Secularism at the risk of the other.

  • October 24, 2014 at 9:59 pm

The Charter of secularism solemnly introduced in 2013 by the Minister of National Education, Vincent Peillon and since then displayed in all french schools proclaims in its article 12 the teachings are secular. To ensure students most objective possible opening to the diversity of visions of the world as well as the scope and accuracy of knowledge, no subject is a priori excluded from questioning scientific and pedagogical. No student may not invoke religious conviction or political to challenge a teacher the right to deal with an issue in the program. Asked from the Republican origins as a superior form of social link, to the service of emancipation, the formation of a critical spirit and the promotion of universal values, secularism manifests itself today as a majority identity form Islamophobic tendencies. And the contemporary collective diagnosis focused on school of the present Republic a strong reactionary trend, in the true sense of the term: faced with the problems of school this speech offers to return to an earlier era and this nostalgia collective a company around a school that has never existed says a lot about the process of collective amnesia, selective omissions and fantasies producing companies and the social link. Secularism is the product of a cultural history of reason and a tradition of rationality and practical, as all companies know. Refer to it constantly, right as on the left, on behalf of the neutrality and universal to decide on issues of diversity, can only generate feelings of injustice, because it give a hegemonic dimension to a design any particular and majority of the property, design in crisis in terms of socializing emancipatory project and equal access to the first property. Therefore, the question arises of a political future of secularism French school was cardinal actor. Gold school amplifies the social inequalities that pre-exist him using mechanisms of connivance between curricula, educational techniques and cultural values of the cultured classes. The most striking is that this alarming report on the school according to the social origins achievement gap is not just a thought of critical sociology, but became a few decades almost a vulgate as much as a real matter of State, at the centre of a political, so-called equal opportunities, driving and governing by targets and indicators. Therefore secularism was a speech by double game, since the success of meritocratic type school speech, works as narrative of the Equalization of opportunities (that sociological analysis rejects), as well as legitimization of the existence of a periphery. If meritocracy is thought as a vector of a possible personal success, regardless of its origins, i.e. in terms of his skills; secularism admits the device as needed for its own sustainability. Double game is that this apparent social and political neutrality justifies the school course socially and so academically differential, denied in their practices by the speech even that the mask but producer of teaching rhetoric of lamentation and accusation. The school has provided until the middle of the 20th century, access to an imaginary and identity organized around the idea of nation. It has introduced a new type of political legitimacy, whose citizenship has formed the core of greater than any other affiliation or belief gathering. She was the viaticum to the universal and the reason for which students and families had to put their cultural particularities, their regional languages, their identities, their ties. But national novel developing collectively and imaginary manner a past mythical and partly amnesiac, thanks to the discourses, practices and institutions, is become one of the springs on behalf of what the exclusion of sociological abroad is legitimate, or even its integration in the sense of loss of what makes otherness, was worn by small differences. In the monistic French Republic, one must be the same in the words of Bruno Etienne and is not entitled to the difference: cujus regio ejus religion. Indeed, the latent ideology of this monistic unity of the secular Republic, widely worn by the school was evolutionary: all peoples would gradually (and especially thanks to the eternal France, universal reason and school) after having travelled all steps, access the civilization of Auguste Comte and of universal human rights,, except today Muslims, or even in a figure essentialised, Muslim, archetype of sociological abroad; In particular, the debate in France continually strengthens the representation of cleavage deep between a Muslim identity reifiee and objectified in culture and secularism while principles and proclamation worldwide educational and school professionals are then invited to one side to make efforts to go to parents that everything away from the school (education, cultural capital)(, district) and the other to be the guardians of a neutrality that would threaten the Muslim communalism. Stuck between contradictory injunctions to integrate with the invisible from one side and respect their roots on the other, the young descendants of Muslim migrants have trouble finding the slightest sense secular morality lessons, while a binary and sterile debate moved between islam and secularism. It was, in its genesis, a political tool at the service of draft – same Dominator-, it must be admitted that secularism is transformed into instrument of aggression of minorities, mainly today towards the Muslim minority which concentrates it only the idea of a crisis of the french model of integration. The thesis of the book is that it is not so much a misuse of secularism as a logical outcome of the systematic denial of cultural identities, which are a sort of stowaway of secularism. However, even own our second modernity is characterized by the potentialities of a cosmopolitanism opening for the same individual to a plurality of identifications and encouraging the construction of cultural identities combining individualism and multi-appartenances. The founding ideal of the secularism of the French Republic has now become an excuse to obliterate any taking account of otherness and its figures, which are thought as threats. Because the secularism, work of compromise of the 3rd Republic, is not so much an articulation of activities private and public school, an eviction of the religions of the school, a religious neutrality or opinion claimed that a political legitimation of a social order and taxation model assumed peaceful and designed as the emblem of the Republican public space design. French secularism is today taken between a line developing free way the ideas of hierarchy of cultures, and a left trapped by the reference to a universal emancipatory necessarily based on superiority of values. Because secularism is inherently in the space of a universal substantial and overhang (a way of dressing or eating, rather than another) and not only procedural (a way to find solutions with discussion.). For extended data about this topic read weblink.

