Mega-scam vip gym, the Prosecutor investigates the subscription money disappeared.

  • July 22, 2014 at 9:31 am

The failure of Roman Sports Center, fitness Temple attended by politicians and VIPs, located in the heart of Villa Borghese, caused a real judicial earthquake that threatens to overwhelm the responsible stewardship of the financial debacle. There are two fronts on which investigation is heading the Prosecutor of Rome: on the one hand, there opened a dossier to investigate the bankruptcy; on the other hand, on the other hand, looms for holders of the accusation of cheating. From the judgment of the bankruptcy court that has led to the closure of the gym, the pm Stephen Fish proceeds to bankruptcy. Debts difficult to think that a structure known as the Villa Borghese, which combined with a twin branch located at largo Somalia had at least four thousand members have fixed clamped down submerged in debt. Investigators must find out where they are over all the money that customers, until the last, have shelled out to attend Roman. And here starts the second inquiry: that relating to an alleged scam against members. On the table of the pm Carla Canaia, owner of the dossier, there are already 50 complaints from former members who, ignoring the economic situation of the company, were enticed to take out subscriptions despite the Center was nearing its close. To collect the discontent of customers the lawyer Massimo Lauro, long-time partner of Roman, which drafted the exposed presented in proxy. The number of lawsuits intended to grow: in all, clients determined to proceed to legal action are more than a hundred, says criminal lawyer. CLOSING The Roman Sports Center, run by Rosetta Francesconi, was declared bankrupt last May 7. Despite the owners knew for some time that the financial situation was far from rosy, would continue to entice customers to take out subscriptions until the beginning of July. The 4 month for bailiffs, they showed up at the Villa Borghese and Off Somalia and put padlocks on the front door. Just at that moment subscribers have discovered that they have been deceived, and now I’m determined to get justice. Also because there who, to attend the vip gym, has paid thousands of dollars in your pocket cards, putting life annuity that are now useless. A complainant, for example, reported to have renewed my subscription last June 6 and that the managers of the Roman, promising a discount, the would have convinced her to sign a contract which lasts 36 months, cost about two thousand euro. According to the reviews, gi by receipt issued in case shows an anomaly: it looks as though the beneficiary of the transaction were Srl the Roman Sports Center, the payment receipt was issued by a company called Korat and the money would be credited to a third company, the Pro Shop Rome. A gentleman, however, shortly before the closure of the Centre had signed a membership until 2026, paying about three thousand euros. He was convinced that he had made a bargain. . You must check the following link to read extra on this great topic.

PI approximation day: PI would be a poet, then it would be Shakespeare.

  • July 22, 2014 at 8:27 am

PI is a cult. PI were a poet, then it would be Shakespeare. Traces of PI can be found everywhere in mathematics: in circles, oscillations, waves, in areas from algebra and number theory, from mechanics to quantum mechanics PI occurs, often quite surprising. Scientists send this number into space to establish contact. Because a foreign civilization can only receive these signals, if she knows the number pi. The easiest way, PI can be described as the area of a circle with RADIUS 1. But each county has something to do with PI, he was as large as the Equator or as small as a wedding ring, the ratio of circumference to diameter is exactly this mysterious number pi. PI is partly mysterious, because it has so many fascinating properties: PI is irrational, so cannot be written as the ratio of two integers. It follows that PI has infinitely many decimal places. PI is also transcendent, does not occur so as a zero of a polynomial with coefficients that are fractions of integers. Further thought arises from the fact that the squaring of a circle with compass and Straightedge alone is impossible. For thousands of years, people are trying to calculate pi exactly or approximately. 22 7th celebrate PI approximation day friends of the number pi, and honor also Archimedes, who 22/7 calculated the value, what about 3,142857 and 0.04 percent is accurate. He had it replaced a circle mentally by a 96-Eck and calculated its surface. The Dutch mathematician Ludolph van Ceulen had used three decades of his life to 62 corner with 4 trillion pages, the Archimedes method for a 2 high, to compute 35 decimals of PI. Shortly thereafter, he died of exhaustion. Later, his student of Snellius noted that van Ceulen also with half of the computational effort can achieve same accuracy. Artist bad luck. So, PI is included in the Bible. Conversely, the Bible also in PI is included. At least then if PI is a normal number. Most mathematicians assume today. Normal numbers are those that contain every possible group of digits in every important notation. With frequencies, which in the long term are how it expected the probability could be, the digits of the number would be created purely by chance. . For extra insights about this matter visit web site.

