The Constitution read with the eyes of women.

  • October 31, 2014 at 7:30 pm

Who are the women mentioned in the Constitution? We look alike, we like? Are we? If the requested Mariella Gramaglia, unforgettable figure of Italian feminism recently disappeared, as mentioned today in Rome Alessandra Bocchetti, founder of centro culturale Virginia Woolf. From those shared reflections born public meeting "on the counterattack-Snoq Factory rereads the Constitution through the eyes of women", which was held at Palazzo delle Esposizioni. Tutorial full of sense, one sponsored by the creative workshop of the movement if not now When: five articles of the Constitution, an actress (Lucia Mascino) and five exceptional commentatrici. To honor the 21 mothers making up and after the war worked with the constituent text 535 fathers of the Constitution ("they did what they could," said Balooni), but also to look over, at a time when that same Constitution you are radically reforming. To wonder, for example, if the Charter recognizes women full citizenship or do they give them a half-citizenship. If we consider autonomous subjects or subject to be protected. If it should be rethought not only to say goodbye to perfect bicameralism but also to rebuild a new Covenant of civil life in which men and women have full citizenship, as suggested by the Director Francesca Comencini, asking about hearing from the Commission for Constitutional Affairs of the Chamber and Senate. Article 3: equality stomps the differences? The philosopher Luisa Muraro to reread the article 3 of the Charter, which enshrines the equality of all citizens without distinction of sex, race, language, religion, political views, personal and social conditions ‘. Muraro attacked precisely that "without distinction of sex ‘ means the same as whom?, as asked Luce Irigaray. What will become of my or your being a woman in front of an impartial Act falsely pretending sexual equality? A sham ‘ anything but harmless», for Muraro: the idea of a public sphere inhabited by citizens of neutral, in fact, men who have relegated women and children in their private. The philosopher was clear: ‘ mothers not constituents came to ask that the fact of their presence was disruptive in the text of the Constitution. " Leaving that took over a conception of equality "that separates humankind from its relational body". Article 22: the absence of the maternal last name «no one shall be deprived, for political reasons, legal capacity, citizenship, the name». Is it really so?, asked the ironic (former member) lawyer Giulia Bongiorno. "The name is the identification sign of our ancestry, tells us where we come from. The son is of the father and of the mother, though often only the mother makes sacrifices to raise him. But if we put the sign of descent in Italy say that of the father. Is a scam» label. Bongiorno is critical with the maternal surname Act approved by the House ("entrusting the choice the couple will end with a smile that mothers will be convinced to take a step back") to which never sees chance: we must make a law "drastic, and women say: enough with the myth of the still living». . For extended data on this subject visit hyperlink.

Youtube and the rap by 6 million.

  • October 31, 2014 at 2:54 pm

Call it the phenomenon would be an understatement. Better define "business" because Peter Shukoff (37 years) and Lloyd Ahlquist (35 years), the couple behind the Epic Rap Battles of History on YouTube, come out a living doing music videos on the web. Their salary is worthy of the best stars of world offline, since according to the specialist website TheRichest, their total proceeds so far is about 6 million. The figure could be overestimated, but certain numbers are ground on the Google video platform. Their channel has more than 11 million subscribers and 1.3 billion total, with just 41 videos uploaded. Just to have a benchmark, the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in London in the world had 900 million viewers worldwide. Obviously the format invented by two American artists has intercepted the flavors of a truly global audience. The original idea is to fight a hypothetical match two musical personalities of the past. The first video in which clashed John Lennon and Bill O’Reilly was created almost as a joke with a budget of just $ 50. However, success arrived with the second video involving a frontal confrontation between Darth Vader and Adolf Hitler. The numbers have started to become important, turning the trial into a full-fledged web series with 12 episodes. The project started in September 2010 takes off very quickly and Lloyd Ahlquist, called EpicLLOYD, with Peter Shukoff known as Nice Peter, you put immediately to work on the second season. The cartridges to shoot are many and of epic clashes of the season become viral ones now Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates and the unlikely duel between Master Chief (Halo videogame character) and Leonidas (the historical character revisited in the movie 300), while the boom with almost 100 million views for the battle between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. . Original facts could be found reading the following

The surconnexion is a social issue and it would be time to bother.

