TV documentary: Who killed Osama bin Laden?.

  • October 30, 2014 at 5:52 am

The identity of the US soldier, the Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden three and a half years ago shot and killed on a secret mission, to be unveiled next month. A documentation of the TV channel Fox News going so far strictly guarded name of members of the US special forces, Navy Seals give away, the television station announced on Wednesday. The two-part production entitled the man who bin Laden killed Osama is thus aired on 11th and 12th November. The broadcast is to meticulously reconstruct as the leader of the Islamist terror network was brought in May 2011 in his hideout in the Pakistani Abbottabad of the seal command to the route. The soldier who delivered the fatal shots on him, will tell it how he was trained and sent to Pakistan for the secret mission of Neptune spear to the elite fighters. The portrayal of the last night in Osama bin Laden life does contain previously unknown details, announced to Fox News. After the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001 in the United States, the Al-Qaeda leader had hidden more than nine years in Pakistan. In the spring or summer of 2002, he fled before the foreign military invasion of Afghanistan over the mountains, but remained in the border regions of Swat and Haripur. in 2005 he moved into a large house in the Northwestern Pakistani garrison town of Abbottabad then with his family. There he lived despite the worldwide search after him for years unmolested – http://www. Star. de/politics/foreign/terror Chief Hannah am download killed the United States defeat the evil 1680364. HTML; until he finally 2011 when the US commando raid killed wurde#. . Root data may be found checking this fact.

The Samurai: with the Samurai sword off through the synapses.

  • October 29, 2014 at 9:34 pm

A village in the Eastern Province, somewhere on the border with Poland. Already in the front gardens of horror ruled: trimmed lawns, garden gnomes, plastic flamingos. You can see little of the residents. A greaser gang hänselt Jakob (Michel Diercks) barely older police officers. Threatening close brings the dark at the settlement. The houses lined up nicely on the road is surrounded by dense forest. A Wolf there supposedly drives mischief; with plastic bags full of meat scraps, the serious Jacob wants to keep him. Then comes the night. Till Kleinert combined now well-known motifs: the province, a woman alone in the car, the biker gang. Just mixing by punching makes the genre film, Yes. But as Kleinert it embeds in the samurai in a very specific reality of life and alienated, that is outrageous and makes his film so exciting. He just is not based on international productions, but finds his own sound. If you want to discover anyway – certainly not stylistically, but yet thematically – a distant kinship with the German expressionism. . For additional information about this topic check

Price for the children of the world: Madda promises $50,000 to schools in Gaza.

  • October 29, 2014 at 8:11 pm

Malala Yousafzai continues the fight of his life. After dedicated his Nobel Prize for peace in "children without a voice", Pakistan 17 years received the award of the children of the world, a distinction awarded by children from 110 countries. At surrender Wednesday, MADD announced that she was going to give his $ 50,000 reward to help the reconstruction of schools in Gaza. This amount will be paid via the UN Agency for Palestinian refugees, UNRWA assistance and should participate in the reconstruction of 65 schools. "I think it will certainly help these children to continue their education to obtain a quality education", she explained during a press conference. "We already know how much the children have suffered conflict and the war in Gaza. These children need our support now, because they live difficult situations. "In a statement released by UNRWA, Malala said that"we must all work to ensure that boys and Palestinian girls and all children throughout the world receive a quality education in a safe environment, because without education, there will never be peace. "Activist since the age of 11 years and surviving the Taliban bullet, MADD is the first child to receive the price of the children of the world with the exception of Anne Frank, award-winning posthumously. Created in 2000, the price of the children of the world has already honoured the former South African president, Nelson Mandela, and former Secretary general of the United Nations, Kofi Annan off the young Pakistani, the American John Wood (USA), a former leader of Microsoft who founded an organization for literacy, and the Nepalese Indira Ranamagar (Nepal), which works with children of prisoners, were rewarded. More young recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, MADD will receive his prize in Oslo on December 10 and will share 8 million Swedish kronor (880,000 euros) with the Indian Kailash Satyarthiu, co-recipient of the Nobel. MADD has not yet said what it intended to do with this sum. . Similar info can be inspected checking

80 countries commit tax fraud.

