Berlusconi, the Strasbourg Court: anything decided actions brought by Berlusconi.

  • September 22, 2014 at 8:02 pm

Rome, September 22. (Afpenglish)-the European Court in Strasbourg has today made filter haven’t yet decided anything on the admissibility of the appeals against the judgment res judicata in condemnation of Italy Silvio Berlusconi for tax fraud presented to human rights violation and Force replication there Italy was swift: was published communication actions communicated to the lawyers of former premierThe leading statements issued today by the Press Office of the European Court of human rights-wrote in a note Italy-are appreciable Force in that they help to clarify in relation to news releases on newspapers these days, about the situation of pending appeals in Strasbourg presented by lawyers of the President of Italy, Silvio Berlusconi. In particular, as regards the appeal alleging infringement of due process in case on so-called tv rights, the clarification of the Strasbourg Court is clear even from the official communication sent by the same court to Silvio Berlusconi’s lawyers, which are: The inform you that this action will be brought before the Court as soon as possible on the basis of documents and information provided by you. Normally the procedure before the Court of Justice is written. The appearance of the appellant before the Court is not provided unless that part there is expressly invited. We will inform you promptly of the decisions that the Court will take on the appeal. . For extra data regarding this subject read

A french tourist kidnapped in the East of the Algeria.

  • September 22, 2014 at 7:30 pm

This looks like a new hostage. The AFP announced Monday that a french national had been removed the previous evening in Tizi Ouzou, 110 km east of Algiers, citing security and judicial sources. An abduction claimed Monday night by a group affiliated with the Islamic State. A little later, the Reuters news agency said that in a video broadcast on the Internet, the man called François Holland not to launch intervention in Iraq. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has not yet confirmed the authenticity of the document, specifying however that "no hypothesis is discarded. This man, a tourist from age 55, would be nice, according to "Nice Matin". He was kidnapped in the mountainous Kabylie region while on a hike. The Algerian information site El Ahdath ensured that the French had been kidnapped by "a terrorist group". According to this site, the tourist arrived in Algeria a few days ago with a tourist visa and with Algerian friends rented a chalet in Tikjda, between Tizi Ouzou and Bouira (120 km to the East of Algiers). According to Europe 1, this area "corresponds to that of an Islamist group that did, a few days ago, dissent of Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), to allegiance to the Islamic State". . Additional facts can be found reading website.

  • September 22, 2014 at 5:00 pm

Two months to find another conductor for the premiere of Aida, on 27 November, and 8 for Le nozze di Figaro. It is the tile fall over the Opera House after the departure of Riccardo Muti, now former Honorary artistic director. But now the Costanzi, already poisoned by a complicated situation on budgets from improve, strikes of musicians, the hypothesis of Special Commissioners, unions divided and balanced representations, dragging behind a trail of controversy and long snouts. Starting from that of the Director of the Corps de ballet Micha van Hoecke: After the master’s decision to leave the Costanzi no longer makes sense to stay at Teatro dell’Opera di Roma. I was proud to be part of a team and be within a strong project, of which music and dance, which we have been building together said. His contract actually would be expired at the end of November but the master meanwhile is working on the choreography of ‘ Aida ‘ and ‘ Carmina Burana ‘. Among the ideas for a change at the Opera, were the names of Antonio Pappano and Eleonora Abbagnato, but Mayor Marino has preferred not to comment. The former citizen of Rome Gianni Alemanno has presented this morning an urgent question about City Council resignation of Muti as a mortal blow to the culture and art of our city and demanding the resignation of Fuortes ahead of a similar failure. Among the oppositions also Alfio Marchini, who in a radio interview he attacked the Mayor arguing that the only way left to save Rome from this havoc is the square, peaceful, purposeful but determined. But the Mayor, on the sidelines of the inauguration of the restoration of the Barcaccia, said: there is no problem between Muti and the municipality of Rome, you can see even from the words of the master. Those with the disorder in recent months have created a conflict should make an examination of conscience ‘ ‘. Unions, pulled the ball, have parted ways once again: we learn with dismay and concern at the decision of Maestro Riccardo to forgo directing the two works on the Bill for the upcoming season of the Teatro dell’Opera. The master, with its contribution, gave prestige in recent years nationally and internationally to the theatre. We hope then an afterthought commented Alberto Manzini, Secretary-General of the Cgt Cgil Roma e del Lazio, and Nadia Stefanelli, Slc Secretary Cgil Roma e del Lazio. The result of excellence-continue-achieved in these years, was threatened by the ongoing dequalificanti declarations by the current governance and followed by destructuring behaviors the productive capacity of the theater. became subject to division between the unions. Who has fielded unrest and strikes now says he has not gone on strike against, but this certainly did not contribute to create the atmosphere of serenity needed for the Opera House said the Secretary General of Rome and Latium Chamorro Paul Terrinoni. Someone continues to challenge the referendum on restructuring plan done Friday, and which recorded a marked prevalence of workers in favour of the agreement-in short, continuous Terrinoni-someone a soul-searching if they should do, but as it should ,, Let’s hope the master will think again. From the world of ‘ sticks ‘, meanwhile, came the understanding of Riccardo Frizza: for Italy to Muti is a very serious loss but if you want to achieve a result of level, you must work in clear conditions, need for serenity, I understand perfectly. Carlo Fontana, also President of Agis, gives ‘ is full and convinced Richard ‘ solidarity ‘. ‘ ‘ That a Director of her flat saying that dia carats there are the conditions for work is very ugly-stresses-. It is the mirror of a fix and the general aggravating ‘ ‘. And then ” it is desirable for a speech by the Minister of cultural heritage Dario Franceschini. . Extended information can be read visiting blog.