French Ligue 1: Lens beats Toulouse and is latter.

  • October 24, 2014 at 9:54 pm

As predicted by the TFC coach Alain Casanova, Lens therefore came not at the Stadium in "victim". Confronte confronted in a massacre between the wounded (Riou, Touzghar in particular) and the three suspended (Kantari, Garel and Captain Lemoigne, the last two expelled last Friday against PSG), Antoine Kombouaré had yet to do with the equipment on board titularisant for the first time Baptiste Guillaume, Abdul Ba and Valentin Belon in the goals. Immediately displaying their offensive ambitions face Toulouse which clear possession of the ball proved to be sterile, the lens opened the scoring from the 11 minute on a counter. Served by N’diaye, El Jadeyaoui mistaken Zacharie Boucher for his first goal in Ligue 1. Being more dangerous front cages of Belon with Ben Yedder, Pesic (16, 23) or Akpa Akpro (25), Alain Casanova businessmen failed to reverse the trend and were again trapped on a lens against. Intercepting a loose pass from Trejo for Aguilar, Benjamin Bourigeaud was at the start and at the conclusion of the action. Resuming an countered El Jadeyaoui hit, he adjusted Zacharie Boucher a dish of the right foot (27) and part, also his first goal in the top flight. Just before the break, N’diaye again brought the danger before the cage butcher (43), but his strike low failed flush with the left side of the TFC. Most pressing and in possession of the ball even more that in the first half, Toulouse however failed during the second act to deceive the young Belon, 19 years, decisive on a head of Grigore (50) or in front of Braithwaite (76). . Additional text can be found checking

Japan: Patriotism to Fukushima.

  • October 24, 2014 at 8:03 pm

Among the advisers to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is growing nervousness. Just the head of Government in Tokyo due to political scandals had have to get rid of two of his ministers convened in September, because already the next scandal threatens. His new Minister for economy and industry, Yoichi Miyazawa, remains under pressure after only four days in Office twice: so staff have settled in his constituency in Hiroshima visits to night bars with Sado-Maso-program about the party cashier. A few hours after this message made headlines, leaked on late Thursday night in Tokyo, Industry Minister Miyazawa preventing private large blocks of shares in the electricity works of Tokyo (TEPCO). For TEPCO – the operating company of the Chernobyl nuclear reactors in Fukushima – it is as fast as possible back to let the network over economically vital, its other nuclear plants. The economic and industry Ministry (METI) is to lead. Thus, Minister Miyazawa controlled very nuclear industry, he privately benefited from their economic wellbeing. And urges the Minister to stop Japan’s time without nuclear power quickly. Just before the Japanese news agency Kyodo reported on his participation of TEPCO, left Miyazawa announced he will visit the Kagoshima Prefecture in southwestern of Japan on Monday. There, the Government wants to allow two of the 48 switched off commercial nuclear reactors in Japan turn up the first. Miyazawa wants his visit to ensure that the communities around the reactor of of return to nuclear power put no obstacles in the way, they said. Miyazawa denies that there is a connection between his involvement with TEPCO and his pro-nuclear policy. "This will not affect my decision", he said. Questions from journalists, a Minister in the energy policy still could be as independent, is involved in one of the largest energy concerns, replied to Miyazawa: "Honestly, I thought it would be my duty as politicians to keep TEPCO shares." He could have an eye on it, as the company deal with the crisis on the site of the Chernobyl nuclear power plants. The opposition parties announced on Friday to question the Minister in detail next week during the budget discussions in the Parliament. For the previously weak opposition, the new Affairs are a field day – as already the resignation of Justice Minister Midori Matsushima and Miyazawa’s predecessor Yuko Obuchi on Monday. It is more dangerous than the opposition divided in itself for Abe, but that old power struggles breaking the ruling liberal Democrats. Abe had put the young, popular LDP politician Obuchi, daughter of a former Prime Minister, at the head of the influential METI, was pushed up sour many LDP grandee. The Prime Minister had shown with this vocation, that he talks not only about to break on out-dated structures, but it intends to do. Short first tenure ended Abe’s 2007, after several of his Minister for political affairs at the time had to resign and doubts on his leadership. First Abe critical statements from the LDP on Friday showed that many in the party fear that history could repeat itself. Miyazawa announced now, thoroughly check the finances. He had never been in the bar, don’t even know their names. The affair is not about that his staff have visited the establishment. In Japan, it is not uncommon that end meetings in late night bars. Considered scandal but, that proof of 18 230 yen (around 140 euro) expenditure on"entertainment" in the bar from political pots has been paid. In the Asian country Parties received large grants from the Treasury, which supports the political work of the members. There are however strict rules for use. . For additional insights on this matter read website.

