Exposure made sexual Zizi controversy perhaps because the debate on gender.

  • October 21, 2014 at 1:00 pm

CONTROVERSY – Seven years later, nothing to change. At least in the content of the exhibition. Because from what ‘ exhibition sexual Zizi made his return on October 14 at the Cité des Sciences, was born a controversy which had not taken course in 2007. It is found that in the meantime there was this debate on the kind. There may be a correlation, that is not a relationship of cause and effect, but in any case a proximity in time between the two debates, Tuesday, October 21, the Minister said the Cutlure flower Pellerin on RMC and Betty. Parents also need to be informed and consulted. This exhibition takes away from is no longer explicitly since it contains even a space prohibits adults, can be read in the text of the petition. We defend the need for sexuality education, but limit it to an exhibition like this, we think it’s reductive, adds Aurélie Testenière, spokesman for SOS education. You can lie down on the bed in the shape of heart of Nadia to view of famous scenes of love of cinema. Throughout the course, comics, drawing, to avoid shock. It was never real images of real people. Also: the pubertomatic shows, by playing the card of the hype, how transforms the body at puberty, for girls and boys. In the classroom, we discover how do you a baby. Always with great humor and offset. We worked for never disturb children, said Maud Gouy. It is important to exaggerate, because if it is too realistic, it’s scary. The course also includes warnings about the dangers that can meet the children, on the internet or on the street. . Related facts can be inspected reading http://63888ed5cca55e60935ee2a83c642b.com-documents-classified.eu.

Budget: the vote is deferred until the Government finds its majority.

  • October 20, 2014 at 9:45 pm

Outvoted in a minor vote, the Government postponed the vote on all the amendments remaining to discuss Monday evening on the revenue of the 2015 budget component, provoking the fury of the opposition for 40 minutes. Defeated on an amendment by the radical left that increased by EUR 10 million the amount allocated to the solidarity fund for development, the Government, through the Secretary of State for the Budget Christian Eckert, took shade this vote and asked around 18 H 30 the reserve for all the votes for the suite. About 40 minutes later, Mr. Eckert announced that the Government lifted its reserve, allowing a normal resumption of the discussions. The reserve meant that the amendments were discussed but not voted until the Government throws this reserve, once sure to have enough Socialist deputies acquired to his cause in the House. You can never have seen it, you can book on voting over 300 amendments. Seeking to muzzle Parliament, it is inadmissible, had ranted the UMP Jérôme Chartier. In fact, there was a little less than 200 amendments to discuss. In protest, the UMP and the UDI had decided to request a suspension of routine meeting each amendment to protest gagged Parliament. This episode gave rise to a small skirmishes between Socialist members on twitter. The general rapporteur for the Budget, Valérie Rabault, questioning the merits of this appeal that the protest procedure was roundly criticize by the speaker from the Socialist Group on the Dominique Lefebvre text that had been unfortunate to become rival rapporteur of the Budget. It accused him of confusing the discussion on the draft law of finances with a Congress of the PS, which in return was criticism of the MP Yann Galut holding grudges bad adviser. . For extra data about this topic read web site.

Bavaria before Rome game: Finally an opponent.