IS jihadists in the Iraq: United Nations and OIC condemn persecution of Christians.

  • July 22, 2014 at 7:33 am

The organization said to help the displaced until they can return to their homes. The jihadists had put an ultimatum the Christians of Mosul on leaflets and loudspeaker announcements on Friday to Saturday noon, to convert to Islam or to leave the city. Otherwise, death threatens them. Then, thousands of Christians had fled Mosul in the nearby Kurdish areas. The Christian minority that was present since the early days of Christianity in Mosul, is exposed to attacks for years. Fighters of the Islamic State also took over the control over a Syrian Catholic monastery near Mosul and expelled the monks living there. As residents and a cleric said on Monday, the jihadists, called on the monks from the monastery of Mar Behnam on Sunday to leave the place immediately. The monastery dating from the fourth century located in the mostly Christian town of Casmoussa. Before the U.S. invasion, lived it is estimated that approximately one million Christians in Iraq, of which 600 000 in Baghdad and 60 000 in Mosul, but emigrated since large parts. . Additional data can be read reading

Pro-Palestinian demonstrations: the ban was a political mistake.

  • July 22, 2014 at 5:37 am

Yes, there is racism the gard of the Jews, but unfortunately as in other social media. On the other hand, criticism of the State Israel is s tr pr represents. In the working-class districts, attach the Palestinian cause is strong. Found both in families and in community settings. It is also no coincidence if a large number demanifestants were extremely young extremely: this case has spread the young g n ration. But this is not because some confuse the two – hatred of the Jews and critical of the State of Israel – that the mobilizations have to reduce the issue of the antis anti-Semitism. Due to reduce the overwhelming majority of protesters s mobilis for justice in Palestine a small part – antis mite or violent-is a proc d of disqualification. No, people are s indign by bombing Gaza and the massacre of civilians. Mostly, they came to give their support to the Palestinians. But it is true that a demonstration is a sc does where can join other social and political disputes. Not to mention potential manipulations. But talking about a few dozen people, d sign as thugs. We know nothing of their profiles, their motivations, reasons that the permanent am make use of violence. These are subjects on which are plated s interests, fantasies, discourses and ideologies of each id. The condemnation of violence is unanimous, including on the part of the protesters, the violence cause harm to the mobilizations, however it cannot make the economy of a pr clarifies the circumstances of their occurrence analysis. This rest analysis make. The Palestinian cause is e port by actors and organizations from different backgrounds. Amalgam Palestine – suburbs – islam by many public commentators port tells more about their agenda policy on the composition of the GHG cort. However, if no one can pr tell the future, the sensitivity in the working-class districts the Palestinian cause should not be n Sabrina e, especially locally. We are not sheltered by a drama that amplify the re col and indignation. No, I think not enough play. We must be wary of promoting a religious reading of the news. Moreover, the fact that Holland convenes religious leaders has what query all actors and organizations policies s committed in support of the Palestinian people since decades d. On the other hand, being in school holidays period has probably more effect. � . Extended facts can be inspected visiting

Seat Leon ST 2.0 TDI 4Drive: view of the Alps.