Ivan Rioufol: The Islamic State, this forgotten of the Sarkozy show.

  • September 22, 2014 at 1:29 pm

Illustration of the distance that exists between the political-media world and reality: at no time Sunday night on France 2, Nicolas Sarkozy or his interviewer did not address the challenge posed by the Islamic State, nor the third world war threats it poses yet. Monday morning, the spokesman of the Caliphate, that the French authorities prefer to appoint Daesh to erase its Islamic affiliation, recalled the good memory of angelic Westerners, by inviting ‘the Muslims’ to kill ‘unbelievers’, civil or military; and especially "wicked and sales French" culprits to be part of the international coalition set up to fight the Jihad in Iraq and Syria group. "Rely on Allah and kill the unbeliever in any way," said Abu Mohammed al-Abed. It belies the passage of Laurent Fabius calling recent injunction to "conduct an ideological struggle that Daesh has nothing to do with Islam which is a religion of peace. Spokesman of the Caliphate gives even instructions for well to murder the enemy: "hit his head with a stone, slaughter it with a knife, crush it with your car, throw it a place in height, choke it or poison it. A thousand young french have already joined, in Iraq or in Syria, these rabid. These have networks in the heart of the Republic. They are not, it is understood, representative of the Muslim community. But they are also Muslims sometimes converted, and blend among them. "This is not islam," repeated the magicians, as Magritte said of his painting of a pipe. Forgetting the journalist and politician, last night, proceeds from this same denial of appearances which allows evacuation of susceptible individuals. Yet islam is not only a religion, practiced calmly more often. It is also a legal code, a constitution, an ideology of conquest having started a war of civilization. Since Monday, it explicitly threatens the France. It would have been appropriate that Sarkozy is in concerned previously, for proof of his lucidity. Political speech will be futile and disconnected emergency if it continues to shrink operations communications and auto-valorisation, as it was in fact the provision of the candidate to the Presidency of the UMP: 8.5 million viewers followed three quarters of an hour of the Sarkozy show, which also boasts to have a million of ‘like’ on Facebook. These performances are at the height of this excellent actor, who resumed his playing as if he had never left him. But his speech remained floating and contradictory. How to ensure both want to take the height and propose to revive ("if I do not, who will be?") a party fallow? On what topics would be the promised referenda? In what sense would go alliances? Sarkozy has as advantage to be confronted with a devastated landscape. Still be necessary that it designates all causes of these disasters if he really wants to fight them. . For more regarding this subject read resource.