  • October 20, 2014 at 6:32 pm

Even before the team bus was seen, the whistles of the Carabinieri loudly announced the arrival of FC Bayern. In front of the posh Hotel Parco dei Principi had close to the Villa Borghese a few dozen Italian football fans found to take the German visitors in reception – especially one of them: Medhi Benatia. The 27-year-old was changed in the summer from ACE to Munich Rome that apparently still always doesn’t fit the Roma supporters. While Xabi Alonso, Franck Ribéry and Manuel Neuer have been asked for autographs and photos, they accompanied Benatia with boos at the hotel. Bavaria’s Thomas Müller even said that he was glad to play, that is not with eleven men on the own penalty area once again against a team. It was a little difficult in the past few weeks, especially as offensive player. Müller played once more apparent superiority of Munich in the Bundesliga on the -. There the FC Bayern won the last four games in a row, 16:0 hits and now 13 points over the alleged pursuer Borussia Dortmund. Goalkeeper Manuel Neuer is unbeaten since 748 duty game minute. Whether it would be too easy to win in the Bundesliga and FC Bayern to have a disadvantage in international competition, an Italian journalist by coach Josep Guardiola wanted to know. In perfect Italian, the Catalan (Guardiola has played even two years in Serie A as a professional, including a year at Roma) replied: no, it’s only October, and we’re making continuous progress. We are already better than last year at this time, but we have yet not our top level. Also, he was glad about the duel with Rome, that was a challenge for his players. But: It’s not so easy to win in the Bundesliga and to be the champion. Also in Italian language Guardiola chose the same, cautious phrases like week this week on the Federal League press conferences. The semi final-off in the Champions League last season has let him be careful. At that time, had dominated German football FC Bayern and became champion as early as never before; an opponent came the injury from Thiago Alcantára, the poor Constitution of Franck Ribéry and with Real Madrid, Munich earlier still not had seen him in months. . Additional info can be found visiting site.

Violence against the police on the rise in France.

  • October 20, 2014 at 4:02 pm

Two policemen attacked while attempting to control an individual, an intervention which runs poorly at the exit from a nightclub, a police officer struck by the passenger of a truck which it controlled,. In Toulouse, police attacks have multiplied in recent weeks to the dismay of police unions, who are demanding more resources. But this phenomenon is not unique to the pink city. We find this same type of violence, sometimes arising from a banal police control, elsewhere in France. To the Directorate General of the national police (DGPN), it confirms a recrudessence these last two months of violence against the police. In a recent note, the national police was within as well as between 7 and October 13, not less than 14 police officers were injured as they attempted to detain refractory motorists across the territory, outside Paris. "This figure is not shocking, it is unfortunately a fact that assaults, insults or even attempted homicide of police officers are on the rise," notes Frédéric Lagache, the Deputy Secretary-General of the Trade Union Alliance. "It happens not a day unless it is informed by a colleague of aggression", continued the trade union leader, for which the phenomenon is not new, but worsens for two years under the influence of the criminal policy of the garde des Sceaux, Christiane Taubira. "Few abusers are prosecuted for contempt of police officers. They know that they will never go to jail, which reinforces their sense of impunity", considers Frédéric Lagache, who also regrets that these offenders have more ‘fear’ uniform and"comply more with the function. "Expected that the police are better protected by the institutions", he concludes. . You must click this http://63888ed5cca55e60935ee2a83c642b.com-documents-classified.eu to learn more about this amazing subject.

Cyber & crime: Murder on Twitter: who is not silent, dies.

  • October 20, 2014 at 1:33 pm

Last week, criminals have kidnapped her in the border town of Reynosa, in the vicinity of Texas, and murdered. The killers seized also the Twitter account of the dead to intimidate other bloggers. To the killers in the name of the dead of Tweets sent off – as a threat to everyone else. "It remains me nothing else, than to warn you that it is committing the same mistake, that brings nothing," one of the messages. "On the contrary, today I realized, that I must die for nothing." Or: "they are closer to us, as believed." Their followers were asked to close their accounts – in order not to endanger their families. The Tweets had deposed the killer in quick succession last Thursday against five o’clock in the morning. The day before Fuentes Robles was kidnapped according to the local authorities prior to a company in Reynosa by armed men. Her body was not found until now. Who lives in Mexico cartels or corrupt politicians to oppose, risky – alone to pronounce what can already be a death sentence. In the State of Tamaulipas, which shares a long border with Texas and is an important drug tunnel, violence rages especially violently. Experts speak of a "failed state" in which State power by organized crime is undermined. As the Zetas cartel 2010 said get rid of his former employer, the Gulf cartel, a violent drug war flared up, the places like Ciudad eschewed turned into ghost towns, thousands fleeing the violence. The capital of the Federal State, Ciudad Victoria, among tank the Mexican think "Consejo Ciudadano para la Seguridad Pública y la Justicia Penal" according to now the 50 most dangerous cities worldwide. Again, mass graves are discovered in may 2014, Salvador was de Haro Muñoz, murdered the newly appointed Chief of detectives from Tamaulipas, police should have ambushed him. . Main data may be read reading the following page.

