Assassination in Ottawa: Canada’s open society is in danger.

  • October 24, 2014 at 7:57 am

Nine hours of native German with dual citizenship in the Parliament in Ottawa had to endure before he was evacuated. The day after that, he says in the interview with mirror ONLINE, all action was highly symbolic: we want to show that such an act of Canada may not damage democracy. Gebert defended the open, tolerant society–and criticized the Canadian military action against the terrorist militias of the Islamic State (IS). Raoul Gebert: I was sitting in the Group session, for about 45 minutes. Suddenly great noise erupted outside at the door, metallic noises. I only thought there fell a dustbin. A security guard came in, bracing from the inside against the door, called: ‘Everybody down!’ I knew that shots are. Via a tunnel they brought finally us into another building. And there we stayed then for the first time. MIRROR ONLINE: Parliament has been in lockdown until in the evening, you were trapped for nine hours. What did you do in that time? Gebert: MPs gave interviews by phone. Every 20 to 30 minutes, there was excitement before the doors can be heard and we had to put us on the floor. That was pretty awesome and so was about two hours. Then it was quiet. There we were allowed to go out to use the bathroom or to smoke in a courtyard. About 7: 00 I’m been evacuated together with Thomas Mulcair, he made a TV speech shortly afterwards. Gebert: A mixture of sadness and disbelief. I saw the bullet holes in the wall in the hallway. This is a situation that inspires a certain extent at the same time: we want to show that such an act of Canada may not damage democracy. Therefore the Parliament met again ten o’clock on Thursday morning at point. There was a special meeting of the Government and opposition have demonstrated very companionable. It was highly symbolic. . Additional information can be found reading source.

Seizure Melis, Nichi Grauso acquitted. Calunniò not the pm of Cagliari.

  • October 23, 2014 at 8:56 pm

A hearing which lasted 14 years, that the seizure of Silvia Melis. And now, you also drop the assumption of slander against the Publisher Nichi Grauso. Acquitted "for not committing the fact".  It has established the first section of the Palermo court of appeal on the case of the farmer accused of slandering the magistrates of the public prosecutor of Cagliari.  At first instance and that the lawyer Luigi Grauso Gabriel and the journalist Antonangelo Langford had been acquitted by the Court of Palermo from the charges of extortion and attempted extortion against Tito Melis, the father of Silvia, kidnapped in Sardinia in 1997. While Grauso, assisted by Mario Bellavista, had been sentenced to two years and six months (waived penalty for the pardon) for slander. According to prosecutors, the father of the kidnapped would be forced to write a false release letter in which he stated that the d.a. of Cagliari had authorized the payment of ransom. From here the accusation of slander against judges of Cagliari Carlo Piana and Mauro Mura. Prosecutors did not appeal against the judgment of the Court, but appealed to Grauso, who had given up the prescription, while for the same crime were sentenced Langford and Gabriel. In first instance the main accusation was that of extortion because, according to the pm, Grauso and other defendants, which were made by brokers between the kidnappers and the family Melis, would have pocketed the $ 1 billion that the contractor had delivered her daughter’s Liberation. The trial, begun several times for the renewal of the judges of the College who have celebrated, lasted, between first and second grade, 14 years. . Related data can be inspected reading info.

When patients recruit caregivers.