Mangalyaan: Martian conquest Indian version.

  • September 22, 2014 at 10:33 am

Martian destination aside, could in fact believe that there is little comparison between the flamboyant MAVEN, with instruments that will soon learn about when March was still an atmosphere and oceans as those of Earth, and perhaps even detect traces of life on the red planet, and this small Indian satellite. Hand, MAVEN, party on 18 November 2013, this contraption of 2.30 m and 809 pounds, including 65 in 8 scientific instruments, arrived in the night of Sunday 21 to Monday, 22 September, proceeded to a path without fault from Earth.  On the other, MOM, who departed on 5 November 2013, is 1.5 m and 500 pounds, including 15 divided in 4 scientific instruments, prepares its orbit maneuvers after a somewhat longer crossing. At a time where the other side of the Atlantic is tightened budgets for NASA, and the U.S. Space Agency appealed to private providers for its future manned flights, the mission of Mangalyaan has set an example. The cost of the mission? 25 million dollars, compared to 187 million announced for the MAVEN mission. In total, MOM is $ 74 million, but the difference is represented by equipment ground (transmissions, etc,.) which will be reused for all future Indian missions. . You should click the following to read extra on this great topic.

Murat and Christine & the Queens, an evening at the Olympia.

  • September 22, 2014 at 10:09 am

If he had to find a hexagonal cousin to the masters of the country, rock or North American folk as Neil Young, Bob Dylan or Leonard Cohen, it would be him. In thirty years of career, the Auvergne veteran succeeded in appropriating the musical idioms of the Atlantic, anchor them in the language and the land of France, and live voice sensual without equivalent. At the Olympia, Jean-Louis Murat will present the splendid songs from his new album, double Babel, recorded with Clermont all The Delano Orchestra, to be issued on 13 October. Author of three disks beautiful but confidential under the pseudonym of Notre-Dame, then under his own name, the Parisian exploded at the time of the release of his fourth album, the Reproduction, in January 2010. Ecstatic, the press praised the care of arrangements, evoking Delerue, Legrand or Morricone, conceptual disc ambition, crossing Walter Benjamin and Alain Resnais, and the emotion that is flush with end to end – some seeing the link between "soul coaxing by Michel Polnareff and Lucio Battisti Latin soul. Dissenting companion but tying the French touch, it is sponsoring a whole young French scene, aunt Hortense to fawn. The evening at the Olympia marks his return on stage, after several years of absence. 2014 has already found his main Princess: aged just 26, Christine & the Queens, his real name Héloïse Letissier, is revelation early this year transgender. On his first album, human warmth (gold disc), the androgynous passes with ease from English to the french, the masculine feminine, plural singular and bass to treble, as on its pretty perdusde Christophe havens resumed, it mixes with the Heartless by Kanye West. Clever, labile, his ability to play out the categories does not preclude find a tone to it, in the diagram, the grace and the groove. . Additional facts can be read reading article.

Headphone in the test: better beats and magic Magnetostaten.

  • September 22, 2014 at 9:54 am

The visible hinges pretend but only a well thought-out functionality. The suspension is too little flexibility, so that the shell does not uniformly sits on the ear. The sound is surprising at first. JBL blends not beats-trend and the bass are not bent. On the contrary. Unfortunately, JBL has removed so A lot depth that lacks sound power and pressure. The centers are dominant, lacks presence up and down. The sound reminds of the affordable car radio. The Phiaton chord MS 530 is better – and more expensive. For $300 you get even more. So, a woman’s voice reports whether the headset is paired. He remembers even more players. The call button allows to answer a call while listening to music. Pressing the button, your Smartphone dials last saved. On the plane or in the car even a noise reduction can be activated. You not so heavily filters the noise as other noise-cancelling headphones by Bose. Focal has developed the spirit of one S with big ambitions. So he is also honorable mention in relevant magazines. To establish themselves in the genus of the ear-enclosing headphones is not easy, because A few high-level manufacturers focus on this segment. Because over earphones are accepted now also in mobile use on the subway or in the pedestrian zone. For 180 euro the spirit one can easily keep S with competitors from higher prices. . For more information regarding this topic visit