  • October 29, 2014 at 5:42 pm

A new step has been achieved on the path to financial transparency. More than 80 countries signed Wednesday in Berlin, an agreement to automate the exchange of financial information on horizon 2018. This agreement was concluded in the context of the Global Forum on transparency and exchange of information. September 2017, some 51 signatories must implement this system. They committed themselves to train national authorities collect and transmit the banking information of its foreign residents in other countries. Objective: that each tax administration is aware of the financial assets placed abroad by its taxpayers. This agreement has been prepared on the initiative of five European countries (France and Germany at the top) in response to the unilateral initiative of the United States act Facta, who had initiated the movement. In 2010, Washington passed a law requiring foreign banks to routinely report to the American tax authorities accounts and deposits from US customers. Today, Washington is sticking to its Facta device, and is not a signatory of the Berlin agreement. . For more facts on this matter read

15 black workers discovered on 27, taking 4 complaints in Palermo.

  • October 29, 2014 at 5:28 pm

Palermo, 29. 10.-2014 (Manlio purple for Emix90210)-military of the weapon together with the labour inspector have occurred, in October, 9 companies. This is business and 5 4 construction sites between Palermo, Cefalù, capable and Trappeto.  make sure not to have been in good standing. altogether 15 black workers employed on 27 used in total. It’s so taken the closure of companies for use of work in black over the threshold of 20% of staff and administrative penalties.  the position of workers and were able to resume activities by paying a fine of 1950 euros per worker found in black.  for owners or managers of 4 construction sites for other violations over the use of undeclared work. These are violations of safety standards and, in particular, lack of training of workers to safety requirements, use of stairs and ascent installations which do not comply with the law, the absence of visits and medical certificates for employees.  for 33. 756 euros and additional penalties for 13. 650 euros while they are searching the Inps contributions recovered for about 15 thousand euros. . Inspirational source could be read reading this

  • October 29, 2014 at 4:42 pm

-And ‘ standoff in the Senate Justice Commission within the majority. The New Center are in fact pursuing a filibuster against the Bill on civil unions presented by Senator dem Monica Cirinnà. Senators Ncd are signing up in droves to speak not to vote on the text basis. The rapporteur Cirinnà protest: they’re doing a filibuster. The parent company Ncd Maurizio Sacconi warned: we do not consider useful the ddl for the continuation of the work. I relied on a Government Bill and I repeated our absolute opposition to an ideological approach that calls into question an anthropological model (adoption pave the way to the uterus for rent) and social (extension of pensions, already now the most generous in the world, would compromise the tightness of the system). We think, "said Sacconi-that serve a law able to unify the nation because only in this way can help minorities homosexuals in contrast of homophobic behaviour. But according to Cirinnà the text of the Government will not come. Alfano’s Party has always opposed against the idea of marriage between persons of the same. A few weeks ago the Minister of the Interior sent a circular to all Italian prefects for transcripts in civil status registers of marriages contracted abroad between persons of the same sex, causing the harsh reaction of many mayors. The same Alfano said he was willing to think about attribution of certain rights to same-sex couples, but not get to marriage equality. The project announced by premier Matteo Renzi is a law on the German model, which in fact is very similar to marriage. On this subject there could be a strong convergence of Italy, after the breakthrough was announced by former Prime Minister SIlvio Berlusconi in favor of civil unions, a position that provoked the revolt of many Blues exponents who did not intend to follow the leader on this field. The ddl is Cirinnà very similar to the German law on civil partnership, with the adoption of the partner’s son, the so-called ‘ stepchild adoption ‘. The proposal launched by the premier but would change the recipient audience for the measure: access to civil unions in Government plans should be left only to homosexual couples and not living with them who don’t want to or can’t marry. . You must visit the following to discover more on this interesting topic.