  • July 22, 2014 at 4:18 am

Seat has powerful cleaned up its portfolio in recent years. Ibiza, Mii and Leon – everything to the best of what has to offer the class. The Leon, Spanish Golf brother with design, is an excellent choice just as a station wagon version called ST. Best, combining it with the two litre Commonraildiesel and all-wheel drive. Many customers are likely to need little more car, more space and more comfort. The whole there is reference from 24-290 euros for the Seat Leon 1 6 TDI 4Drive ST. The better 2 0 TDI starts as all cyclists in the FR version 29 290 euros, which means an all wheel surcharge of around 2 000 euros. Seat looks back on successful months. Not that the Board of Directors in Wolfsburg; already be satisfied with the Spanish subsidiary but in the first six months of the year, there was an increase in sales by 10 percent compared to the previous year. For the first time his 2008 was again the 200 000-vehicle mark. The Spaniards make no secret of the fact that the all-wheel-drive version of the Seat Leon ST United only five to ten percent of all sales in. The hopes that potential customers seat in a new market segment to perceive large opposite, however. Currently not many offer the combination of efficient diesel engines, all-wheel drive and the lush space of a station wagon. In addition, the Spaniard looks good and is fair priced. The all-wheel drive also improves handling on curvy route like driving on slippery roads, icy or snow. At normal speed, engine performance is placed completely on the front axle. BIE requirements get 150 HP and maximum torque of 340 nm from 1 750 RPM this in fractions of a second on the rear wheels. An electric Diffentialsperre replaces the function of a mechanical lock for maximum propulsion with different grip between the wheels in wide areas along both axes. Even when drier Lane, the Leon ST 4Drive offers noticeably less understeer in curves and bends, which significantly improves the driving experience. However, the Spanish all-wheel-drive version is in the Sprint one second slower 0 to 100 and increases in consumption to 0.7 liters on good 4.8 liters on 100 km. The performance leave only a few desired with tip of 211 km/h and 0 to 100 in 8.7 seconds. . Original source could be studied clicking this info.

Berlusconi’s letter ready to the leaders of the centre-right: we can now riunificarci.

  • July 22, 2014 at 3:32 am

ROME-a letter is to be delivered to Palazzo Grazioli to all leaders of what was the old House of freedoms. The Galaxy of the center that was pulverized in many now acronyms. To Angelino Alfano, sure, but also Pier Ferdinando Casini and his Udc, as Giorgio Meloni of the brothers of Italy, the Northern League’s Matteo Salvini until former Minister Mario Mauro. There are conditions to get back together, it will be the heart of the missive that Silvio Berlusconi has already developed. A real motion of suffering to which the leader will appeal in his new capacity as acquitted and rehabilitated. The role of unifier, or riaggregatore as called him on several occasions in recent days in closed at Arcore, is the mission which was headed. And that will be soon operational. Also to take stock of this delicate mission is planning to convene a surprise parliamentary groups of the Chamber and Senate. Could do it even within this week. A bit to reopen and close the chapter on reform and store once and for all the objections of dissenters. . Related facts can be read checking

The forces of Kiev launched the reconquest of Donetsk.

  • July 21, 2014 at 5:57 pm

"Still in the middle of the passage, you block everyone!" screams a rebel to a strong Lady blêmissant panic. She hesitates between down with its large bags in the shelter of the 206 school or wait in the courtyard the arrival of a bus to evacuate residents of the district. The muffled DIN of explosions crispe jaws. The high buildings reduce their power, but they give the impression of sound at a distance of between one and five kilometres. Queues of people converge on the pickup point. A handful of armed rebels organize the evacuation and lurk at the same time the possible arrival of enemy forces. "You post you right and you do watch!" shouts their leader to a young nervous man armed with a single gun. Very early in the morning, around 5 hours, the Ukrainian forces entered the western suburbs of Donetsk, between the station and the airport. Since then, between the two camps artillery duels have not stopped. They have caused the death of four civilians Monday, according to the administration regional pro-Kiev, "several tens", depending on the direction of the ‘Donetsk Republic’ (DNR). Around noon, several groups of separatist armoured took position beyond the station to stop the advance of the Ukrainians. Militiamen in civilian bar roads to vehicles travelling to the adjoining districts from the station and airport, letting to the evacuation buses and pro-Russian fighters. Separatist forces bend, but not break against the Ukrainian attack. They rapidly lose ground but cling successfully in a handful of urban centres (Donetsk to the West, Ambrossiivka in the South, Luhansk and Izvarine to the East and Lysychansk North), always connected with each other. Almost in the centre of this area under rebel control is located the wreckage of the Boeing of Malaysia Airlines. Monday, the president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, ordered his troops not to open fire in a radius of 40 km around the wreck, which prevents his troops to conduct the offensive needed to cut communications between the separatist strongholds. Other words, the Ukrainian forces may continue to press on the edges of the area (including encircle the cities of Donetsk and Luhansk), but cannot knock on the centre and thus isolate the separatists in the Donetsk region to the Russian border, where they are supplied with weapons and fighters. Perhaps is more necessary, moreover, because deliveries have apparently ceased after the international scandal caused by the destruction of the Malaysian Boeing. For months, Ukrainian officials daily observed the passage of weapons from Russia (armoured vehicles, artillery pieces). However, since Saturday, more complaints came from Kiev on this point. . For extended information on this subject visit site.

