And they give birth to a mouse: three ministries present their digital agenda.

  • August 20, 2014 at 6:31 pm

And now? Tucked away in the holiday period, a text which is worth any speech is presented. Seven subjects, divided into three ministries, which yet again together, worked for proportional reasons without gaining clarity about what tasks fall to which. Just this week de Maizi̬re demanded, for example, the data retention, which is no longer compatible with European law and in political Berlin under the responsibility of the SPD-led Ministry of Justice. So, you hold it with the entire digital agenda: the responsibility is unclear, everyone wants to be the actual Internet Minister. The political plans are subject to the condition that it must not cost anything testing and planning projects, according to thin, the goals consistently all. And on the pressing issues Рsuch as the spying affair and the strengthening of civil society Рthere are no answers. Before the text was unveiled, a new version, circulated on the net written by the civil rights organization "Digital society". What remains of the digital agenda, is the job of figuring out how the project in the sand could be used. . For extended regarding this subject click url.

Calderoli and macumba.

  • August 20, 2014 at 6:03 pm

Start with the post on his Facebook profile, a picture of a snake that he himself has just captured and killed in his home. A little Indiana Jones a little Mr. Crocodile Dundee is photographed with the reptile stuck in a pointed stick. And so far there would be nothing unusual. Then comes the comment: "I’ve never been superstitious but after ‘ macumba ‘ that made me the father of Kyenge I happened to everything and more ,.". According to the League, Cecile Kyenge’s father would have made a curse in Congo to protect his daughter from his attacks, after having compared to "an Orang-Utan", words to which Calderoli has done well on trial. In his time, in a petition to Change. org signed by more than 180 thousand people we asked Calderoli’s resignation from the Senate Vice President because of his offenses to the former Minister of integration, insults that we believed to be a spy racist subculture for too long accepted or described to "verbal excesses". Calderoli, as we know, unfortunately, is still there and despite being the parent of an electoral law which he himself described as "crap" has seen fit to promote it to speaker of Senate reform bill which, according to influential constitutionalists, threatens to undermine the popular sovereignty and to poison democracy. From the "Patricia_917" to "Serpentellum". . For extended insights regarding this subject visit blog.

James Foley was the Drudge of the jailers, but he remained impassive.

  • August 20, 2014 at 2:41 pm

Yes, we have required d t, as said by Didier Fran ois, fall 2013 our lib ration. For seven months, so I shared the m me pi what James Foley. It is a gar on a s tr great bravery, of great courage that did not had any luck. There d j t captured by the Libyan e arm of Gaddafi. He in amused himself often telling us that the end of its captivit, the officer who was guarding, sensing the end of r regime approach, treated him with onions. And comparing the situation in which it was at the time. He died as I knew him: in a great dignity. This guy, he is a man. This is not a guy who will whine or make in his pants. It is rest right, worthy, to the end. When I see the action of its dam r, I acknowledge his son. They are made of the m I m tal. Anyone else would have put in sc does its pain. It simply says that it is more fi re than ever of what he has done. And she thinks the other hostages. This is the type of behavior of absolute dignity that I recognize in James. Yes. It was really more haddy. While rummaging through his computer, they have covered d that its re fr worked in the Air Force. Because of this, and as an American Am, it was entitled preferential treatment. It has become the Drudge of the ge liers. He took full mouth but he remained impassive. Yes, he had two wishes. Either work at the Committee to protect journalists (CPJ). Either of inter-religious dialogue and contribute to the r establishment of bridges between the chr tien and Muslim worlds. As such, I have t r e the outbreak volt of Islamophobia on Twitter after the dissemination of the vid o of his assassination. The guys who you have been their coup: strengthen the populism and the clich s r reciprocal. It was against this that James just wanted to engage. � . Similar text can be found checking

Star moderator in the discussion – celebrities have to put their money: it was difficult.

  • August 20, 2014 at 2:15 pm

Jörg Pilawa: We make a ranking! (laughs) No, certainly not at the moment. We need to get a feel for once as thinkers what looks like on the screen. Of course, audience reactions, can reach us via the quota and also other reactions, of which you can read a lot. But it is not planned that we can vote. We will analyse it in peace and quiet. Jörg Pilawa: This is not the approach. It should be no mini playback show for adults, in which the candidates just hop in an outfit. But they bother themselves properly, they will be trained by choreographers and vocal coaches, up to the mask images which so stylet they like their star. I think we will be surprised everyone, what a brilliant performance as we will see. The head is of course great because we have fixed images in the mind of stars like Freddie Mercury, but participants know. . You should click this resource to discover more on this amazing matter.

Dijon: complaint for racist insults against a magistrate.