  • October 23, 2014 at 7:16 pm

Patients ask questions, respond to caregivers. "Why did you choose Psychiatry? ” Are you comfortable with the sick? "That excites you in your work? Whenever the team of professionals is growing, patients followed at the psychiatric hospital of day of Rouffach (in the outskirts of Mulhouse) make an audit of hiring the new rookie. This morning, they are four, three nurses and a Neuropsychologist, facing a dozen of schizophrenic patients. "This is an opportunity for patients to regain power over their own lives, they have the strength, the desire to decide for themselves, to", explains Dr. Yann Hodé, psychiatrist of the service. He imagined this original experience after attending a conference on empowerment, Marianne Farkas (center of psychiatric rehabilitation, Boston University). Like her, he does not like the term ‘patient’, which place of at the outset the individual in an unbalanced report to the institution but it use anyway, lack of satisfactory alternative, away ‘customer’, ‘beneficiary’ or «user». Autonomy. Service, the Pavilion 12, follows a 50 "patients" so all schizophrenics. "The mission of a hospital, even by day, is not to make the accompaniment and support. Here, it is is repositioned clearly on care. We train them to learn lost skills or they have struggled to learn. The goal is to have a stable life, without hospitalization, they become self-sufficient." They are never more than two years the Pavilion 12. The next step is the GEM, self-help group, an association of patients. There, patients are between them, elect a bureau, decide, prepare a schedule of activities. Audits of hiring of the hospital are part of this process of empowerment. "Cannot apply to patients taking charge and at the same time not give them no authority", notes Dr. Hodè, thus allowing them access to a "symbolic power" for hiring. "They have an advisory opinion, an opinion which is not necessary but which still has value, like what exists in a democracy, such as the Economic Council of social and environmental, of the Council of State," he describes. Ceremony. A week earlier, the group brought together to prepare for the interview, formulate the questions for new professionals. "In fact, this leads the patient to wonder on what is a good caregiver in his eyes. And suddenly, he wondered what is good for him, what he wants,"summarizes Yann Hodé. The first audit of hiring three years ago had created "tension in the team", remembers the service framework, Claudine Clément. Fears unfounded according to the psychiatrist: "patients are more nice to us that we sometimes with them!" he smiles. "And then at the time, we weren’t in the same dynamic, staff going on and patients, they remained", adds Claudine Clément. In the life of the Pavilion 12, auditing is a small official event, a welcoming ceremony chosen by patients. Side caregivers, "This allows also to say, to speak of his commitment in his work," said Yann Hodè. "These exchanges make me reflect on our practices, what is proposed to them, what they expect, fear, understand,.". There is no habit of indulging in their questions, usually it is we who ask them», says his colleague. The patients, who speak in public seems to be a test, is explain what was his work exactly. They are attentive, punctuate the conversation of remarks of a benevolent humour. Then, there was all unprepared questions. Why some may prescribe drugs and others do not? How many years of studies? Is it true that there will be a new Director at the hospital? Patients vote. All hands rise, fall by applauding. At the exit, Françoise and Valentin lights a cigarette, visibly happy to have been heard and what they heard. They would like to "look at schizophrenia change", they would also "more Exchange". . Similar information can be inspected visiting

Higher regional court of Munich: Zschäpes play defenders at risk.

  • October 23, 2014 at 4:41 pm

At noon of November 08, 2011, an emaciated woman stumbles mid 30 a Jena lawyer firm. She is tired, hungry and was gone almost before a tram. It’s the end of a four-day escape: the alleged legal terrorist Beate Zschäpe train criss -cross by Germany went, without a goal. Now, she wants to make in her birth town of police. You seeks the help of the lawyer Gerald Liebtrau. Wanted was the main culprit at that time, because they have set the Zwickauer apartment fire four days prior to the interview, in which she with her accomplices Uwe Mundlos and Uwe Böhnhardt had lived. In the same house the frail pensioner Charlotte E. lived, then 89 years old. Because she got the fire danger, Zschäpe is also accused of attempted murder. Her defenders argue that Zschäpe have rung before their escape from the House in E., to warn them of the fire. Actually the woman said to the police that she heard a ringing sound on the day. Because she went on a crutch, she come however until far too late to the door. Now she lives in a nursing home Zwickau and suffers from dementia. An attempt to question E. in December of last year via video link failed. Also the hearing by a magistrate in May had no success. Liebtrau asks Prosecutor Anette Greger, whether Zschäpe brought her action "relating to the fire event". In any case she have rung before, says Liebtrau, "whether it 10 minutes or an hour before the fire was, she didn’t say". . For extended on this subject click fact.