Fear of large stop brand: Dax sags down 100 points.

  • July 21, 2014 at 1:24 pm

The 10 franc mark for the DAX is moving to the German stock market increasingly distant. At the start of the new trading week prices as already in the past two trading days fall at times significantly. Market participants see the reasons for this increasing uncertainty the political crisis in the East of Ukraine and in the Middle East concerning. But also the chart technology plays an increasingly important role. The market seems quite as crisis-proof but not to be n-tv stock market expert Corinna Wohlfeil says. Her colleague Katja Dofel you agrees with: the brokers are very careful. If the respective messages come, is also sold. Man, that deteriorate the chart-technical conditions at these price levels, so Dofel know further on the market. A great brand of support just wait with the 200-day line to 9450. For Martin Siegert, there is currently no reason to re-enter the stock market on the lower level. The current situation is very exciting, so Siegert. On Monday morning, support in the DAX 9 617 points could initially stop the downward attack, but he expects further tests on the bottom in the coming days. He sees good supports 9550 and 9484 points. Market observers dangers for the further development of the global economy – in particular as regards free trade relations see the crisis in the relations between Russia and the West. Only strong technology stocks had the overall market ahead of the weekend in the plus held, it said. Prices on the stock exchange in Moscow fall by 1.4 percent. Here, international investors of so further funds pull off. Week term the courses has declined to an average over 7 per cent.   The stock market is stable in Lisbon, where it stages came in recent days to turbulence and significantly falling prices due to problems of the Espirito Santo international conglomerate. Experts expect however not that there will be an increased selling pressure in European stock trading because the ESI crisis. The Espirito Santo international group filed for bankruptcy protection Friday evening. Espirito Santo International holds a 49-percent stake through its main subsidiary of Rioforte investments in the Espírito Santo financial group, which holds 20 percent of the Banco Espirito Santo (BES). The possibility that BES also could be torn because of the difficulties of the mother in the abyss, had charged not only the BES share, but also the banking sector generally in the last week. SAP has no interest in a takeover of rival software AG. He does not see that software AG in the portfolio take care of the SAP, the new SAP Finance Director Luka Mucic said at the weekend. Mucic so clearly denied repeatedly emerging speculation in the market about a merger of the two German companies. Software AG had to cut down a few days ago its annual targets. The stock was then crashed and had temporarily lost 18 percent. While SAP 0.3 percent lose, losing 1.6 percent Software AG. Post shares remain under pressure. For Holland PostNL, it goes down to 2.2 percent, Deutsche Post to fall to 1.7 per cent. It is possible that some investors preparing to negative messages announcing the quarterly results on August 5, it means facing the Germans. Expectations for global economic growth were, revised sharply since the beginning of the year down what could become a problem for the post. . Root facts can be found visiting this article.

Amplats will sell South African Platinum mines.