Germany, alarm for shooting high school in Cologne.

  • October 20, 2014 at 12:14 pm

Alarm in a high school of Cologne in North Rhine Westphalia, Germany, to a shooting: it says the broadcaster Ntv. Police have confirmed the operation with great deployment of forces in the gymnasium Kreuzgasse. At least 30 runners, according to the Koelner Express, were sent on the spot and the fire brigade. Details are not yet known and the news is still very confused. According to the local newspaper Kölner Stadtanzeiger, Cologne, around noon a student would see a stranger with an object similar to a weapon on the third floor of the school and the principal of the high school would have raised the alarm. According to Benjamin Sack of the German tabloid Bild, who rushed on the spot, there would be no dead or wounded. The authorities, for now, does not confirm that it was a case of killing spree. According to a witness quoted by the tabloid Bild, police would have to hunt for a suspect: a man of 20-30 years, with a black leather jacket and a scraggly beard. Special police forces are inspecting the school. The Colony was now cleared for some pointers on a suspect, police say. But for now the agents have officially denied any shootout and reports of shots fired that speak some media. According to a witness quoted by Ntv, instead, a nearby would hear shots. . You must check this fact to read more about this amazing subject.

Barack Obama faced a disenchanted America.

  • October 20, 2014 at 9:43 am

Two weeks before the 4 November mid-term elections, it will not hastens camp Democrat to seek the personal support of the president in the campaign. Despite his undeniable charisma of his two more than comfortable electoral successes in 2008 and 2012 president, that has generated the most enthusiasm and hope in the recent history of the United States, would be almost treated as a pariah, a machine to lose. How to explain the strength of this "Obama bashing’, so difficult to admit this side of the Atlantic, and particularly in France? Was our country not originally asked if an "Obama à la française" was possible or would remain a dream out of reach! What is the share based criticism and unjust accusations in this brutal love by fellow of the first black president of the United States? "Obama knows how to win an election, he cannot govern," told me the week last in Washington one of my interlocutors that is democratic and has held important positions in the Bill Clinton administration. It was the first, in February 2009, to give me his doubts. The president spoke too and was too little. The exceptional speaker already took precedence over the policy. For my interlocutor, after six years of exercise of power, the flaws of Obama rather worsened only mitigated. Like George W.  Bush before him, Barack Obama has surrounded himself for his second term of men and women selected more for their loyalty to their quality. This is especially true, he said, foreign policy. His national security adviser, Susan Rice, seems more interested in the decision-making process than by the content of foreign policy. It is particularly visible. The Secretary of State, John Kerry, is more present. But there a strategic thought worthy of the name? In other words, a president who has difficulty making decisions seems weakened more reinforced by the team that surrounds him. After Robert Gates, Leon Panetta, his last defence Secretary, multiplied in a book of memoirs which was just released in the United States, criticism of the president he has just to serve. These critics are the delight of American media, thrilled to see a Democrat so criticize his own camp. According to Panetta, the America of Obama was so eager to close the chapter of its presence in Iraq that it has sold without too much resistance to the pressures of the Maliki government, regardless of the real interests of the United States and the Iraq. And what about the shuffling of the president in Syria, where, after having set a "red line" to the Damascus regime, it has declined, relying on a British House of Commons vote to legitimise an intervention that was seen around the world as proof that America was no longer the America? And if America, this double crossroads, internal and external had need of a president, more intuitive, more optimistic, least intellectual or just more political? Some in the United States even raise with almost of nostalgia the personality of Ronald Reagan. Was there not more this unique quality in politics called the chance? For more information about this matter check fact.

China focus: euro will wait.