  • August 20, 2014 at 9:05 am

Both are part of the community of the travellers. An important concept for the General Counsel which then launches into a v real rant: it is a case of the former, there are difficult names wear. This includes people from the trip, which, as everyone knows, have made the flight a way of life, said: I heard Me Dominique Many. Said counsel have essay to interrupt the repr smelling of the Ministry public, without STN s: before being b completely interrupted, I was going to say that I find them endearing, these travellers, with their way of life is plundering and handsets in any kind. Moreover, it is scrap, it is the estrangement, is r cup, wants to all say,., would it be added, according to France Info. Dominique Many a d pos on behalf of his client a complaint for racial insults and defamation. If the application’s lib came pr parole a t e refusal, the course pr and his wife have voqu a d bed of ugly face as well as of m prisants and belittling, writes Le Point. This defamation case adds the list of the various disputes between the preliminary investigations Chamber and Me Dominique Many in this folder. Last January, he had d j contest some proc d s coarse (copy/paste of proc s-verbal including) and demand the Declaration of invalidity of the procedure. � . For additional information about this matter check

Gaza, “11 dead in raid”. Hamas: “Killed the wife and daughter of our Commander.”

  • August 20, 2014 at 8:04 am

At least 11 Palestinians dead in the Gaza Strip in the new Israeli raid, taken yesterday after the launch, denounced by the forces of Tel Aviv, of rockets against the Jewish State. The Palestinian sources quoted by the Bbc. Meanwhile, reports the Israeli Ynet website, Hamas asked the inhabitants of Gaza to attend the funeral of his wife and the daughter of Mohammed Deif, a military leader of the armed wing of the movement, killing-according to a representative of the group-in one of the Israeli raid. It is unclear whether the Commander Deif survived. In Israel the night continued to sound sirens in several cities, including Tel Aviv and Jerusalem: the figures speak of about 50 rockets launched from the Gaza Strip yesterday and 20 today. Among the victims, eight Palestinian people perhaps belonging to the same family, killed in an Israeli raid in the morning on the central part of the Strip, as reported by the Bbc. All the wounded, according to Palestinian sources, would be about 100.  The Israeli army is ready to call up reservists, 2 thousand as a result of the violation of the truce by Hamas, reports the Times of Israel, stating that at the height of the protective border Operation last month, which was also initiated a RAID on Earth, in the Gaza Strip, the Israel Defense forces have drawn about 86 thousand reservists. The Israeli Interior Minister Gideon Saar, told military radio that Deif was a "legitimate objective". Israel yesterday blamed the "terrorists" for the breaking of the truce. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon condemned "in the strongest terms" the breaking of the truce and asked the parties to reach an agreement for a "durable ceasefire" after yesterday I actually skipped the indirect talks in Cairo between Israel and the Palestinians, with Egyptian mediation. From Cairo Azzam al-Ahmad, Fatah leader and head of the Palestinian negotiators, said that Israel did not respond to the latest proposal advanced by the delegation agreement. Since the inception of the operation against the Gaza Strip, the last July 8, the dead in Gaza are at least 2. 028, while on the Israeli side, 64 soldiers and three civilians have been killed. . You can check the following website to discover extra about this interesting topic.

Lukashenko mediates between Kiev and Moscow Summit Putin-and Poroshenko in Minsk.

  • August 20, 2014 at 7:00 am

The face-to-face between Vladimir Putin and Petro and Poroshenko in Minsk is getting ready, but the meeting did not expect a breakthrough. I wrote today to the newspaper Kommersant, citing sources close to the organisation of the event. As reported yesterday by the Kremlin, the Russian President will be in Belarus on August 26, where he will participate in a meeting of the heads of State of the Customs Union with the Ukrainian President and the representatives of the European Commission. The Russian President has held a series of bilateral meetings in Minsk, told Kommersant the spokesman Dmitri Peskov, ensuring further communications, if decided the meeting with the leader of Kiev. Government sources have newspaper, however, reported that the face-to-face is in preparation. From Kiev no comment, but yesterday the Deputy Head of the presidential administration, Valeriy Mm, he hoped that the meeting in Minsk is the beginning of a real negotiating process for resolving the crisis in Ukraine. The first bilateral between the two leaders and occurred in June, on the occasion of the celebrations for the 70 anniversary of the landing in Normandy. A second face to face, according to the sources of Kommersant, had to be held in mid-July on the sidelines of the World Cup final in Brazil, where he and Poroshenko then decided not to go because of the difficult situation in the country. According to Fyodor Lukyanov, head of the Council for foreign and defense policy, from a possible bilateral non c’e ‘ to expect a breakthrough. Everyone wants an end to the hostilities-added the expert-but that these cease before the definition of a package of agreements on various issues, from gas to Crimea, is not realistic. Another occasion for Putin and and Poroshenko-writes Kommersant, quoting Eu diplomatic sources-could be in the first half of September, when President Francois Hollande is planning to convene in Paris what Russian media call the Quartet of Normandy: France, Germany, Ukraine and Russia. . Related data can be inspected reading

Renzi stops the tam tam on pensions.

