The RATP wants to ‘give a sacred hand’ to the Grand Paris Express.

  • September 1, 2014 at 5:10 pm

The extension of line 14 to municipality of Saint-Ouen, North, is ensured by the RATP and indeed, work has begun. For the southern extension, on the other hand, uncertainty looms over knowing if she will be in once or in two sections. "If the State gives to the company of Grand Paris the opportunity to borrow and to extend line 14 to Orly without stopping at Villejuif, I applaud", said Pierre Mongin. He saw in the communication of Manuel Valls on the Grand Paris early August "very good news" and a "turning". "When the Prime Minister said that what was planned for 2026 will be completed in 2023, it’s still something." Remains that change at the head of the society of Grand Paris (GSP), where Etienne Guyot was replaced by Philippe Yvin, has not accelerated the process. The GSP will need financing but also ‘ technical capacity’, analysis Mongin. "We have the will to support our colleagues in the GSP. This is what I have proposed the week last to Philippe Yvin. Of course, there are rules, invitations to tender and we have the desire and the ability to meet". To summarize: "we are facilitators experts of their project and we can give them a sacred hand." But who will operate? Not stingy of good advice, Pierre Mongin "advocates that tender should take place no later than in 2017, and better, end 2016". And he imagines "not at all" that the operation could be granted to several companies. I note that the London underground, in the most liberal country, person don’t cut it in pieces.". Additional info can be inspected visiting

News ticker to the election – NPD wants to recount of the Landtag election in Saxony, Germany.

  • September 1, 2014 at 1:48 pm

Saxony remains firmly in hand of the CDU. Tillich continued, even though he suffered slight losses, Prime Minister can govern. However, he needs a new coalition partner: the FDP won’t make it into the Parliament. A coalition with SPD, Greens – or frowned upon AfD is possible in any case. 15 37 pm: the far-right NPD demanded a recount of the votes for the election and does not preclude its challenge. Their land Chairman Holger Szymanski founded on Monday with possible irregularities in the vote count. There are also rumors that any bags with ballot papers had been burned. Szymanski was referring to information from observers and Facebook. You wanted to check this now. The NPD was very nearly failed on Sunday with 4.95 percent of the votes. At the end of her missing about 800 votes. The NPD is exploiting therefore all legal means to learn the real election result by a recount, it was said in the afternoon in a communication of the NPD regional association. In a press conference party leader Szymanski had not required before that. 10 01: the NPD has missed the re-entry in the Saxon State Parliament only by a few hundred votes. As Michael Lober said of the statal Statistical Office, exactly 809 votes to reach the five percent hurdle was missing the right-wing party. The counting had evolved into the nail-biter Sunday night. For hours it had looked so, as if the right-wing would succeed after 2004 and 2009 for the third time in the Parliament. Shortly before the announcement of the provisional official final result, it was clear that they stay out. Voters in Dresden and Leipzig, the results of which were reported late were crucial. 08 02 h: given the vote losses of the NPD in Saxony CDU Federal Deputy Strobl has expressed In addition for an end of the NPD ban on proceedings before the Constitutional Court. The NPD scores worse than last time, Strobl told the Leipziger Volkszeitung newspaper. This is an encouraging development in the right direction and development, who rather come to the conclusion that that to fight the NPD politically and not in front of the Constitutional Court. The NPD had failed in the vote on Sunday close to the five percent hurdle.   September 01, 07. 30 pm: the Deputy CDU Federal Chairman Thomas Strobl has called excluded a coalition of the CDU with the AfD entirely. In an interview with the Leipziger Volkszeitung newspaper said Strobl: the AfD does not fit to the exporting country Germany and doesn’t fit CDU also into the party of Europe. That’s why a coalition not eligible with this party for the CDU. The characters in Saxony in Saxony rather back to would a grand coalition. And a stabilizing character, is for the Federal Government praised Strobl. Given the election loss of the NPD in Saxony Strobl testified in an interview for an end of the NPD ban on proceedings before the Constitutional Court. 23 50: the CDU has conquered all up on a seat in the Saxony election. Only in Leipzig-Connewitz the left candidate Juliane Nagel asserted itself with the most votes against her CDU competitors, as the National Election Committee announced. Two left direct candidates in the Parliament sat in the legislature going to end now. In the 1990s, the CDU had conquered three times all direct mandates; in 2004, for the first time, she had to Which one. Altogether the 537 this time men and women as a direct candidate in one of the 60 electoral districts had applied. 22 57: the CDU Bundestag parliamentarian Wolfgang Bosbach has urged his party to deal with the euro-critical alternative for Germany (AfD). Bosbach appealed in the Stuttgarter Nachrichten on the Union At last to abandon the strategy of silence dead the AfD. Bosbach said it did hope to wonder anymore again, that the AfD fall on anyone, if the CDU does not have them talk. Election in Saxony, the AfD from the State a double-digit result reached the indentation in the Landtag and first projections.    . Similar info can be inspected reading

Greek entrepreneurs advocate for the cancellation of the EU sanctions against Moscow.