Controversy around the hat retirement of the CEO of GDF Suez.

  • October 23, 2014 at 3:22 pm

A year after Philippe Varin, former CEO of PSA, it is the turn of the retirement-Hat Gérard Mestrallet, GDF Suez Chairman, to talk about her. The amount involved is exactly the same, namely EUR 21 million, according to le Canard Enchaîné. In total, the gas group provisioned EUR 103.3 million at December 31, 2013 for the 27 members of the Executive Committee, according to the reference document (page 146) GDF Suez 2013, without giving more details. After this publication, Gérard Mestrallet has terminated his contract of employment and asserted his rights to retirement when it was renewed in April 2012 in his position as CEO. He explains also that in 2013, he hit 90. 000 euros in basic pension, in addition to pay 3 million euros (1.4 million on fixed part) and 1.6 million of variable component. On the other hand, he "gave up, for the duration of his current duties", to collect his retirement complements (collective schemes Arrco and Agric) amounting to 831. 641 euros (page 141 of the 2013 reference document). Whatever it is, the amount of this pension-Hat going badly with trade unions, and in particular the CGT, while the Group recorded record of more than ten billion euro losses in 2013 and would expect to initiate a plan of savings in the order of 4.5 billion. The CGT denounced a pension-hat "out of mind" and seeks "to clarify the amount. "I wrote to HRD to know if EUR 21 million were really intended for Mr Mestrallet", told AFP the Coordinator of the first Union of GDF Suez, Yves Ledoux. . Related text can be read clicking

Contemporary Art is no longer a scandal.

  • October 23, 2014 at 1:55 pm

Okay, to be honest, were suspected for some time. Monograms murakamises, cups coffee Buren, major gallerists – Kamel Mennour, Perrotin – transformed into models for an advertising campaign of the BHV, respectful expositionover from Duchamp to bury, not pardon celebrate its centenary, the irrespectabilite of artistic practice smells a little FIR. And then what? It installs a work entitled Tree, who plays officially the ambiguity of forms of a tree’s Christmas with a sex toy, in the heart of Paris, place Vendôme among the most exclusive jewellers of the planet, the Ritz and the residence of the sultan of Brunei. One being the Vendôme Committee (this band of little savages), Monnaie de Paris and the Fiac, all with the blessing of the Prefecture of Paris. Logically, followed a runaway of the endure institutions. It does not touch a work of art, sacrilege etc. Normal. And so far, it remains for me a kind of gene to the seams. Tree is a provocation. The artist himself said, assuming the ambiguity in the form, otherwise sober enough compared to the rest of his work. And indeed, install a sex toy in the middle of the most exclusive place of Paris is of the order of the subversion. It is without doubt the main attraction of the work. It fits in this in a fairly dense stream which goes from Michel Ange (if, if, I assure you) Serrano and his Piss Christ passing e v i d e m m e n t by Duchamp, Bruce Nauman, Wim Delvoye, or others. And thats a good thing! In Art, the provocation is welcome in that it serves to shake our neurons and our gaze, to generate by the disruption of our new thoughts ideas; kinda like a nuclear reaction individual and personal. It shocked the bourgeois, l ‘ institution, the power. But today, the provocation is institutionalised. Between Duchamp and MacCarthy, the big difference (outside the relevance, talent, engineering, the depth of reflection, the finesse, the subtlety,. how ca I love not McCarthy?), it’s all even that McCarthy is validated by the Committee Vendôme, Monnaie de Paris and the Prefecture, validated therefore by the bourgeoisie, the institution and power. If my memory is good, subversion, it comes from the latin subvertere: reverse and it refers to a process by which the values and principles of a system in place, are contradicted or reversed. Art is always political and maybe, it bites the tail. Or the plug. . For extra regarding this matter visit homepage.

Diego Costa, admitted to a hospital because of a stomach virus.