88ecom, the marketplace for Chinese people in Italy.

  • October 24, 2014 at 4:51 pm

Elatos, Italian ERP specialist online, Debuts online with 88ecom, the first bilingual Italian B2C market place (www. 88ecom. it) and Chinese (www. 88ecom. com) for the Chinese living in Italy made with Elatos E-Commerce, cloud solution for online sales with integrated management software to meet the needs of flexibility, economy and productivity of small and medium-sized enterprises wishing to engage in the business of online sales. Elatos-that opened last year, also a subsidiary in London-double-digit increases in 2014 thanks to success with its own customizable ERP solution that allows you to manage multi-channel logic getting an E-Commerce web natively integrated in management, as well as specific applications in mobile and APP for Android and iOS. "We wanted to combine our ERP a e-commerce solution with a high level technological infrastructure-added Marchetti-according to the philosophy that has guided us since our debut in 2002 with the first online ERP: enterprise software that should help the company to improve its organisational processes, increasing efficiency and not working hours". Elatos is responsible for hosting, upgrading of servers and firewalls while companies not only have to publish its offer on the web without any investment in licensing or installation of software/hardware dedicated. Elatos eCommerce is available in SaaS mode with a monthly fee varies based on the number of articles posted in the catalog.   . For extended facts on this topic check weblink.

+++ News ticker to the IS terror +++: Germany examines education of Kurdish soldiers.

  • October 24, 2014 at 12:41 pm

The German Government wants to include the Bundestag for a possible deployment of German armed forces trainers in the North Iraq and tests an German participation in a possible training centre for Kurdish soldiers in the fight against the IS. The CSU requires a mandate from the Bundestag for such a mission by Bundeswehr trainers. Of Iran wants to leave aside political differences with other countries in the fight against the terrorist militia IS. The seriousness of the current situation should be aware of all protagonists in the region in the meantime, says Deputy Foreign Minister Amir Abdullahian of the FARs news agency. For a more effective fight against IS the Iran would welcome therefore also a cooperation with countries such as Egypt, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, stresses Abdullahian.   In the fight against the IS in the Iraq and Syria warplanes of the United States and allied countries have flown so far 632 attacks. With more than 1700 bombs and missiles were employed, as the U.S. central command reported. Overall the aircraft were launched 6600 times, with reconnaissance and air-to-air refuelling were a large part of the inserts. Although several European and Arab countries participate in the usage, but only 79 of 632 attacks so far not by US fighter aircraft were flown. The reports on the alleged use of chemical weapons by the IS alert German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier. The SPD politician Ban Ki moon stimulates according to Government circles in a telephone conversation with UN Secretary-General, that the United Nations Security Council dealt with the topic. Ban said to take up the issue. Taking the North Syrian Kurdish city Kobans by fighters of the Islamic State (IS) Dschihadistenorganisation is apparently initially been averted according to the army. The offensive of the extremists was advised in stalled, a representative of the U.S. central command says. The Kurdish fighters are supporting the US led military alliance in able to defend the city. The front course in Kobans have not changed for more than a week. . You must click the following to discover more about this amazing subject.

Woman sets fire to housemate: had quarreled for a plate of spaghetti.

  • October 24, 2014 at 11:16 am

He nearly killed for a plate of spaghetti with meatballs. A 33-year-old woman, Melissa Dawn Sellers, accused and attacked his roommate when, according to the police reconstruction, returning home after a night of drinking has not found his meal. It happened in Florida. Melissa has probably believed that the roommate, the 42-year old Ortiz Ines Causevi, had eaten or thrown away his spaghetti, and the two began to quarrel. And at the height of a violent quarrel occurred late into the night the woman threw the solvent for nail polish on the body of man. And ignited. The man suffered serious burns-the man was immediately rescued by a friend and transported urgently to hospital where doctors have visited and have experienced severe burns on different parts of the body, the face, chest and shoulders. The woman, following the incident, fled away but then found by police, was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder. According to neighbors, the 33-year eviction came after losing the job and was hosted by housemate attacked. A man described by many as a person by the kind soul who did not deserve similar treatment. . Additional data can be read reading

America can monitor incoming.