  • September 1, 2014 at 1:03 pm

The Agency Invest in Greece aims to attract investments in Greece and to promote the country’s exports. Until recently, Alexandros Angelopoulos was part of the direction of the Chamber of commerce responsible for russo-grecque the development of economic and trade relations between the two countries. According to the contractor, the sanctions have affected the Greek tourism sector. A part of Russian officials visited not this year in Greece and prefers to spend his vacation outside the EU or Russia – Crimea or in Sochi for example. The purchasing power of tourists who still came to Greece was very low. The part of Russian society that has true financial capabilities more visit the Greece, said Alexandros Angelopoulos. Moreover, according to him, entrepreneurs can not complain about the Russian decision to adopt countermeasures against Western countries. Relations between the Russia and the West have deteriorated because of the situation in Ukraine. End of July, the EU and the USA are passed sanctions point against individuals and companies to entire sectors of the Russian economy measures. The Russia banned imports of agri-food products from countries that have adopted sanctions against it in turn: the USA, the EU, the Canada, the Australia and the Norway. The ban concerns imports of beef, pork, poultry, sausage, fish, fruit, vegetables, dairy products, and other goods. The Greece is aware of the importance of ties with the Russia. Unfortunately, we are too attached to the chariot of the European Union and must follow it. Whereas for Germany – what a joy! -everything will go well in its bilateral relations, said the contractor. According him, the Greece must develop its relations with the Russia. At one time I told my colleagues: that would be perfect if it could be the South end of the Russia. It was pointed out at the time that it was not said such things. But let’s be honest – when you have the best part of the land and that it treats you as the worst, it takes much work to prove the contrary. The Greece is the best place on Earth to spend his holidays. But it does not form part of the priorities of European policy, he believes. Alexandros Angelopoulos recognizes that it ignores how the problem of sanctions. According me, it would be a good thing for Greece to explain that she cannot have conflicting relationships with Russia, to which we are all committed. It is wrong to say that the Prime Minister and others do not want to get closer to the Russia. Simply the EU prevents out of the framework it has set, think Alexandros Angelopoulos. As an association of entrepreneurs we are not political analysis but what we see is very simple – to cancel sanctions more quickly for the good of the European Union, the Greece, and the Russia, he said. The Russia and Europe need each other and hope that they will arrange everything. This is not only my opinion, it is that of the majority. Economic diplomacy must come before political diplomacy. A high-level economic diplomacy currently absent from our bilateral relations, said Alexandros Angelopoulos. According to him, a statement will be made on the part of the association of entrepreneurs on relations with the Russia. In Greece, there is a very powerful economic community who wishes to have good relations with the Russia, he said. . You should visit the following to read more regarding this amazing subject.

Ukraine conflict: Steinmeier warns Russia against annexation of land bridge to the Crimea.

  • September 1, 2014 at 6:01 am

In the Belarusian capital of Minsk, the Ukraine contact group members come together again today. Less than two weeks after the recent meeting of the representatives of the Russian and the urkainischen Government and the Organization for security and cooperation in Europe (OSCE) also a member of the leadership of the separatists to take part in the negotiations This time. The Ukrainian President Petro Poroschenko is hoped from the talks in Minsk concrete results, both through an OSCE monitoring in the Eastern Ukraine, as well as a fire break. Russian President Wladimir Putin sees the meeting as way to this tragedy as quickly as possible to end, as reported by the Russian Agency Ria Nowosti. In the United States the prominent Republican Senator John McCain in the face of the Russian approach in the Ukraine has once again for arms to the Government in Kiev pronounced. If brought the situation on the ground, not under control, Russia could also become a threat to other countries in Eastern Europe, he said the TV station CBS. This is no incidence, this is an invasion, McCain said. It involves aid to defend themselves. . Main facts can be studied visiting this link.

FDP after the Saxony election: the fall.