  • October 31, 2014 at 12:19 pm

The first time that I decided to install an application on my computer to block my access to the Internet, my life changed. Suddenly, inside my head, it became as a dive in "Le Grand Bleu": it was quiet, it was silent, nothing was happening, I could no longer go compulsively check anything on Wikipedia or reply to all my emails, and I wrote in three hours something which ‘logged time’ normal, Google in YouTube in Gmail and returnwould have taken me the day. I’m interested in Freedom, I Off You, Antisocial, Forest – but also paper painted which blocks waves of researchers from Grenoble and the subwoofer insulation anti-wifi from a Harvard student. However, I am more annoyed to hear blissfully speeches introducing these tools as real solutions. This week, for example, I read two articles of this ilk in the very serious New York Times and Wall Street Journal, presenting technical solutionnettes as the solution to the problem of the surconnexion. "There’s an app for that! ("Is there an app for that!"), phrase popularized (and registered) by Apple, is the iconic American expression of this techno-utopianism: the idea that technology will solve everything (very well analyzed by Evgeny Morozov, among others). It summarizes quite the attitude of Silicon Valley and part of the cantors of connected life: the solution to the problems posed by technology will come from technology. The author, Jennifer J. Deal, thus establishes a clear link between use of smartphones and excessive working hours. Studies of this type are not that frequent, and at this point in the article, are asked with excitement to what proposals revolutionary we are heading. Will it introduce the RTT to offset the hours of offline working hours? Find a way to ban them, or to pay? "Of course, the technology cannot change our idea that we should always respond to everything, and be always connected. But just as technology makes today possible our most desperate instincts and more neurotic, it is possible to return the situation and use it to protect against these instincts and allow us to breathe a little. If our phones and our software can help us to waste a little less time, we can perhaps be both more productive and live our life fully, while retaining the ability to work from anywhere and anytime.  "In other words: If we had good apps, could have butter and butter money, without any change to work in company which is fine as it is. Unfortunately, it does not work like that. The problem of disconnection and the surconnexion is much wider, and we understand nothing if you look through the small end of the telescope of the apps. The mark of power, increasingly, is to have control on its connection: it is not required to respond to his emails in the same way if CEO if it is simple employee. "The mail is still the speech of entry for broader issues. For example, when a framework says that he receives now 300 mails per day, when you dig, one realizes that it is because there was a reduction of staff and that he now has more people under its responsibility. Similarly, today, people make emails, written for everything, to cover themselves legally. We encourage, indeed: the reference today, the element of proof in dismissal, they are more mails. And this problem affects more in addition to world. If Jérôme path confirms inequalities before disconnection, he warns also against the extension of the surconnexion:. Original data may be found visiting this

David Cameron launched himself in a battle against Europe.

  • October 31, 2014 at 10:26 am

Far from tre a Eurosceptic, Cameron is yet more often marry of the anti-Europe positions. D j, the British Prime Minister promised a r f referendum his right if he won may 2015 legislation l. A destiny gage show that it was the cost of m contentment growing towards the EU. But it was clear originally that Cameron wanted the consultation ends in failure, said the Guardian. However, for several months, Conservative Prime Minister multiplies the concessions. The party and its id es s reduce more and more across the channel, since, according to a YouGov r alis on 26 and 27 October, Ukip would collect 18% vote in the event of legislative intent, certainly, behind the Conservatives and labour (32% each). But the HC scenario of a massive vote for this party could weaken the right and could lead the Labour opposition the t te of the country, said the Reuters news agency. The challenge for Cameron is therefore very important. It is in this context that Ukip has relanc d beats immigration these last res weeks, and entered n Cameron with him. Among pet anti-europ ens of the party is indeed freedom of movement within the Union: Ukip wishes to control implementing the immigration from Eastern Europe, including. Until submitted, David Cameron had esp r maintain a status quo on the subject, knowing that d veiling its ‘red lines’ undermine the Eurosceptics from his camp and its potential s alli in Europe, says the Financial Times. But under pressure, he has d promise ads before No. l. The week last, the Sunday Times believed that he would propose quotas for workers from Eastern Europe. Downing Street ensures it’s options. � . Similar info can be inspected reading

++Wirtschaftsticker++ – career network LinkedIn making a loss.