P. Chigi: State can pay all debts of the Pa, the challenge was won.

  • September 22, 2014 at 9:27 am

Rome, September 21. (La Presse)-all those who have a debt towards the p. a. are today-thanks to the agreement between the Government, banks and CDP-to be paid. It’s what we read in a note of Palazzo Chigi. The State-reiterates the note-it is put in the condition to pay all debts. And so it is correct to argue that the challenge of freeing resources to pay all debts PA is won. Is to streamline and enforce efficiency to the entire public administration. Then, for the Government, the only non-payable debts at the moment are those on investments. 60 billion, not how we read, but a figure that fluctuates between 2 and 3 billion likely to be breaking your 3%; European bond that we want to honor and respect. For these debts, the note explains, the money is there, but the problem is compliance with the 3% deficit. In other words, the resources are there, but remains the problem of respecting the Stability Pact and not breaking your 3%. Unfortunately, the Government points out, those who have a claim against the public administration must submit to a procedure that provides for the certification of the claim on the Government website. But if the operation is complicated by procedural point of view, the concept is very simple. Finally, explains the note, by 21 September we’ve provided the money to pay all debts of the current part. Unfortunately not all of them have been paid because the procedure requires an active behavior (registration) from the companies. In a normal world payment should be automatic. Unfortunately the absurd mechanism of the past and the inefficiency of much local forces to use this procedure. . Additional information can be found reading

+++ Ukraine crisis +++-people go against Putin on the street in Moscow.

  • September 21, 2014 at 5:01 pm

18 43 pm: under the slogan no to war! protested thousands of people at a huge peace March in Moscow against the policies of Ukraine by Kremlin Chief Vladimir Putin. Under an extreme security contingent of police, the demonstrators were also signs with the pictures and names of Russian soldiers who have been killed in the fighting in the Eastern Ukraine. Many people wore the blue-and yellow Ukrainian flags. The Russian opposition had organised such a anti-war rally for the first time since the outbreak of the bloody conflict in the contested regions of Lugansk and Donetsk in April. The police said the number of demonstrators with around 5000. Left to the city of Moscow had maximum 50 000 participants.    14:59: In Moscow opposition to the Ukraine politics President Wladimir formed Putin. Thousands of people are expected this Sunday to a peace rally in the Centre of the Russian capital. The City Council has approved the demonstration. The anti-Government protest against the use of Russian soldiers fighting in the Eastern Ukraine, on the side of Moscow-loyal separatists. Protesters demand investigation to do so. Russian journalists and politicians had disclosed hidden deaths of Russian soldiers.   The end of 2013 after long detention in Russia dismissed Khodorkovsky at the same time keeps Ukraine politics President Wladimir Putin irresponsible. If a country is sovereign, then must decide it yourself, whichever way it goes. The former CEO of the Yukos oil comes on to Berlin Tuesday to introduce its newly established open Russia initiative. Thus, he wants to promote the development of civil society in Russia. 09 12: 00: surviving German victims of the passenger plane crashed in the Ukraine of Malaysia Airlines To want to sue the country before the European Court of human rights. Under international law each State for the airspace responsible, over its territory if he opens it for transit, said the lawyer and air ride right Professor Elmar Giemulla, represents the three families of the German victims, the newspaper Bild am Sonntag. A State could not ensure the safety, he must lock its air space, what had not happened in the case of flight MH17. The Ukraine took to buying, that hundreds of innocent people’s lives have been destroyed, Giemulla said. Thus, the Ukraine had committed a human rights violation. Giemulla will therefore lodge a complaint against the Ukrainian Government and, Petro Poroschenko head of State for German survivors in about two weeks at the European Court of human rights in Strasbourg in France. Saturday, September 20th, 20th 12 noon: two weeks after the agreement a complete prisoner exchange Government forces and pro-Russian separatists in the Eastern Ukraine per 38 people have released. The exchange took about 60 kilometres south of the city of Donetsk, Instead of how Russian agencies reported on Saturday. According to the insurgents, the military said the transfer of 27 other prisoners to this Sunday. The parties had agreed on September 5 on a cease-fire and prisoner exchange. Because of disagreements the handover was delayed but several times, both sides should have hundreds of prisoners. 16 39 am: in the Eastern Ukraine has again despite agreeing on a buffer zone between the warring parties fighting. In the industrial city of Donetsk, several heavy explosions were heard according to a Reuters correspondent. According to local authorities, a munitions factory was come under fire. Also from the direction of the competitive international airport, explosions were heard. According to the Ukrainian army had been in the night, a soldier killed in fighting and seven others injured. Two Russian long-range bombers in the Canadian ADIZ were flown on Thursday then, whereupon Canada two F-18-Hunter sent. In both cases, the Russian military aircraft had left the area without incident, the spokesman said. Also, they had penetrated into the airspace of the United States or Canada at any time. Air Defense zones stretch as buffer zones beyond the actual territory, to extra time for reactions to To give the military attacks. They are often unilaterally proclaimed by the States and subject to no international laws. A U.S. officer said it was the first time for a long time that Russian warplanes had entered the zone. On Wednesday, Russian fighter jets in the Russian fighter jets in the Swedish airspace penetrated the incidents fell were together with a visit of the Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko in Washington, where he campaigned for support against Russia. The Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said, however, there is no evidence of a connection. Probably were the flights in conjunction with a large-scale military exercise in the far east of Russia, that began on Friday. The exercise with the participation of 100 000 to take according to the Defence Ministry in Moscow until September 25 soldiers and 120 aircraft. 09 58 pm: in the rebel stronghold of Eastern Ukraine Donetsk a third Russian aid convoy has arrived according to Moscow. The water and food supplies had arrived and were unloaded, a Russian emergencies Ministry spokesman said on Saturday. Russia had the Ukraine sent end of August for the first time without the consent of the Ukrainian Government an aid convoy in the areas controlled by pro-Russian separatists in the East, a second followed by mid-September. The Ukraine and the West condemned the high-handed approach of Russia at that time.     09 03 h: the conflict parties on a cease-fire and the creation of a demilitarized buffer zone have agreed in the talks on the conflict in Ukraine in Minsk. We have signed a memorandum, said the Ukrainian ex-President Leonid Kutschma, who represented Kiev at the negotiations early Saturday morning in the Belarusian capital. The nine-points programme is the withdrawal of both conflict parties on 15 kilometres of a contact line. . For additional data about this matter check