  • October 24, 2014 at 10:59 am

Shortly after the authorities have confirmed the first case of Ebola in New York, the United States strengthen their controls against the virus. Right now, travelers need that will come from an Ebola area undergo a check in an insulating zone at airports in Newark, New York (John F. Kennedy), Washington Dulles, Chicago and Atlanta. This, their body temperature is measured and taken on Ebola symptoms. October 27 passengers from the hard-hit countries should be examined also for three weeks daily after their arrival at the destination, the American Health Authority CDC announced. A total of 762 people at five airports on Ebola were controlled until Tuesday. Four of them were admitted in hospitals, according to the "Washington Post" but dismissed after testing. Even though experts believe such controls makes sense, a problem is the incubation period, i.e. the period between infection and outbreak of the disease. It can take up to three weeks with Ebola. Now the current case shows that in New York. The staff of "Doctors without borders", participated in Guinea of treating Ebola patients, has according to the authorities upon his arrival on the New York John-F. – Kennedy-airport undergo strict sanitary control, but had no symptoms yet. At a press conference, the officials have dispersed the fear of a spread of the virus in New York City. "There is no reason to worry," Mayor Bill de Blasio said on Thursday. "We have a strong team, and we are prepared for months. Now expires, what we have practiced so often. "New York Governor Andrew Cuomo added:"we had all hoped that this day would never come. " But we are here in New York City, and people from all over the world come to us. This message could not be surprised. "The employees of"Doctors without borders"has been quarantined at Bellevue Hospital. His way through the city concerned, however, the authorities. According to official sources, the man finished his work in Guinea on October 12 and left the country two days later about Europe. On 17 October, he arrived back in the United States. Since then he had measured his body temperature several times a day and largely isolated, first on Thursday he have developed symptoms, the authorities said. Currently continue unhindered, the Ebola virus spreads in Africa. The World Health Organisation (WHO) that people have contracted about 10 000. About half of the patients died of the infection. The West African country Mali reported a case of Ebola on Thursday for the first time. The country is the sixth State of the continent, which is affected by the recent epidemic. A two-year girl who recently had been traveling Guinea in the neighbouring country, had been tested positive for the virus, said the Ministry of health of the country. Therefore, the girl had been delivered on Wednesday with suspicious symptoms in the Western Kayes in the hospital, a day later the blood test results were available. The Ministry of health in Mali called on the population to rest. It will do everything to prevent a spread of the disease in the country. "Anyone who had contact with the girl, is under medical observation," said a Ministry spokesman. Meanwhile, the European Union, which has appointed the Commissioner Christos Stylianides Thursday the Ebola officer, increasing their aid in the fight against Ebola to one billion euros. This was announced by EU Council President Herman Van Rompuy on Friday at the EU Summit in Brussels over the short messaging service Twitter. So far, the EU together with the Member States had promised aid of around 600 million euros, 107 million euros come from Germany. . You must read this weblink to discover more regarding this amazing topic.

Justice fails to manage judicial seals.