Unsound Krakow, the new eldorado of avant-garde music? It’s Poland.

  • October 29, 2014 at 2:02 pm

Over the last decade, Poland has become a new eldorado for European enthusiasts the finest music and avant-garde in circulation. The Off Festival in Katowice, Avant Art Festival in Wroclaw and, especially, the Unsound in Kraków, to name only the best known, have become international festivals: the Unsound, even, with offshoots and side events in New York, London and Adelaide. If last year the Buzzword was "Interference", the theme of Unsound 2014, held last week, from 12 to 19 October, was the dream, "The Dream", the concept summary and perfectly exemplified by closing live curated by Liz Harris, aka Grouper: pure school dreamlike Kranky beautifully evocative images from the amplified filmmaker Paul Clipson, hypnagogic film footage shot in San Francisco and the Bay Area. To get to master a projector placed at the center of the room, a tangible physical presence whose mechanical noise, almost as if to cover, at times, the feeble Harris notes, he did become a real dream machine. Having said that, what is the real dream? With 150 zloty per day, the equivalent of about 40 euros, you can have an apartment equipped with every comfort in Kraków’s old town, or in the nearby Kazimierz, the old Jewish ghetto, one of the most characteristic and charming quarters of a beautiful and hospitable city that oozes history and culture. With 10 euro supper at the restaurant to the sound of pierogi, a sort of local ravioli filled with every delight, and meat at will. And with a few pennies you drink rivers of Zubrowka, official vodka. With just over 60 euros, a figure that corresponds to less than half, if not a third compared to the standards of the great Spanish or English festival, you buy the pass that gives you access to a very long week of live and dj set at the highest level because, let’s face it immediately, the line up organised every year by the artistic director, the Australian Mat Schulz, is nothing short of exhilarating, one of the best in the world. It is no coincidence that 2014 was the boom: thousands of fans and professionals mainly originating from Great Britain, Italy, Germany and Scandinavia, but also from other European countries this year merged on the banks of the placid Vistula. If both afternoon and evening locations, located in itinere in various corners of the city, could include a further flagship as the beautiful and functional auditorium of new Congress Centre of ICE, on the other hand, large numbers have now unearthed the partial structural inadequacy of the spaces of the Hotel Forum, where all the activity takes place at night and at the heart of the "long weekend". We can only point out that there is a real culture of listening that permeates from top to bottom this event: you read in the eyes of the kids who follow carefully the panel and interviews with the artists and in religious silence performances of their pets. Very few are those who dare to raise to heaven, their cell phones and to disturb when is not the case but that doesn’t mean that you can find in the front row to lash out and then when night revelry is founded and in console sale their favorite DJs. Positive attitude, educated, intelligent and constructive. Same goes for the care given by the organisers to the quality of sound and acoustics of the chosen venues: exemplary and essential assumption. On Thursday, has pitted a line up from manual with Vessel (its "Punish Honey" on TriAngle is one of the best albums released this year), the live physical and hypnotic, rousing, scream, of Carter Tutti Void, the magnificent spectacle of lights by Marcel Weber, whose lightning have lightened the R or R U A Ben Frost, then Perc Rrose and finally, to pave all the power and glory that is capable on the battlefield of the dancefloor. Notes on Friday both for Valerio Tricoli, one of the most credible heirs of Russolo and Futurism of musique concrète, which for "Double Vision", the extraordinary audio-visual show commissioned for Atom TM and Robin Fox and based on a powerful and ironic interpretation of primeval RGB: red, green, blue. And then off to Detroit with the live moving Dopplereffekt, cybernetic, electro symphonies as if Kraftwerk play the Drexciya somewhere lost in the wild Blue Yonder, and rotates the excellent DJ Stingray and the giant Robert Hood, always a master of elegance and unrelenting effectiveness techno in the Motor City. At dawn the footwork of DJ Spinn and young revelation DJ Earl but before a drunk and ingenious Russel Haswell that for an hour causes and challenges listeners on the plane so nervous that some ruffian in the audience burst into distinctly hear profanity, coarse in Italian, despite the caps. The Saturday opens with Cyclobe and with hurdy-gurdies, percussion, flutes, rumorismi, mysterious iconography and ancestral atmosphere: it seems at times to hear the Coil, overall one of the most exciting concerts throughout the festival. It continues with the Swans: simply the last great rock band left on the face of the Earth. Fierce, merciless, impetuous and torrential downpours as always. Returning to the Hotel Forum from the suburb of Nowa Uta, after a perilous journey adrift on the grande raccordo anulare to Krakow, we manage to snatch the last twenty minutes of a thrilling and Ripatti large dusting and then down headfirst in the caverns of Killing dub Sound, the promising new bristoliana School of Young Echo. Devastating the smokescreen and sub deployed by Kevin Martin, The Bug, the man from revere and respect: it seems to be lost in some post-Atomic and dystopia when the little oxygen Flowdan remained in the room catches fire. Meanwhile the fog drops low and dense on the Vistula: life is a dream, Marzullo docet. Excellent evidence of Mumdance accompanied by good Novelist, has impressive young favella, and then back to back with Pinch and Logos that touches the peaks in its introductory phase sidereal. In the other room make sparks Joey Anderson, Kassem Mosse and Lee Gamble but the tropical temperature and lack of air circulation does not allow to navigate too. On Sunday, as mentioned, Grouper and running "Nommos", the masterpiece of Craig Leon, in a different version for orchestra, the Sinfonietta Cracovia and directed by American composer and producer, which highlights some initially with echoes of Morricone and then especially with Philip Glass. Call Super, new rising star in home Houndstooth, and Object fail to make memorable dj set of the closing party, which nonetheless somewhat conventional. Of much more thickness, last year, had been the b2b Miles Whittaker Lee Gamble to Break. A final word for installations: If in 2013 were mesmerised and electrocuted by the exceptional "The Enclave", as a result of the joint venture Ben Frost Richard Moves this year, unfortunately we cannot say the same of "Ephemera", work of trio Kode9, Ben Frost, Tim Hecker, who "smells like" a bit of marketing operation with lots of bottles of perfume Bass, Noise, Drone placed for sale in latere. But it’s a detail against what has been able to give this year too Unsound. The dream continues. . For extra data about this matter read