  • September 1, 2014 at 4:37 am

Berlin – nothing not even helped the Saxon FDP – that she was trying to distance himself as far as possible from the federal party. At the end, it was enough for not even four percent. You understand that?, head Holger Zastrow, 45, the supporters on election night in Dresden called to. I’m not. The economy brumme you’ve implemented almost all election promises, it could be not hard-working, passionate, inventive, visible. The FDP in the Saxon Coalition have especially not arguing governed better than then black yellow in Berlin. Not anymore. Believes Zastrow. Paradoxically the one or the other may breathe in Berlin secretly in the FDP. Because the FDP is a party in itself in the crisis sometimes more against each other than working with each other. A success in Saxony, which had Zachery made once clear, he would have used increasingly to intervene in federal politics. After the election in the State of Bavaria, Lindner can To give generously: like his Kingdom melt away, the King remains King. On election night, linked to the strict leadership at the Federal headquarters in Berlin Lindner, speaks of a great commitment of the Saxon FDP in a difficult hour, but also reminds that the friends in Saxony had chosen its own way, its own style, its own strategy. Now Lindner invites the loser Zastrow and all others, is now in the Federal FDP to get involved. There is effort strong applause from the few who have found their way to the Federal Agency. A dark autumn ahead of the FDP. On September 14 will be elected in Brandenburg and Thuringia, for the free Democrats will again likely according to the polls, a disaster, however, the euro critics of the AfD are likely to move in both parliaments. Lindner will not blow away that, there is no one in the party, who can replace him also in the longer term. In the FDP, even his opponents know: if it can’t Lindner, then no. The FDP Chairman has factored anyway defeats the longed-for way back upwards. Hope is at the beginning of next year – especially the FDP federal leadership on an important success in Hamburg but should swing bring the Landtag elections in some West countries from 2016 and carry the FDP back into the Bundestag in the autumn of 2017. So is the plan, at least. Whether he goes on? In the sad present the FDP is further heavy burden of the past. What was lost in the reign in the Federal Government, between 2009 and 2013, so Lindner on election night, was so fast to win again. . For extended on this subject read

The superflic was in fact the most Mary from New York.

  • August 31, 2014 at 4:17 pm

Every day, this crazy shape scurries over 10 kilometres, Saturdays it runs in Central Park. And what are we talking about in the Sam, the evening? Stories of cops! It is in their DNA: Dominick, the father of Louis, was police, his son is also tattooed their badge of flic on the shoulder, not far from another tattoo where we see Cain kill Abel; Michael, the younger brother of Louis, was also police. and Jacqueline, one of his three daughters is Attorney Assistant in Brooklyn. Himself relishes its past of the hero of the New York Police Department (NYPD), a man who has investigated 241 murders and clarified in dozens and dozens – a closer, as they called those inspectors able to close (close to) the current folders, i.e. solve business. In the neighborhood of Williamsburg, in Brooklyn, a courier hand delivered 23 kilos of diamond cutting. Realizing that it is followed, he climbs into his car, recedes abruptly to send her attacker in a pile of garbage and starts with a bang. The robber panics, it goes to a stopped car, shoots four bullets on the driver and fled. The victim, a ultraorthodoxe Rabbi, died four days later. During the trial, the testimony of the young Menachem is crucial: shortly before the murder, he saw two types looking suspicious in a car parked not far from it. At a meeting to identify six months after the murder, he appointed David Ranta as one of the two men. His testimony is credible that Ranta, an unemployed drug addict, all confessed to the Inspector Louis Scarcella. The accused has denied, he asserted that his alleged confession were invented.   The fact, too, that Batman and Robin, as known to the NYPD Sam and his eternal partner, Inspector Stephen Chmil, gave two detainees of the excursions out of jail for banging the Bell or visit prostitutes. The two were witnesses in the trial Ranta,. Finally, the fact that the widow of a certain Joseph Astin says under oath that her husband, who died in a car accident, told him in detail how he had killed the Rabbi in a moment of panic. Prosecutors of the Special Unit for example discover repeated more than doubtful witnesses use. In particular Teresa Gomez, originally from Trinidad and Tobago, who spends his nights in the streets of the neighborhood of Crown Heights, in Brooklyn. A young woman disturbed, totally addicted to the drug, with criminal conduct most of the time, more and more erratic in his statements, said a Prosecutor. But not for the jury of the second trial, which sends Hill in the shade. He spent twenty-seven years. At the trial of his two half-brothers, inconsistencies are just as shocking – not only the testimony of Teresa Gomez, so weird that counsel asks that there should a urinalysis of young women, but also the fact that the defence is not informed of the existence of a defence witness. The brothers were sentenced to a minimum of 18 years in prison. They are never reviewed is: one died in detention at the age of 37, the second was released after having spent 19 years behind bars. For example, the suspects interviewed by Sam, when they crack, often begin with these words: You got it right (you are right) or I was there (I was there).  Impossible to verify, Sam records or films these statements, except sometimes the final version. Note sometimes on a corner of envelope, or transcribed them memory. Not surprising, under these conditions, several of the suspects that he interviewed claim to have beaten.   For the city and State of New York, the financial consequences are likely to be painful. David Ranta has already received 6.4 million (around EUR 5 million) of the city, it is now the State. Jabbar Collins has received the State $ 3 million. For Roger Logan, we ask the State $ 100 million, says Harold Baker, his lawyer. And so forth,.  David Ranta, unjustly convicted of murder at age 37 and a half in prison after false testimony collected by Louis Scarcella, was exonerated and released in March 2013.  (Doug Benz/The New York Times-REDUX-REA) But in this mountain of dollars, a hundred steps will come from the pocket of Louis Scarcella.  I can’t to me: great American cities subscribe insurance against civil suits; in recent years they have paid hundreds of millions of dollars in damages and interest for false confessions or civil rights violations and it does y no evidence that this has changed the behavior of the police, said Samuel Gross, a teacher of law at the University of Michigan who heads the national register of miscarriages of Justice. Of course, New York has changed: the city has seen 333 murders last year, nearly seven times fewer than in 1991, at the height of the crack epidemic. With less business process, justice and the police can take more precautions.   . You should visit this homepage to learn more on this interesting subject.

