Confindustria sees the recovery at the beginning of 2015.

  • November 26, 2014 at 3:23 pm

-In Italy the contraction of GDP in the third quarter was in line with the Centro studi Confindustria estimates ( -0.1% from -0.2% in the second). In the fourth quarter, however, the indicators available so far suggest a change nothing; It would be a good basis for the restart in early 2015. The reasons for the shooting according to the Association of industrialists are not linked directly to the reforms, when the return of confidence linked to the willingness of the Government to change: structural reforms give fruit in the medium term, but immediately respond to request for change of country and return so the confidence to revive consumption and investments. Overall, therefore, the few available data point to an unchanged Gdp in the fourth quarter, estimated that must find confirmation in numbers nextly; compared to expectations of further decline, this would be a better basis for the reboot already from the start of next year, said the Csc in the latest monthly analysis. In Italy, it is indicated, the export is returned to increase employment shows the first signs of recovery, it has stopped the bleeding of business credit (although the terms of the offer remain narrow) and the reduction in interest rates, which have much benefited from public securities and banking, starts to be transmitted to small businesses. The Research Center has also commented on the investment plan devised by the President of the EU Commission, Jean Claude Juncker, that should mobilize 315 billion, but the lever 15 is high, do not clear the actual resources (21 billion) and it is uncertain whether any national contributions are excluded from deficit and debt. . Extended facts can be inspected reading

Socrates, the fall of an «opportunist without ideology.

  • November 26, 2014 at 2:20 pm

"The incomparable José Socrates", quips the columnist for the daily Publico José Miguel Tavares. "The Special One", playing several commentators, applying to that ruled Portugal between 2005 and 2011 the nickname usually attributed to the sulphur football coach José Mourinho. After having been long cautious, or even too friendly with Socrates, soil or Correio Da Manhaexceptes, the Portuguese media engage now in grand unpacking against one who created a sensation when he was arrested at Lisbon Airport, Friday. Reason for this unprecedented detention: ‘tax fraud’ and especially ‘corruption’ and ‘money laundering ‘. The amount of money that would have diverted Socrates is not known, but the national press spoke of tens of millions. For about a year, the Portuguese financial brigade, the DCIAP, was surprised his train of life in Paris, where he lives: an apartment of EUR 2.8 million, attendance at luxury restaurants,. Phone tapping would have done the rest. Officially, when he moved to Paris in the spring of 2011, José Sócrates takes a retirement policy "well deserved", that of an honest citizen who has served his country ‘best possible ‘. Eager of ‘ reflect and take time ", he enrolled at Sciences-Po to do a doctoral thesis. And, as an observer settled above of the melee, participates in programs of RTP to comment on Portuguese politics. He then said to have only one bank account and to rent an apartment in the French capital, says resorting to a loan. A politician model, in sum, which has managed to stop in time and greed have not eroded. . For extra on this subject check

A two-day working to pay taxes.

  • November 26, 2014 at 1:01 pm

Milan-A day on two Sundays, except for paying taxes. This is what worked last year, Italians to pay off their debt with the IRS. Not to mention the weekly rest, on the other hand, in 2013 the taxpayers have worked until June 7 for the State and only then to pay mortgages, rentals; to consume or save. According to the analysis conducted by the Cgia Mestre Italians have spent 158 days of work to honor taxes, 9 days more than the average recorded in the euro area countries and 13 if, on the other hand, the comparison is made with the average of the 28 countries that make up the EU. In the euro area-underlines the Secretary of Cgia, Giuseppe Bortolussi-only the French, with 174 days, Belgians, with 172 and the Finns, with 161, have endured a tax effort exceeds ours. The average in the euro area stabilised at 149 days, whereas that relating to 28 EU countries has been of 145 days. Last year we have equalled the record of 2012. In Germany, for example, the so-called tax freedom day snaps after 144 days, after 136 days in the Netherlands and in Spain after 123 days. With the exception of Belgium-still says Bannerman-all federal countries have a much lower tax rate to ours, with a leaner and more efficient Government and a level of services of high quality. Therefore, you must take fiscal federalism, defining and applying standard costs to lower waste and the waste and at the same time cutting taxes of equal value. But the Research Department of Cgia has rebuilt, thanks to new methodology Sec 2010, even the historical series of the day of liberation in Italy from fiscal 1995 to 2013. Well, if the mid ‘ 90 (147 days) up to 2005 (143 days) working days required to honor the taxman have undergone a gradual reduction, subsequently increased up to touch the historical record in 2012 (158 days), then repeated again in 2013. . Extended information can be read checking

Hudson River Park on the water: New York plans green oasis on the Hudson plant.