  • July 21, 2014 at 11:59 am

Anglo American Platinum (Amplats), world’s leading producer of Platinum, announced Monday its intention to sell its major mines in South Africa, after suffering significant losses following a five month of its workers strike, from January to June. We decided we remove mines of the Union (Limpopo, North, ED) and Rustenburg, Amplats, announced on the occasion of the publication of its interim results, showing a loss of annual production of 40%. Mine will be much better in the hands of a new owner who can provide the attention and capital necessary to ensure a successful future for these operations and long-term. The strike in the sector of Rustenburg, which has affected the three largest global producers of Platinum, was followed by nearly 80. 000 minors conducted by the AMCU radical Union, which called for substantial increases in salaries of the agreements with the three producers, Amplats, Impala and Implats, helped put an end to the strike. They include a revaluation for three consecutive years of base salary, around 70 euros monthly. Amplats had already reduced its operations last year in the Limpopo and Rustenburg Platinum belt. According to the results published Monday, the operating profit of Amplats fell to 157 million rand (10.9 million euros) in the first half of 2014, against 1.3 billion rand (EUR 90.4 million) for the same period of last year. . Extended facts can be found visiting reference.

Google, users will be more protected Italy. The new rules of the data protection Commissioner.

  • July 21, 2014 at 10:16 am

-Users who will use the services or the Google search engine in Italy soon to be more protected. The data protection Commissioner has determined that the Colossus of Mountain View cannot use their data for profiling if you don’t have first obtained your consent. But not only: should also explicitly state to carry out this activity for commercial purposes. Ended with a prescriptive measure the investigation launched last year by the Italian Supervisor following changes by the company’s own privacy policy. We are before the first measure in Europe-as part of a coordinated action with other data protection Authorities in Europe and following the ruling by the European Court of justice the right to oblivion-doesn’t just draw to the respect of the principles of privacy, but in concrete terms the possible measures that Google must adopt in order to ensure compliance with the law. And a step forward. The company has unified in a single document the different data management rules relating to numerous capabilities-from email (Gmail), to social networks (GooglePlus), the management of online payments (Google Wallet), dissemination of videos (YouTube), online maps (Street View), statistical analysis (Google Analytics)-processing so the integration and interoperability of different products and then at the intersection of user data related to using multiple services. In the course of the investigation, also characterized by several hearings with their representatives, Google has adopted a series of measures to make its privacy policy more compliant with standards. The guarantor has however noted the persistence of several critical profiles inadequate information to users, the lack of demand for consent for purposes of profiling, to uncertain data retention times and has dictated a series of rules that apply to all services offered. The authority has prescribed to Google a structured reporting system on several levels, so as to provide a general top-level information more relevant to users: details of treatments and processed data (e.g., terminals IP address localization etc.), the address at which to contact in English language for exercising their rights etc. ; in a second, more detailed, information about specifications for individual services. But especially Google will explain clearly, in General, that the personal data of users are tracked and used, inter alia, for the purpose of profiling for targeted advertising and that they also are collected with more sophisticated techniques than simple cookie, such as fingerprinting. The latter is a system that collects information about how you can use the user terminal and, unlike cookies that are installed on your pc or on your smartphone, stores them directly from the company’s servers. If you want to use for profiling and custom behavioral advertising data of interested parties-both those related to mail and those collected by crossing information between different services or using cookies and fingerprinting-Google will acquire the consent of the users and can no longer be confined to the mere use of the service as unconditional acceptance of rules that leave noso far, no power of decision to the parties concerned on the processing of personal data. In this regard, the authority has also shown an innovative and easy-to-use, without over-burdening the user’s navigation to choose so active and aware whether or not to provide your consent to profiling, even with regard to individual services used. Google will define certain times of data retention on the basis of the rules of the privacy code, both as regards those maintained on the so-called active systems and subsequently stored on backup systems. Regarding the deletion of personal information, the guarantor has imposed on Google that requests coming from users who have an account (and are therefore easily identified) are fulfilled within two months if the data are kept on active systems and within six months if the data is stored on back-up systems. As regards, on the other hand, the cancellation requests involving the use of the search engine, found it appropriate to wait for developments in the judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union the right to oblivion. Google will have 18 months to comply with the requirements of guarantor. In this period, the authority will monitor the implementation of the measures imposed. In fact, the company shall submit to the guarantor not later than September 30, 2014, a verification protocol, which will become binding once signed, on the basis of which will be covered and how to control that the authority take place towards Mountain View. . For extended information regarding this subject click home page.