Air strikes in the northern Iraq: United States attack IS positions near Amirli.

  • August 31, 2014 at 1:45 pm

Baghdad–U.S. President Barack Obama has extended the air raids against positions of the extremist militia Islamic State (IS) in the Iraq. At the weekend, U.S. warplanes flew bombing IS positions in the vicinity of the besieged northern Iraqi town of Amirli, as well as on the Mosul Dam. The attacks were limited in scope and duration, to protect the civilian population, a Pentagon spokesman said. Also American, British, French and Australian aid and emergency supplies from the air to the trapped population dropped. This could so Pentagon officials as progress be seen in Obama’s effort to win allies in the military IS fighting. In the fight against IS the Kurds gaining back slowly ground. The Kurdish Pesh units advancing In addition according to a spokesman on Saturday on the town of Zumar, in the North of Iraq. Should we be able to control them, that would help recapture the Rabia and Sinjar regions of IS, he said. The US forces raiding the IS since August 8. According to the U.S. central command in Tampa, Florida, they have led since then more than a hundred air strikes. Obama had approved IS limited air strikes on the terrorist group threatened the population. The occasion was the life-threatening situation of about 40 000 refugees of the religious minority of Yazidis, who sat on the mountain of Sinjar near the Syrian border in the case and feared the death. At the time, Obama announced surgical air strikes, as well as humanitarian aid. Discusses an extension of attacks against the IS fighters in the neighbouring Syria, but a decision is still pending. US Secretary of State John Kerry called for the formation of a global alliance against the Islamic State and described as a targeted genocide whose violence in Syria and Iraq. In a guest post for the New York Times, Kerry campaigned for a community response under the leadership of the United States, and with the greatest Alliance of Nations. Together with Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel wants to advocate Kerry at the upcoming NATO Summit in Wales that Alliance. The United Nations accused IS to commit the most brutal war crimes and crimes against humanity in the Iraq and Syria. So IS militias would in their territory to deter hold regular public executions and forcing children to watch. . Related data can be read checking link.

Saxony choose new Parliament.

  • August 31, 2014 at 2:43 am

For an absolute majority in the 1990 there will not be enough but probably for the CDU according to polls. And that means that the Christian Democrats to Prime Minister Stanislaw Tillich probably need to look at a new coalition partner. Because Prime is open Tillich has all options, not only an alliance with the SPD and the Greens, but also with the alternative for Germany (AfD) would be possible. The party critical of the euro front woman Frauke Petry is insert in your first House according to polls, most likely. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has rejected a significant a possible coalition with the AfD this week however on both federal and State level. Because the Landtag election in Saxony on the last day of the holiday falls, found Instead of a real election campaign hardly. That had predicted the opposition in the run-up to and multiple air their anger about it. Political scientist Werner Patzelt assumed on the part of the CDU intention behind it: the State Government and also the CDU leader made quite lengthy tactical considerations due to the election campaign during the holiday season. The calculus here: The Saxons come back relaxed holiday, they enjoy the good situation in the country and then choosing not, she owes everything to have forgotten who. The election campaign finally shifted in the last week. And Instead of on the road he played often in the social networks. And A few leading candidates of the opposition moved their campaigns to the Baltic Sea, where the Saxons usually like holidays. Whether the effort has paid off, is set on Sunday evening. The preliminary official result is expected at 23 o’clock. . Additional facts can be found reading

Belgium, 18-year world cyclist jr dies: accident or suicide?.