Freising: The Saint Helena is offended.

  • October 29, 2014 at 1:44 pm

The gentlemen seem to feel uncomfortable, especially the Saint Helena looks plenty offended him. No wonder, since 1764 has its rightful place in one of the side altars of Neustift Church and can look down on the people of the Church from there. Now it has carried away easily they and Helena must share a few square meters of naked Church land along with King David, Augustine and Norbert of Xanten, founder of the Premonstratensian order. Hidden behind all mundane plastic sheeting, surrounded by construction noise. Moreover is Herum painted her with a small cotton swab, which before emerges a young woman in a fuel solution. This has of course a good reason, because the polished white robe of the four Saints has become Tatty over the years, more dust grey. So can leave on December 12 at the Kunsthalle of Munich-based hypo Cultural Foundation not in front of large audiences see Helena, David, Augustine and Norbert. There the great exhibition with heart and soul opens then in cooperation with the Diocesan Museum of Freising, a show to the Munich Rococo. This heyday unique even in international perspective of art appreciated again for the first time in 30 years with an exhibition and Carmen roll, Deputy Director of the Diocesan Museum, is sure that there will no longer be something in the next 40 years: the cost is just too high. In the Center are outstanding artists like the ASAM brothers, (1686 bis739) Cosmas Damian and egid Quirin (1692-1750), Johann Baptist Straub (1704-1784), Franz Anton Bustelli (1723-1763) and just Ignaz Günther (1725-1775), one of the most important representatives of the Bavarian Rococo. He has created for the new donor Helena, David, Augustine and Norbert Church – and it is now extensively renovated. The figures were out anyway, said Carmen roll. So you took the opportunity to present the three-meter altar figures of a larger public. They look great, says Carmen roll, that of Helena, the shaggy beard of Augustine and the expressive faces in swarming, when she describes the art of Hauer of Ignaz Günther, its fine detail work, like the tip on the robes of ermine coupling. Slim and elegant they are, the momentum of their floor-length robes looks as real as a breath of wind could put them in motion. Mid November to be done. For transport, the figures on pallets and built around wooden boxes which are filled with foam. That completed a specialist company. When Norbert until April 12, with their presence in Munich for the new benefactor of rococo church of St. Peter and Paul, St. Augustine, David, Helena have recruited, they will move back more in the public eye, is is Carmen roll safely. Not just a gem, but a really significant of the Bavarian rococo church is St. Peter and Paul. Until she once again shines in its splendor, it will take however. The renovation will be completed in well until early 2016. . You should visit the following to discover extra on this amazing topic.

