and both contains chemicals of Frackingflüssigkeit as also toxic substances out of the reservoir water. Environmentalists have criticised always back in the past, that such substances in drill holes trapped in the environment and groundwater. The UBA according to it would be best to prepare the Flowback and recycle. Tight gas deposits are being exploited in Germany 50 years by fracking. Here is that calling UBA environmental compatibility checks and risk assessments. In water – and nature conservation areas, as well as in catchment areas of lakes and dams the experts recommend banning objections. The critics with the UBA are likely to agree however on the question, what to keep from the fracking boom in the United States. The fracking technology is no Savior for climate protection, which can facilitate the transition to renewable energy, said UBA President Krautzberger. It would be better, our country is more focused on proven environmentally friendly forms of energy such as renewable energy. . Root data may be studied clicking this site.

Headphones solo 2 beats: because of the bass pumping.

  • July 30, 2014 at 1:05 pm

Glossy finish, sharp edges, wider frame: The headphones solo 2 beats wants to avoid, what could somehow reminiscent of normality. This also applies to the sound. You would have to print warnings on the packaging. Bright they would be and large. It is visible from a distance. You should give an indication to all those people who think they could just walk into a department store for electronics goods on Saturday and beats buy headphone of the company. No, just that I can’t. The brand is popular, all right. In some subculture, it is good even as a status symbol. But even now, as the manufacturer of the headphones soon belongs to Apple, you must call the public to withhold. Who wants to answer these questions, to talk about the sound. But also about design. The solo 2 is perhaps the weirdest headphones, there is in mass production. Glossy finish, sharp edges, wider frame. Exactly how Swank. Who wears the arrangement in public on the head, must want to stand out. The carrier must want to join in opposition to the secretly listeners who like to bury their ear buttons from the eyes of their neighbors of the railway. Just no business as usual. This is the message. . Additional information can be read clicking reference.

Sicily, underpaid journalists and who does not have it done.

  • July 30, 2014 at 10:09 am

I worked in a siciliana, a time. It was the island’s largest newspaper, fregiavamo us foolishly this bogus title I and others, we were young, we wanted to write and that’s it. It was necessary to know the basics: don’t flaunt certain ideas, for heaven’s sake, a talented Middle normodotarsi, and it was done. There we were getting paid even money for cigarettes. To us it was fine. It was a status. I don’t know how to explain, we had twenty years, so. It is a long and tedious affair, common to many editors, I imagine, especially in the South, but not only. Underpaid, understated. Personally I was quite relevant editorial roles yet: unofficially. Coordinavo four pages, even today ask me any number of all employees of the province and I quote from memory private number, ex officio, by phone. It would be a joke, but I have to laugh, or even to you, right? But it is all true. 17 years have passed. The possibility of a deal was the stuff of visionaries. Are we crazy? A contract? Only few and small to the limit. Certainly not me. Be above average was a complicated affair. Write with your feet to make the "merde" accessible to all was a diktat, and it didn’t matter if at the end the reader confirmed dismayed: c’est la merde (euphemism). Exactly. Son years, I said, survived a bit at all, to threats, to retaliation, at all, it is not easy to write for a newspaper, in Sicily, try to understand. Certain topics, for example, is not easy. There are dynamics that follow precisely meridionaliste trajectories, I quote my friend and musician Peppe Voltarelli. I interviewed even an alleged serial killer, for them. Foolishly I thought that the limit would have been rewarded with some article or with a fistful of euros more later this month. Nothing to be done. The long and tedious process of an unlucky with a passion for writing in an editorial of the South, of the deep South, where ideas are afraid, Yes, is not only demagoguery. Talent, ideas, the outsider, they fear. You are freaked out, said a colleague in the newsroom. People won’t understand, but as heck show? Then we sent him home, point blank, without a cent of liquidation, anything, at home. In my case, after 17 years, indeed. With his pockets turned and a ‘ vaffa ‘ implicit in human resource management, rammed so carelessly. A friend, who really fought often in the Newsroom, but rediscovering a friend today and I miss and even more a brother, behold he thought he had lost everything. He had liquidated without too many words, a flutter of eyelashes and were nothing to these people. My friend’s brother was really angry, he wanted to get his hands around the neck of him who had liquidated quickly. Away, shoo, at home. The same that I had proposed, if anything, something like "euro 5" a piece. I miss the market, buddy. So in an innocuous end winter dawn, a gunshot shook the garments of heaven and Earth, it seems to me that today, a terrible explosion. So he died, not resist, didn’t make it. My friend-brother-colleague is fired. . Similar info can be found clicking website.

To stay in good health, 5 fruits and vegetables per day are sufficient.