  • October 23, 2014 at 1:33 pm

The artistically inclined front of Chelsea Diego Costa has been hospitalized in London after his return from the international matches with the Spanish team because of a stomach virus, reported by the British newspaper The Telegraph. According to this environment, the player, 26 years old, already not trained ester Wednesday and his State of health remains very angry to his coach, the Portuguese José Mourinho, who has complained that the Spanish coach, Vicente de el Bosque, convened while dragging discomfort. Costa was concentrated with the national team to compete in the last days 9 and 12 October qualifying matches for the euro 2016 to Slovakia and Luxembourg, respectively. Chelsea has not confirmed if Costa takes a few days hospitalized or given details about their supposed ailments, but The Telegraph says that the front had symptoms similar to those caused by a stomach virus that could have him three days entered. The Red international missed the two final matches of the blues before the Crystal Palace on Saturday in the English League and the Slovenian NK Maribor on Tuesday in the Champions League. In this sense, Mourinho said that he is not even sure if you can count on Costa for the garter belt matchup next Sunday against Manchester United at Old Trafford. After the match of Champions, the technical luso indicated that the hispano-brasileno, scorer of the premier, was not recovered from a thigh muscle injury, while The Telegraph said today that the ailment could be located in the groin. . Additional facts can be inspected reading

«Pays or reveal our report ‘ gay Ex-lover arrested in Pesaro for stalking.

  • October 23, 2014 at 9:33 am

PESARO-him and him. A clandestine gay love 15 years long. Unaware of the wife and son of one of them, the largest one, a 50 years old Italian retiree. But one day that secret Idyll came to an end. And because of you. Junin, 40-year-old pair, Pesaro, he himself in love with a woman and a couple of months ago he decided to say goodbye to the old life. But the former partner did not want to learn and started to tempestarlo sms and phone calls. Pi times the requested money, 50 or 100 euros, in Exchange for her silence. If you don’t have data, I would go to blurt out everything to the mother and the new girlfriend. At that point, her ex is aimed at police. They have stalked and caught her lover abandoned for days, recording miners ‘ messages. Until the other day when another request for money, the military intervened and have him arrested for stalking and extortion. Yesterday morning, the man (defended by the lawyer Simonetta Giubilaro) ended up in the courts for the direct route. I was jealous, that’s why I did everything this told the defendant the magistrate and Prosecutor Silvia Cecchi. But the job went to judgment. The Office of the stalker asked a term and the Court has postponed to next Wednesday for the final ruling. likely the accused ask to negotiate. Meanwhile, the judge has validated the arrest and placed the ban for the men to approach the home of the former and his job. . For additional insights on this topic visit weblink.

The Russia relies on export to save its economy.

  • October 23, 2014 at 8:52 am

On the other hand, the Government stimulates exports and financing by the credit of Russian exporters in rubles. The current situation pushed to do so. The ruble is now much more accessible and we will do more and more call for refinancing by the ruble, said Anton Silouanov. The Minister also said that despite all the difficulties, the 2015 budget provided grants to support exporters of manufactured goods. But not at the same level that initially, he added. The geography of commercial representations will be greatly expanded, said the Vice-Minister of development economic Alexei Likhatchev. This process has already started with the opening of representations in Cuba and South Africa. Currently we are completing the launch of another in Singapore and negotiations ending on openings in the Venezuela, Mongolia, the United Arab Emirates, Burma and several African countries. The Russian Government sees the country as an outpost of Russian Affairs in the region. The agreement with Viet Nam will cover not only trade in goods, but also investment and the tertiary sector. Russian companies are installing productions, hope Alexei Likhatchev, and as Vietnam has concluded free trade agreements with a large number of countries in Southeast Asia, the products of these companies will arrive on their markets also. The creation of an FTA with Israel and the India is under consideration and it was decided to relaunch the negotiations on free trade with Egypt. . For extended insights regarding this matter read reference.