“App and notifications against sedentary lifestyle and to monitor chronic diseases”.

  • September 21, 2014 at 1:34 pm

Your smartphone helps counteract the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle. According to the scientific journal Plos One exercise at low intensity proposed by some app has reduced by 6% idle time of individuals being monitored. The study was conducted on a sample of people overweight or at risk of obesity. The examinees have reported the results obtained following the indications of the app for seven consecutive days. According to the study, notifications on your mobile phone to stimulate the sedentary physical exercise at low intensity and to realize immediately the results and improvements to make.   Immediate feedback given beneficial effects of minimal effort but continuously motivate people to get up from my chair and do a walk of a few minutes or to strengthen the muscles with exercises and stretching. Gradually, the tips your smartphone become a need and soon become a habit. Given the spread of smartphones, these studies are meant to implement the creation of new apps in relation to most common diseases, such as diabetes or hypertension. Another study conducted by Oxford University posted at Jama (Th eJournal of the American Medical Association) has tracked 500 hypertensive patients demonstrating that notifications on your mobile phone help patients to control the pressure and to self-regulate the administration of medicines.  In the case of chronic diseases, the app will be an effective tool to prepare the patient to manage his pathology autonomously changing so substantially and enduring their own lifestyle. A mobile phone, however, does not replace your doctor: the choice between apps is huge and not all are reliable. Yes to gymnastics from Office or low-intensity exercises against the sedentary lifestyle, but in the case of a technological instrument helps but does not replace the doctor. Some services offer the ability to be followed by a virtual personal tranier which aims to record the progress and monitor its activities, aid of the smartphone is the prevention, monitoring and awareness of improvements but in no case is a cure. . Root data can be found reading this