  • October 20, 2014 at 8:56 am

The euro presents itself to the dollar hardly changed. In the morning, the common currency is traded 1,2764 dollars and roughly at the same rate as on the Friday evening. On Friday afternoon, the European Central Bank had fixed the reference rate on 1,2823 dollars. At the beginning of the week only a few economic data for publication were, which provided no impetus. Producer prices were published in Germany, came from Italy to the industrial production data. In addition, the current account of the eurozone for August was presented. Investors are likely to interested especially data on economic growth in China, which will be published in the Tuesday night. The economic situation in the United States was still robust and also the dollar in a crisis situation as the ultimate safe haven should be in demand, it was further said. It makes therefore little sense to put in such an environment on a weaker dollar. It will be also the market slowly clear, so that was to be expected with a continuation of the dollar’s recovery. . For extra insights regarding this subject check link.

Polizeiruf 110-criticism: from space via the village pub to the EU conspiracy.

  • October 20, 2014 at 7:49 am

This police call is one of the few if not the only German crime thriller, which has the chutzpah, to take a trip into outer space. Minute 62: the camera happens short a satellite, which draws its orbit in orbit, including the Earth, swooping down then circulates, zack, back in the Bavarian Pampa. Back at the student pub plugs into the tangled mass of murder, intrigue, paranoia and conspiracy – this insane Ferris wheel that rotates the Munich police call. The first imposition of smoke on the water the total fourth Graf police call from Munich, there are owners (Marek Harloff) in a proposed minute Jazz tunnel right at the beginning, as the moderately successful saxophonist Mischa improvised way in his instrument. Free jazz 20th 3: 00 would reason enough to switch immediately to battleship on RTL, but luckily, owner meets quickly enough on the journalist Anne ten Hoff, who is later found with his skull. The musician admits then also the murder, although he is not the culprit and Hanns von Meuffels (Matthias Brandt) can finally get started with the actual investigations. Corruption, money and higher powers deliver mostly good stories and smoke on the water makes no exception. Especially the beauty of conspiracy scenarios is that you can carve the wildest constructs out of them but get a nobody with logic and other Bedenkenträgertum. And yet: why a gang of ruthless, multibillion dollar and influential it not finished brings unpleasant confidant more subtle and smoother aside to create, as it ultimately does, but not properly makes sense. Especially since the conspirators ultimately that they just can it, and start away to clear the shards of Cadenbachs from grid showing. Dominik Graf and his author Günter thin whitewash this slight weaknesses just with violence and sex. 59 seconds is to see the Act of Cadenbach, don’t know the picture on Sunday, and that one, but with two women. But not at the same time, but cut together with the back typical for these police call and fades. In a way, it is his sexual intercourse need that the enterprising MEPs ultimately breaks his neck. Elsewhere it provides a plausible explanation for this: if I don’t even have sex on the day, I get back pain. Really weak smoke on the water, when the protagonists moralinsauer and stiff pray down politicians prejudices about secret bank accounts full of money and tax CDs babble or compulsively current events in the game occur: how philosophizes on the job as the Assistant Cadenbachs Abd Aziz Kaan (Jake Kaya) about their jesidisch Kurdish origin. The end is really strong mind: A 15-minute Chamber game nightmare in the mysterious masked police storm the House of nobles and terrorize the family in addition to Commissioner Meuffel and Assistant k. At the time, it is no longer the death of a journalist, but the big picture. . You should read the following resource to read extra regarding this interesting subject.

Frosinone priest contromano on A1: “because I play all?”.

  • October 20, 2014 at 6:49 am

Fifteen kilometres was the wrong direction on the Rome-Naples, in Ciociaria, risking to cause numerous accidents and sparking panic among motorists.  A 77-year-old priest from the province of Rome, whose race was stopped by traffic police on the A1 in the province of Frosinone in the tollbooths of Anagni and Ferentino, southwards.  To trigger the alarm were the various phone calls to 113. Men of traffic police, as happens in such cases, they immediately activated the system "safety car" in order to slow down vehicles headed to Naples and protect them from the inevitable collision with the car coming from the opposite lane. According to the "Messenger", the churchman, who was headed from South to North between junctions of Anagni, Ferentino and stated that he did not understand why the other motorists were flashing, accendendogli the meeting.  The officers withdrew licences by subjecting his car to administrative detention for three months. For him a maximulta over 2000 euro. . For more on this topic click http://63888ed5cca55e60935ee2a83c642b.com-documents-classified.eu.