  • November 26, 2014 at 12:50 pm

Manhattan has so many residents such as Hamburg, but only one-twelfth of the area. No wonder that between Hudson and East River lot on the water takes place. What is now planned is a big number but even for New York: A new Park to be built in the middle of the Hudson, 11 000 square metres in size, planted with trees and grass, a new attraction in the town of attractions not poor. 11 000 square meters, about one and a half football fields are. And what should be there? Ferris wheels or roller coasters such as on other piers? Error display. The Park shall be a green oasis in the concrete jungle of West Manhattan, with walking paths and sitting areas. In the evening, it may be slightly louder: an open-air theatre could the New York Philharmonic also record as Lady Gaga. We are so glad that we can do as a family, Diller said. To realize the project exceeds their wildest expectations. Von Furstenberg thinks even in Europe: New York has always reminds me of Venice. Therefore I am pleased that we can now appreciate its waters, said the fashion designer. And what fits better as a park on the western shore, to rest and a performance or simply watch the sunset? Additional data can be inspected visiting homepage.

Bird flu: Experts recommend stable duty in regions with many wild birds.

  • November 26, 2014 at 11:02 am

The experts recommend a risk-based housing of poultry, at least for poultry holdings located in regions with high density of wild birds or in the vicinity of wild bird resting places in their analysis. In addition to the wild birds a risk of introduction of avian influenza is also seen in the illegal imports from third countries to Germany. These include the illegal importation of birds or poultry food from countries who are already affected by H5N8. Goose holder had called on Tuesday for an exemption from the stall duty prescribed in many regions of Germany. There is no sufficient stable capacity, the Chairman of the Federal Association said farm goose attitude, Lorenz Eskildsen. He pointed out that the slaughter of geese for the upcoming Christmas celebration had already begun. The problem has settled in three to four weeks. We ask therefore exceptions. In companies in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, as well as in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, cases of dangerous avian flu pathogen H5N8 had occurred in the past few weeks. . For extra facts on this matter read

The Pope in Strasbourg: Fiat Luxkeaks!.

  • November 26, 2014 at 9:38 am

Mr Jean-Claude Buncker / Fiat Luxleaks either you resign / Alea ejecta is either you bury the fiasco paradise / Luxembourg crematorium but you have to react on time / Rodania agire if you want to find the credit / Visa, Master Card and Maestro and rebuild Europe stone by stone / Castorama and Emmaus because you have to look facts in the face / Varilux European citizens are very excited / Ristretto Nespresso mustard monte them au nez / Amora Nasonex and Europevery ill, feels the FIR / Buttplug watch this eternal France / Clovis and Asterix this Gaul who was a powerful rock / Rocco if freddi today, the French are desperate / Kleenex and Lotus they reject the president they elected / Coitus interruptus this François, only to know where it goes / lost humanum is they look at the Navy advancing on the grands boulevards / Veni vidi Vichy so that are fighting Nicolas in serious legal trouble / Dura lex sed Rolex and Alain Juppe, this somewhat Cathy wise praline / rectum rectum Leonidas when I see the France and Europe, it fucks the balls! / Atomium so rather than live eye pr eye / Optic2000 Optic2000 tooth for a tooth / fluocaril fluocaril in a war without end / Ad Viet Nam aeternam left, right, speak with a single voice / Cuni,. lingus tell them, Buncker, until everything explodes / Carglass replaces if tomorrow you want to sleep on 2 ears / Boules Quies and Lattoflex there’s no secret / Da vinci code made the household / Ajax and Vigor Sinon, you’ll end up violin / Stradivarius and tomorrow the people will be standing street! / Cum viagra! And finally, most importantly, pray, pray / In stained glass veritas so you’ll be assured / Groupama fully insured / Omnium Groupama God always will preserve you / Durex Durex. Additional facts can be inspected visiting blog.

BFM – TV: the lost paradise of the fact.