  • October 31, 2014 at 6:36 am

Japan’s Central Bank further relaxed surprisingly the monetary reins. On Friday, it announced the Central Bank. On the stock market in Tokyo, the Nikkei index of 225 leading values in a first reaction to more than five percent shot upward. At the same time attracted the dollar to the yen to its highest level for six years. The Central Bank decided to increase the monetary base to annually 80 trillion yen (582 billion euros). This is an increase of 10 to 20 trillion yen. The demand shock following an increase in the consumption tax in April, as well as a significant decrease in oil prices recently led to a pressure on prices, it said. Japan’s Central Bank was passed in April of last year to an aggressive easing of monetary policy. Thus, the years of deflation with steadily falling prices should be overcome. To this end, the Federal Reserve buys now even more than so far, government bonds and riskier financial instruments. The Bank of Japan aims at an inflation rate of two percent until the year 2015. . Similar info can be found checking url.

‘It was fun to be a girl in Colombia in the 1980s.’

  • October 31, 2014 at 4:38 am

Cartagena is a brand very clear d nde begins city which is yours and where begins the city that isn’t yours, explains Garc Robayo. Yours is a city with very poor infrastructure and the other, the walled city, is rich, with hotels and restaurants and the House, it s yo, Julio Iglesias and Shakira’s,. If you’re middle-class moving between the two cities, you can access the walled city but does not belong. You can even that work inside, but all there is no local community. Garc to Robayo, inhabitant of Buenos Aires from makes a d each, returned to Cartagena, it has turned to 1991 and has been found with ‘ what I learned not (Malpaso)’, his first novel after several books of short stories and journalism. If the American narrative is that someone who is in a site is, the Latin American narrative is someone that is on a site, is going and after has to return, quiz by force. M me pas with this book, be muri volv home, my father and I found that environment that belongs to me and does not belong to me, that I recognize and do not recognise. And I’m in a sort of limbo. And qu told the family of Garc Robayo’s ‘ what I learned not ‘? No it is. Not them asked, not even s if they read it and nor do I die of desire. But well, a writer does not ask permission to tell their stories. When Catherine is adult, Colombia is no longer the narcos and C s pa sar Gaviria, is the country that is reconstructed and enriched after the disaster. It is a process that has not been counted and that I like to read. I understand that the collapse of the pa s submitted by the narco is very attractive for novelists, but that already have been counted. . Inspirational data may be studied checking the following

Go-ahead to precompiled 730 but for reform is racing against time.

  • October 30, 2014 at 8:00 pm

The hourglass has emptied for more than half: missing about five months to twelve at the deadline to implement the tax reform put in black and white in the delegation. That text, painstakingly approved in March this year (after a troubled parliamentary location astride two legislatures), gave him a year to the Government to approve its decrees. Some have seen the light, and just today the Council of Ministers is meeting to approve definitively the simplification measure containing the precompiled 730. But others remain uncertain times. The alarm was the economy Undersecretary Enrico Zanetti. "We need to help us move, we can still do it," said Zanetti speaking at a Conference at Luiss. And explained what one of the still not quite loose at the political level: the treatment of reserve-in terms of revision of the system of penalties-breaches which the omitted Declaration, which in its view should be included only in criminal cases more serious, not so much from the point of view of the amounts involved and the actual behaviors of the taxpayer. The decrees again waiting list are many and important, apart from that concerning the abuse of sanctions law (that includes tax avoidance) the taxation of small businesses and others. There are the revision of the cadastre, which will require some years even once approved the measure: for now only on the composition of the committees that will have to deal with it locally. . Similar facts can be read checking info.

TV series “Lilyhammer”: Who does not Sprint, wanders in the ice-hole.