Tennis in Basel: 17 year old Zverev surprised almost.

  • October 22, 2014 at 9:51 pm

Tennis, Basel: The German young hope Alexander Zevev has lost his first round match at the ATP tournament in Basel. The Hamburger was defeated on Wednesday the Bulgarians number five seeded Grigor Dimitrov 6:2, 4, 6, 2:6. After 1:44 hours, Zverevs defeat was clear. One day earlier, Benjamin Becker from Mettlach was indented in the knockout stage. Clearly, the top-seeded Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal won their games. Tennis, WTA final: After one of the bitterest defeats of her tennis career Serena Williams must fear in the WTA finals to making it into the semi-finals. The first from the United States lost on Wednesday in Singapore against the Romanian Simona Builder with 0:6, 2:6, and conceded their first defeat when the women’s tour this year after previously 16 victories in series. Pathetic my performance today probably best describes, the 18-malige Grand Slam tournament winner letter said after the debacle. The defending champion must gain necessarily Eugenie Bouchard now this Thursday against the Canadian, to preserve their chances of getting ahead. Bouchard lost even their second match against the Serb Ana Ivanovic clearly 1-6, 3-6, after she already had lost to kick off against Builder significantly in two sets. Builder leads the Red group with 2-0-win against Williams and Ivanovic on (both 1:1) and Bouchard (0:2). Basketball: The basketball player of the Artland Dragons have in the Euro Cup their first victory retracted. The Lower Saxony won on Wednesday evening at the Italian team Pallacanestro Cantu with 78:77 (44:35) and are the B after the opening defeat in the past few weeks against Villeurbanne in the group back in the business. Three quarters it looked in front of 2433 spectators Cantu after a safe victory of the Bundesliga. Partly, the team of coach Tyron McCoy led with 18 points. But the Italians came ever closer in the last section and had to give up at the end with only one point. Center Anthony King was the man of the evening on pages of the Dragons. The American was not only the top scorer of the game with 22 points, but also with nine rebounds. Football, Borussia Dortmund: Despite the crisis of German football Vice Champion Borussia Dortmund in the Bundesliga’s managing director Hans-Joachim Watzke coach Jürgen Klopp a job guarantee. I always said that the coach determined the end of his time with the BVB itself. And it’s going to stay!, the Borussia Dortmund boss in an interview in the Bild newspaper said. Klopp was still so meticulous and innovative as the first day. He is not a second entry, he have the same energy, said Watzke. The biggest mistake you could make but at the BVB, is, this sporting crisis small talk. To finish the series of five games without a win with just a point gain and the fall table ranked 14, Watzke called the back-breaking work. We – and here I mean above all the team – need to muster all downstairs to get out, said Watzke. It was away from miles away what you’ve made, the situation is very serious. You will nevertheless continue prudent Act and keep calm, that is the special feature of Borussia Dortmund and the environment. Europa League: VfL Wolfsburg must compete in its third group match in the Europa League for FK Krasnodar this Thursday (18: 00 / Sky) with replacement. In addition to left-back Ricardo Rodriguez also midfielder Aaron is hunt. The Swiss Rodriguez has problems with the patella tendon and thigh muscles. Marcel Schäfer is expected to play for him. Hunt is missing because of a stretched ligament in his ankle. The lower Saxon Bundesliga hopes yet for the first win. With only one point from two games, the team of coach Dieter Hecking to last place in the Group H is located. Athletics, Christian Reif: Surprisingly the former long jump European champion Christian Reif ended his career. This is not an easy decision, but it is deliberate and I took plenty of time me for it, the 29-year-old from Rehlingen wrote Tuesday on his Facebook page. He will start a new chapter in life now, because I have a feeling, that it is time for a change. In the future, I will be working for a large commercial company in the management. Frost became jumped, but only eight in the summer with 8.49 meters personal best performance at the European Championships in Zurich. 2010, he became European champion in Barcelona. . Extended information can be read reading