  • July 30, 2014 at 8:20 am

Needless to gorging on fruits and vegetables: five servings per day are sufficient to reduce significantly the risk of death all-cause mortality, especially cardiovascular disease, according to a study published Wednesday. So that a previous British study published in April felt need seven servings or more of fruit and vegetables to achieve this goal, U.S. researchers showed that go beyond five servings a day had no additional beneficial effect. The researchers led by Professor Frank B. Hu of the school of public health, Harvard reviewed 16 studies involving more than 830 total. 000 people. According to their results published by bmj. com, the online version of the medical journal British Medical Journal, each additional serving of fruits and vegetables reduces the risk of dying, all-cause mortality, averaged 5 per cent and 4 per cent if we stick only to cardiovascular disease. Beyond five servings on the other hand, the risk dropped more for reasons that researchers have not clearly identified. Unlike other studies, they have not found significant association between increased consumption of fruits and vegetables and a reduced risk of cancer mortality. It is possible however that the consumption of fruit and vegetables can have effects on certain types of cancers recognize American researchers who do not exclude that some fruits and vegetables can have different protective effects. The World Health (who) Organization advocates since 2003 to consume five fruits and vegetables a day, a recommendation contained in the Programme national nutrition health (PNNS) french. But it remains globally little respected: according to a study of the Organization of research and studies Credoc, only 27% of the French reported the follow in 2011, mainly older, compared with only 9% of children from 3 to 14 years. Last April, researchers from the University College London showed that seven servings or more fruits and vegetables could reduce the risk of cancer by 25% and cardiovascular disease by 31%. But researchers had warned that these results, obtained by studying the habits of 65. 000 British, were not necessarily applicable to other countries. WHO recommends to eat 400g of fruit and vegetables per day or 5 servings 80 grams on average. One serving is a medium-sized fruit, a bowl of raw green vegetables or a half bowl of cooked vegetables. . Related facts can be read clicking source.

Argentina, race against default by 29 billion. By the banks of Baires attempt in extremis.

  • July 30, 2014 at 7:13 am

Milan-it was not enough, even the unexpected arrival of Argentine economy Minister Axel Kicillof joined yesterday at ongoing talks in New York, because the debt restructuring negotiations between Buenos Aires and some investment funds arrived at turning point hoped, when the South American country remained now only one day to avoid the second default in fifteen years. This would be an event which ends in the night between today and tomorrow, the impact calculated on approximately 29 billion dollars, i.e. the value of the emission amount in foreign currencies made by Buenos Aires. To revent, also argentine banks are making a last-gasp attempt to arrive at a solution to the problem. At the end of the day yesterday, Kicillof assured that the talks would be resumed the following day, while the mediator appointed by the Court, Daniel Pollack, said that differences between the parties remains unresolved and has even said to still undecided convene a new meeting for today. The table yesterday was the first to see the participation, besides Kicillof, hedge-fund holders in New York calling for the full repayment of the bonds purchased at a discounted rate after the crash of 2002. The sum due to the funds is equal to 1.33 billion dollars, but Argentina could be forced to pay much more under a fair use clause agreed with creditors in 2005. Now Buenos Aires has time till four in the morning on Thursday, Italian time, to reach an agreement at the last minute or get by the Court more time to negotiate. The problem is the fact that Argentina has 539 million dollars of interest to be paid to holders of about 13 billion bond maturing in 2033, restored after the default of early 2000s. These interests must be made within technically tonight, otherwise we could talk about a technical failure. The problem for Buenos Aires is that those funds are there and are kept at the Bank of New York Mellon. But have not been paid to holders of those bonds: the American Judge Thomas Griesa blocked them, because you have to first pay bond holders who have not joined the renovation. As hedge funds that now sit at the negotiating table and that demand more interests, 1.33 billion up to about 1.5 billion. A possible conclusion would narrow because Baires could mean paying all creditors that have not accepted the swap, and even being in front of the judicial disputes of those who have joined, that would be placed at the corner and over-ridden in the priority of payments: the injury and insult to those who have already swallowed the cut of 70% of the value of securities years ago. Meanwhile, as mentioned, there was the last-gasp attempt of argentine banks, who are preparing to take the field to help Buenos Aires to avoid default. According to rumors reported by the press Usa, the institutes would be working on a plan to buy legal demands on bond hedge funds, they should ask the American justice to temporarily suspend the sentence. The Adeba, Association of argentine banks, would also have moved some emissaries to New York to bring directly to the proposal on the table. Meanwhile the market register all movements and possible outcomes of the event. Restructured bonds to 2033, who arrived to squirt up to 94 cents on the dollar at the beginning of the month (when the negotiations seemed to come to fruition), in recent days are precipitated again in area 85 cents, with sudden movements that have characterized the stock market and the cds, insurance against the default of Baires. . For additional data about this topic read

The practical guide to family travelers rights and investments with currencies.