  • October 30, 2014 at 6:50 pm

At the end of the tunnel, the white light – not shines, because mafia boss Frank Tagliano (Steven Van Zandt) New York underworld in eternal darkness would be shot by his opponents out. But failed the last attempt to take him out, just, since Tagliano has drawn conclusions: statement against the warring partners, witness protection program and a new start in white. In Norway, where the snow wearing the color of innocence and nobody will search the mafioso, he roars as Giovanni Henriksen in train its future hometown contrary: Lillehammer. A wolf in sheep’s clothing. And, really isn’t that right. Frank also known as Giovanni has his heart in the right place. Only his methods are, say, a little bit right. The young people in the train, which terrorizes all with booming rap, he grabs the collar, strikes his head a couple of times against the wall (discreetly, of course, no one is watching), and is calm. The other passengers smile grateful, especially the delicate blonde, which soon is Giovanni’s Norwegian teacher and more. Sigrid (Marian Saastad) knows nothing of the "cultural adaptation difficulties" the man on the Labour Office rightly certifies the immigrants with the alleged Norwegian roots. Because who has to lubricate it. But the old mafioso finds out what smut is the official has done, let him know, and already it works also with the license for the bar in the ancient city of Olympia and the operations in the skimpy panties. What so all the world can be, if one properly tackle the thing is simply gorgeous. And Giovanni, leather soles and in the wool between all the innocents in knit sweaters and ski has abundantly testified, is always the right. The Norwegian American series "Lilyhammer" for the Netflix online video platform producer played for the first time, sequence order takes from it their comedic charm. Defaulting customers? Off to the next hole. Trouble in the schoolyard? Tip to the shy son of the beloved: a mitten filled with stones and then split the class villain on the nose. No, this is all not to imitate recommended, because in reality want to we, that it so civilized and peacefully goes to like at the gently exaggerated Norwegians in their tranquil town: since children learn to resolve conflicts through talks, and the witnessing (Anne Kigsvoll) chasing poacher at most. (Needless to say, who is under suspicion.) But just because no one has something to worry about in this Lillehammer, watching Giovanni like this, how he on mixes the load. "Lilyhammer" is gone in the third season. The first is now there at us Arte. He get away with it, or he is blown? He turned the place into a cross of Nordic-Corleone and newly LasVegas will improve him Lillehammer? Such issues play only a minor role. The show is the main actor Steven Van Zandt, who starred in the mafia series "The Sopranos" – when he wasn’t traveling as a guitarist with Bruce Springsteen’s band. There amazingly commonplace-looking figures with ill-fitting hair and without Hollywood teeth occur because not everything is from narrated and smothered in the dialog for this but Leichtern hand issues such as xenophobia and fear of terrorists are torn, without to clarify them. What does Giovanni, floats in the scenes built as two constellation like always in beautiful dubiousness: unless he unbuttons before a Muslim himself, because the women are not the hand, or goes on a Wolf hunt. The sympathies are more often on his side as the mind, and then again not: because both the idyllic Norway and a Mafioso with a gun in his pocket in each of us,. . Similar information can be inspected clicking

TV documentary: Who killed Osama bin Laden?.

  • October 30, 2014 at 5:52 am

The identity of the US soldier, the Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden three and a half years ago shot and killed on a secret mission, to be unveiled next month. A documentation of the TV channel Fox News going so far strictly guarded name of members of the US special forces, Navy Seals give away, the television station announced on Wednesday. The two-part production entitled the man who bin Laden killed Osama is thus aired on 11th and 12th November. The broadcast is to meticulously reconstruct as the leader of the Islamist terror network was brought in May 2011 in his hideout in the Pakistani Abbottabad of the seal command to the route. The soldier who delivered the fatal shots on him, will tell it how he was trained and sent to Pakistan for the secret mission of Neptune spear to the elite fighters. The portrayal of the last night in Osama bin Laden life does contain previously unknown details, announced to Fox News. After the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001 in the United States, the Al-Qaeda leader had hidden more than nine years in Pakistan. In the spring or summer of 2002, he fled before the foreign military invasion of Afghanistan over the mountains, but remained in the border regions of Swat and Haripur. in 2005 he moved into a large house in the Northwestern Pakistani garrison town of Abbottabad then with his family. There he lived despite the worldwide search after him for years unmolested – http://www. Star. de/politics/foreign/terror Chief Hannah am download killed the United States defeat the evil 1680364. HTML; until he finally 2011 when the US commando raid killed wurde#. . Related text can be inspected checking link.

The Samurai: with the Samurai sword off through the synapses.

  • October 29, 2014 at 9:34 pm

A village in the Eastern Province, somewhere on the border with Poland. Already in the front gardens of horror ruled: trimmed lawns, garden gnomes, plastic flamingos. You can see little of the residents. A greaser gang hänselt Jakob (Michel Diercks) barely older police officers. Threatening close brings the dark at the settlement. The houses lined up nicely on the road is surrounded by dense forest. A Wolf there supposedly drives mischief; with plastic bags full of meat scraps, the serious Jacob wants to keep him. Then comes the night. Till Kleinert combined now well-known motifs: the province, a woman alone in the car, the biker gang. Just mixing by punching makes the genre film, Yes. But as Kleinert it embeds in the samurai in a very specific reality of life and alienated, that is outrageous and makes his film so exciting. He just is not based on international productions, but finds his own sound. If you want to discover anyway – certainly not stylistically, but yet thematically – a distant kinship with the German expressionism. . You should visit this url to learn extra about this interesting subject.