  • August 30, 2014 at 9:11 pm

"It is with great sorrow that we learned this morning (Saturday, ED) the news of the death of the young and talented cyclist Decraene Igor-the release of Belgian Federciclismo (Ligue Vélocipédique belge)-. World Junior Champion was involved in training with the national team ahead of the World Championships of Ponferrada». Condolences via Facebook came also from Decraene team, De Tieltse Rennersclub: «our thoughts go to his parents, his siblings and his entire family: will their great courage to face this difficult ordeal. " At the moment, though, is still yellow on the circumstances of the death of the boy, "born in Waregem, in Northern Belgium, Decraene killed himself not far from there, to Zulte», said Belgian Saturday afternoon, without giving further details. The boy had had to give up at the European Championships last July with a knee injury. Last year, in addition to the World Cup in Italy, had also won the national time trial Championship and was going to be a part of team Omega Pharma. On social networks, meanwhile, multiply the messages of condolence for the death of the young talent of cycling. . Main source could be found clicking this

1:1 draw against Schalke: leave Bayern two points.

  • August 30, 2014 at 6:47 pm

In the 68th minute, Xabi Alonso’s premiere performance in the Bundesliga was finished. As the Spanish star against Pierre-Emile Hojberg was exchanged, he should have left the lawn with mixed feelings. Long it had run well for him and his new colleagues at the FC Bayern in Gelsenkirchen, but then the Munich after lost control of an initially timid, later research opponent. In the second half, the German master, Robert Lewandowski (10) had shot in the lead, had to accept even the balance. And Alonso was in the middle. In an attempt to clarify, he met Benedikt Höwedes, who steered the ball with his arm, but probably not with a "unnatural" and therefore irregular arm movement in the gate. The Munich protested violently, found but no ear when referee Marco Fritz from basket and had to settle for at the end of surprising with a 1:1. Before kick-off, everyone had wondered whether in the Jersey of FC Bayern Xabi Alonso and Mehdi Benatia would run up, those two pros, the German champions had taken only a few days ago under contract. Coach PEP Guardiola had assured on Friday, both were fit. Xabi Alonso, the veteran Real Madrid, received a place allocated promptly in the starting eleven. Defender Benatia, however, in Gelsenkirchen, Germany was Not yet to the squad. Alonso was classified as power rode in the defensive midfield alongside Sebastian. There he found along quickly in the circle of his new colleagues. First, there was not A lot right to create because it failed the scarf core, to confuse the defense of Bavaria. Alonso kept especially Max Meyer in the eye. The Spaniard controlled the space of young creatives like had claimed. The rear ranks of the Bayern were hardly challenged in the first half hour. Almost everything played Schalke in the half of the FC. And it was not long until Lewandowski scored the German champions in the lead. Even without the offensive forces injured seals and Ribery Munich showed dominant and had possession of the ball in the first half, more than sixty percent liked with safe passing game. But they failed to extend the lead. After half an hour, appeared the Munich a little complacent, and were lured up to play less vigorously forward. In other occupation the Schalke would exploit perhaps earlier that. But you lacked the two strongest players personalities: an inflammation in the ankle prevented the midfield strategist Kevin-Prince Boateng to compete against his half-brother Jerome and forget his last weaker performances. At least as much the failure of Hunter’s goal Klaas-Jan Huntelaar, the a virus continued knocked out weighed. Despite the sign unfavourable for them, went the Schalke game in the duels and showed that they do not wanted to surrender. While it took more courage, the favorite was always careless. After an hour, which is reflected in the result. A few minutes after the compromise Alonso was able to knock off. The Spaniard hoped in vain on a bajuwarisches Happy ending. The Schalker mobilized forces of which they last even did not know that they are stuck in them. Using A lot of outsiders earned a point that makes the false start with defeats in Dresden (Cup) and Hannover appear No more so dramatic. . You must visit this to discover more on this great topic.