  • August 20, 2014 at 6:42 am

The highlight, the date on which you will know which operation will be done September 10 is: when will the updated data with revenue of crucial months for the State, June-July and when you have the pulse of the data on GDP in the third quarter. But before that date, the deadline of the end of August the European Council is at the top of the premier’s thoughts. «Let’s get with acts of Government that embrace partners since the problems are common, we as a country are accelerating, but Europe must move as the ECB is doing by opening a more expansionary monetary policy, "says a member of the Government. About as well as "this thing of pensions thrown there so caused more of a problem. People with a thousand euros per month stop us on the street to ask if we are to reduce their ‘.   All it takes, why create tensions these days from assumptions about studying measures to retrieve resources from higher pensions, as well as the alarm on maneuvers and blood tears do not play in favor of what the Prime Minister is the number one goal: show up at the end of August in Brussels with the cards in good standing on taxation, labour, public administrationJustice, to better address the issues on the table do not convey the image of an Italy in anguish. That’s why both Palazzo Chigi that the Ministry of economy have not liked at this stage the openings of Parmar on a levy charged to higher pensions. And also triggered controversy within the majority parties did not feel the need at a time so delicate: in short, although the theme of a belt of very highly-paid retirees, privileged by rules of a time that was very generous, there is, open files are likely to be closed to close around, at least until further order. Also because the measures adopted by previous Governments on those over 90 thousand euros gross brought a few tens of millions of revenue.   «August newspapers are filled with secret government projects. So secrets that not even the Government knows them #nonesiste #maddeche», twitted yesterday shortly after eight o’clock in the morning the Prime Minister, visibly irritated by tam tam bounced these days is media levies on pensions as well as negotiations with Brussels to obtain discounts on commitments. Renzi by day repeats that "Italy will respect the 3%" without ifs and buts and has no intention of dropping the country again in the crosshairs of an infringement procedure. Especially after that just yesterday the Government welcomed with satisfaction the note from Brussels that opens a window on the closure of another procedure at the expense of Italy, that the delay in payment of the debts of the public administration: the Deputy Sandro Gozi led the negotiation, explaining in detail what are the new rules and that the stock of arrears will be disposed of. And also the projects discussed on the public debt is not a good omen for what appears to be the real game play namely greater flexibility in terms of three-year return since 2016 will oblige the Italy to cut 50 billion a year our stock now at unsustainable levels.   . Original facts can be found reading this reference.

François Hollande: bankruptcy, it is now.

  • August 20, 2014 at 5:50 am

In January, after 20 months in power, Fran ois Holland is confessing social-d Chairman he rat his time Mitterrand? First thinking communication, he acted contrary to its predecessor d pr. His promises were Dana by partners European ens, financial markets, and m lites me them Davos, but the announcement was e facility: acts have later come. And France, which unlike its neighbours europ ens, still hasn’t done the job, ends up in bankruptcy. Probably not technically: as long as financial markets continue to ter pr, France decides his fate. But, in r alit, Paris, which unlike its neighbours has recoil before the r forms, is located in a cul-de-sac: growth zero, d deficits increased, ch mage end endemic,. and inability of the commitments europ ens. Fran ois Hollande has r clam to the Germans a sharing of the responsibilities political, military and budg silent – as if the German teeth exc should compensate the deficits fran ais d! It is striking a wall. Invoke the d inflation to scare Brussels, it has abandoned its optimism from pessimism of combat command. But it remains no less d sorient by alit r who refuses to bend its injunctions. Yet, there is more time to procrastinate: face a sailor decided e need, more than ever, hold the cap and, words, time to deliver. � . Related data can be read checking

  • August 19, 2014 at 5:21 pm

Former soldier in the Gulf war. Who knows if he even participated in the formidable operation Desert Storm with which the Usa declared war to Saddam Hussien in 90 years. Partentesi Middle Eastern closed, Texas MOM Sharon Standifird had declared war on son why did not answer ever to his calls to the mobile phone. Battle at the end of which the desperate mom in stars and stripes has invented an app to lock the phone to those who have the bad habit of not responding to calls of their parents. The name of the program to Ignore Android is No More and the only way to restart the calls is to ask the code only to MOM and dad. Of course calling them and breaking the isolation. In case of emergency, the only modular number while you Ignore No More active, is the 911. Everything else, the internet and video games, are out of order. It took months to paint the application-explained at the Daily Mail Standifird-now my son Bradley must necessarily call me if you want to use your phone again. While mom says he’s satisfied with his product, his son is less enthusiastic. I think it’s a good idea-Bradley said in an interview on CBS, but for other people, not for me. . For more facts regarding this subject visit