  • October 29, 2014 at 12:15 pm

The poll-Grillo also launches a survey on applications of judges to Napolitano. Maybe-look again-his re-election is served at this, to put it in a situation of maximum security. We’ll know in future, that’s for sure, too many were involved in the Negotiation State-Mafia because the light is not the truth. Whatever it may be. The disturbing phone calls of Lefty-Grillo insists in his attack to the head of State claiming that there is something disturbing in repeated calls from left-handed, beyond the content of the same. Lefty knew to be intercepted. Call al Quirinale with the insistence with which he did so could only inguaiare Napolitano, which then is promptly happened, and then ‘ ubi major minor cessat, the focus shifted completely to the President of the Republic on any responsibility instead of Lefty who, it should be recalled, he saw shortly before his assassination Paolo Borsellino in his Office at the Viminale (he was then Minister of the Interior) where was Bruno Contradalater, sentenced definitively to 10 years in prison for Mafia Association external competition. Borsellino was released from the Office upset-Purse exited the Office distraught and smoking two cigarettes at a time as he witnessed his friend/collaborator-Cricket-concludes. Lefty afterwards not even remembered him. If Napolitano’s responses to a court there is no doubt, they are the standard: ‘ wasn’t there, if I was there I have not noticed anything and at my age I often ‘ appisolo, are more interesting questions you can have place the judges. . For extended data regarding this subject visit

Facebook, boom in revenues and earnings. The engine is commercials.

  • October 28, 2014 at 9:47 pm

NEW YORK-net income nearly doubled, increasing revenues and an army of a million and 350 million friends. Facebook closes the third quarter growth and once again his progress are related to advertising on mobile devices, what was by many considered its Achilles heel. Facebook’s net profit in the third quarter it jumped 90 percent of 806 million dollars, or 30 cents per share, compared with $ 425 million in 2013. Revenues have risen 59 percent of 3.2 billion dollars. Positive results, beyond expectations, but did not impress Wall Street: after closing the regular session in progress 1%, Facebook’s advances of 0.6%. The Chief Executive, Mark Zuckerberg, it says satisfied with a good quarter with solid results. And ensures we continue to focus our attention in serving the community and continue to invest to connect the world in the next decade. The increase In planned active monthly users, rising to 1.35 billion from 1.32 billion in the second quarter and the third quarter 2013 1.19. Active friends are 864 million per day in the face of 829 million three months earlier and 728 last year. To push Facebook are friends who connect from mobile devices: the social network is, in fact, become a company especially mobile, as evidenced by the recent launch of Facebook Audience Network. According to some estimates, by the end of the year Facebook should get to control the advertising industry 20% ‘ mobile ‘ global, taking advantage of the slowdown to Google, whose share is expected to fall to 45% from 50% two years ago. . You can read the following website to discover extra about this amazing subject.