  • October 24, 2014 at 10:19 am

Each year, approximately 500,000 objects or elements are placed in the hands of justice. The more microscopic, such as cell DNA, the most imposing like cars or buildings. Some have no value while others fanning lusts. Massive cocaine stock which has mysteriously been stolen in the premises of the 36 marked the spirits. But for a resounding case, how many objects were able to disappear from these capharnaums are sealed rooms! Theft which are also often ignored. If inventory of older seals remains problematic, measures taken to best manage the new parts, including through the Cassiopeia computer application, which includes a dedicated module. It must ensure the traceability of the objects placed in the hands of justice by registering at the registry entries and exits. However, all seals do not land in transplants, even though they are not intended to remain in the premises of the investigators. Those who are potentially dangerous are destroyed, biological samples are centralized in a service under the responsibility of the gendarmerie (SCPPB: central service of preservation of biological samples), immovable or movable property and assets are handed over to the collection agency (the AGRASC: Agency management and recovery of seized and confiscated assets) and bulky items are placed in the custody of a custodian. Which is paid on legal costs. What explains the recent swings around the seizure of motor vehicles. For the AGRASC, whose avowed goal is to earn money, the management of a car park is not cost-effective. Seized cars are therefore impoundments, which strike seriously the costs of justice. At the time, prosecutors asked OPJ no longer systematically seize the vehicles of potential offenders but to request the agreement of a judge. What seriously blurs the secure message and done bitching in police stations. But prosecutors had bitching in turn taking knowledge of this judgment of the Conseil constitutionnel (No. 2014-390-QPC 14/4/11) which prohibits them to destroy a well qualified by the law of dangerous or harmful, or whose detention is unlawful. Indeed, referring to the Declaration of the rights of man of 1789, wise men have found that the owner of the property, or the mis en cause in the investigation, should be previously informed so as to exercise a recourse and possibly seek the return of said well. Okay, it is not so serious, we will change the law! And, in the meantime, just go blow the whistle at the judge of freedoms and detention. But anyway, ask a drug dealer the permission to destroy its stockpile, it is cool, no! Pushing bad faith to the end, one could imagine that the drug traffickers who have made stealing ‘their’ drug Brigade stups’s Paris decide to file a complaint,. When other seals will be scanned, it is likely that backup time will be elongated. In the meantime, the new legislation currently in the works for the garde des Sceaux must resolve urgently the fate of the seals ‘for real ‘. The objective is twofold: reduce costs (around 20 million per year) and more efficient justice. It is not won, because even if a justice 3. 0, by definition, physical evidence remains material. . For extra information on this matter check

Assassination in Ottawa: Canada’s open society is in danger.

  • October 24, 2014 at 7:57 am

Nine hours of native German with dual citizenship in the Parliament in Ottawa had to endure before he was evacuated. The day after that, he says in the interview with mirror ONLINE, all action was highly symbolic: we want to show that such an act of Canada may not damage democracy. Gebert defended the open, tolerant society–and criticized the Canadian military action against the terrorist militias of the Islamic State (IS). Raoul Gebert: I was sitting in the Group session, for about 45 minutes. Suddenly great noise erupted outside at the door, metallic noises. I only thought there fell a dustbin. A security guard came in, bracing from the inside against the door, called: ‘Everybody down!’ I knew that shots are. Via a tunnel they brought finally us into another building. And there we stayed then for the first time. MIRROR ONLINE: Parliament has been in lockdown until in the evening, you were trapped for nine hours. What did you do in that time? Gebert: MPs gave interviews by phone. Every 20 to 30 minutes, there was excitement before the doors can be heard and we had to put us on the floor. That was pretty awesome and so was about two hours. Then it was quiet. There we were allowed to go out to use the bathroom or to smoke in a courtyard. About 7: 00 I’m been evacuated together with Thomas Mulcair, he made a TV speech shortly afterwards. Gebert: A mixture of sadness and disbelief. I saw the bullet holes in the wall in the hallway. This is a situation that inspires a certain extent at the same time: we want to show that such an act of Canada may not damage democracy. Therefore the Parliament met again ten o’clock on Thursday morning at point. There was a special meeting of the Government and opposition have demonstrated very companionable. It was highly symbolic. . For additional facts about this subject check

Seizure Melis, Nichi Grauso acquitted. Calunniò not the pm of Cagliari.

  • October 23, 2014 at 8:56 pm

A hearing which lasted 14 years, that the seizure of Silvia Melis. And now, you also drop the assumption of slander against the Publisher Nichi Grauso. Acquitted "for not committing the fact".  It has established the first section of the Palermo court of appeal on the case of the farmer accused of slandering the magistrates of the public prosecutor of Cagliari.  At first instance and that the lawyer Luigi Grauso Gabriel and the journalist Antonangelo Langford had been acquitted by the Court of Palermo from the charges of extortion and attempted extortion against Tito Melis, the father of Silvia, kidnapped in Sardinia in 1997. While Grauso, assisted by Mario Bellavista, had been sentenced to two years and six months (waived penalty for the pardon) for slander. According to prosecutors, the father of the kidnapped would be forced to write a false release letter in which he stated that the d.a. of Cagliari had authorized the payment of ransom. From here the accusation of slander against judges of Cagliari Carlo Piana and Mauro Mura. Prosecutors did not appeal against the judgment of the Court, but appealed to Grauso, who had given up the prescription, while for the same crime were sentenced Langford and Gabriel. In first instance the main accusation was that of extortion because, according to the pm, Grauso and other defendants, which were made by brokers between the kidnappers and the family Melis, would have pocketed the $ 1 billion that the contractor had delivered her daughter’s Liberation. The trial, begun several times for the renewal of the judges of the College who have celebrated, lasted, between first and second grade, 14 years. . Main data can be read checking this