  • July 29, 2014 at 2:22 pm

Within the page with rules and opportunities is passed in review the rules and the rights and duties of taxpayers-consumers, responding to a series of fundamental questions of tourist: better an organised trip or do-it-yourself? Where you spend the most and in which you can save? And the protections and rights of travelers are the same, whether you rely on a tour operator whether you decide to organize themselves independently? How much cash can I take? What do I do if the airline let me down. An essential summary of regulations and practices, described in terms not specialized, however, and clearly. With explanations of the expert responds, found even on the website (www. ilsole24ore. com/espertorisponde). In portfolio choices are offered advice on how to move the coin market: current trends and precautions to be taken into account because investing in the currency market is more complex than buying a BTp or subscribe to a deposit account. A fortiori in weeks like these characterized by strong Forex volatility and the debate on measures to adopt the various central banks. . You must click the following to discover extra about this amazing matter.

  • July 29, 2014 at 12:09 pm

After a long debate in the Chamber of the Senate, a meeting of the Leaders of the Senate was convened to decide whether to accept the mediation proposal advanced by Vannino Chiti on the examination of the Bill reforms, collecting premier openings Matteo Renzi. Senator Pd, leader of the dissidents, suggested delay until September the explanations of vote and the final vote, and at the same time to reduce the number of amendments in order to concentrate the discussion on a few main points and seek a mediation on this matter. Proposal accepted by the Government, but with the Minister Maria Elena Woods said: we cannot submit to blackmail obstructionist of the minority, and not on all merit points you will be able to find a meeting point. No of M5s-during the debate, all the majority and Force Italy group were available for mediation Chiti, as well as the rapporteurs Anna Finocchiaro and Roberto Calderoli. By contrast, the M5s has reiterated that it will defend all her amendments but they are only 200. Left and freedom, presenter alone of about 6,000 amendments, has in turn shifted the theme of debate: we don’t care to have one week more, we want to know if there is a willingness to move from their positions to reach high mediations. That is, If he wants to know if the Government is willing to substantial modifications of the text, and if the debate will grow free from the constraints of the stone guest, the Pact of Nazareth between Matteo Renzi and Silvio Berlusconi. Reduce the number of amendments-which resulted in the harsh reaction of the Pd group leader Luigi Zanda: Sel, if it reduces the number of its amendments, there are conditions for a mediation. Zadran has therefore rejected the request to convene the group leaders to review the schedule, asking them to follow the path already established. But in the end he prevailed the who group leaders wanted, including Sel: The group leaders believe it will be useful, we’ll be able to figure out if there is indeed the intention of high mediation, to move from their positions and get good results for everyone, said De Petris. Thus, as pointed out by the League and by Calderoli, at this point is the Government should say whether it is available to mediate or not on the substance of the reform. No blackmail obstructionist-and the Government’s response came at the conclusion of the debate: the Government as always has the willingness to find more meeting points in the work of the classroom the next day, "explained Mr Woods, but at the same time the Government cannot in any way be subject to blackmail obstructionist. So probably you won’t find on all topics of the meeting between majority and opposition, but it is unthinkable that a minority States its reasons to the detriment of a majority: does not happen in any democratic country, is not going to happen this time either. . You must read this to discover extra on this interesting topic.

Investors separate from car values: Dax wall itself.

  • July 29, 2014 at 10:17 am

And so the leading index DAX commutes 9604 points to the closing price of the previous day. The MDax also spins its wheels with 16 188 meters. The TecDax climbed at least 0.8 percent to 1252 counter. The euro-zone Leitindx EuroStoxx 50 gaining 0.2 percent to 3177 points. The earnings in Europe runs very well after the company disappointed in recent quarters on the results page. As shown by BlackRock from a study, 65 percent of the companies that have submitted figures, so far exceeded the market expectation. The earnings runs so that above-average with a historical value of 62 per cent. But the attention is focused on the lower end: once again weakening the car values. As before, Daimler, BMW and Volkswagen be easier – from 1.2 to 0.6%. Continental also lose. Traders speak of a phase-out of long-term institutional investors. Their usual volume could – care until they have been completed – for a two-week up to weakness. After the break of the upward trend now threatens an acceleration of Abwärtsmomentums, says a trader. One cause of the analysts of the BHF Bank see the weak IFO survey for July. In whose individual subcomponents, especially the views show that they could slip into negative territory. In important early cyclicals, such as automotive suppliers, the subcomponents negative in July already on balance, analysts warn. Commerzbank still slide into the loser Quartet. . For extra information about this matter read page.