  • November 26, 2014 at 9:34 am

Breaking news: robbery, Chase and hostage "in Paris" at the time of the avant-soirees TV. And not in any Parisian neighborhood: Home jewelry is located rue François I, the mythical Street premises of Europe 1, a jet of Blowpipe of RTL, and the taking of hostages of the hairdresser live is located in a street without a name of the 15th arrondissement, near the former premises of i > Télé, not far from BFM, short in the throbbing heart of audiovisual. BFM, therefore, has dispatched two special envoys on the two theaters of the drama, and holds the antenna. Nothing else exists only this suspense. Because from these disparate parts – a jewelry store’s beautiful neighborhoods, a chase with the police, a Hairdresser’s Salon of a street without a name, a helicopter which rotates, the testimony of neighbors, residents, bystanders, from this single image, looping, a white scooter overthrown by Earth-, from these pieces, the geographic and chronological history wire must be, until the present time. Journalism that sets itself aims to answer essential questions, the famous mythical W (what? who? when? where? why?), by finding the best witnesses, nothing but the most relevant. . You should visit the following to discover extra about this interesting subject.

“  Night Call   ‘: the time of scavengers.

  • November 26, 2014 at 9:11 am

Armed with small cameras, they skim the urban nights, connected to the frequency of the police. In the first crime, accident or fire, they spin capturing images of the drama to monetize to TV channels. This is the vocation of Lou. Immoral but hyper-meticuleux, he frame the horror at most closely and quickly made a name. However, the witness becomes increasingly actor scenes it is supposed to shoot. By a linguistic pirouette that belongs only to the film marketing, ‘Nightcrawler’ becomes ‘in french""Night Call". The original, more strange, title is hero a rampant animal («crawler») in the night. "Night Call" draws the icy portrait of a scavenger of the image, down degenerate photographer Weegee. It is also dark a time observing. In the role of Lou, Jack Gyllenhaal to approach dementia. His cold voice, his mechanical flow and his gaze transform his character human webcam, eye without a soul that incarnates the psychoses related to new information technologies. The city itself is more than a desktop wallpaper. Draped in ice and chic aesthetics, "Night Call" belongs to this type of specific American films that take to framework for nights from Los Angeles. These films reduce the California megalopolis to a carpet of diodes spread between the desert and the ocean where the streets are just circuits. L. A. becomes a city without soul and charm which, paradoxically, exercises on the screen a real power of bewitchment. We think "Collateral" Michael Mann, where Tom Cruise traversed the city to coldly run its contracts. "Night Call" decal especially plastic ‘Drive’ (2011), also produced by Bold Films. Nicolas Winding Refn however impulsait to the film’s moments of lyricism and heroism that Dan Gilroy stubbornly refuses. This first feature-length film bright enough would prefer to borrow the tone trend of American cinema: pessimism and sneers. The "Wolf of Wall Street" to "Gone Girl", Hollywood now multiply those scratchy movies where characters cynical and immoral held failed Governments, generally of integrated and unarmed cops. This is not necessarily good news. . For extra facts about this topic click

United States: Michèle Flournoy, approached to succeed Hagel, withdrew from the race.

  • November 26, 2014 at 7:31 am

The former number three of the Pentagon which was a favorite to replace the Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, who resigned Monday, is itself removed from the race, indicated to AFP Tuesday a source close to the dossier. Michèle Flournoy, age 53, was foreseen as likely to become the first woman to head the first army in the world. But this strategy expert wrote to the Board of Directors of the centre of reflection over which it presides and has founded the Center for a New American Security (CNAS), to announce that she would not take such a position. I can confirm that she has written to the Board of Directors of the CNAS informing them that it had withdrawn from the race for the position of Secretary of Defense, said the source, speaking under cover of anonymity. The reasons cited by the Democrat, graduated from Harvard, well-respected among the military, are family, the source added. The Foreign Policy website had the first got wind of the case. The Ms. Flournoy withdrawal may cause some trouble to president Barack Obama, who is looking for a successor to Chuck Hagel able to garner the support of as many Democrats as Republicans elected. Speculation should now turn to other potential candidates, including Ashton Carter, former Assistant to the defence, expert of high-tech weapons and budgetary issues. Last night I spoke with president Obama and I removed (of the race) for family reasons, wrote Ms. Flournoy on the Board of Directors of the CNAS, revealed earlier Foreign Policy Magazine. After one last reflection, we decided that this was currently not the right time for me to return to the Government. The good news is that you are all forced to work even with me for an indefinite period!, she joked. Ms. Flournoy told members of the Governing Council that questions of health in his family had influenced its decision, and the fact that her two children will enter the University in the next two years, said the source on condition of anonymity, confirming Foreign Policy information. President Barack Obama on Monday announced the departure of Chuck Hagel, the White House insisting on the need for a revival at the time where the strategy against the Islamic State (AR) group in Iraq and Syria raises questions. . For extra insights about this topic visit reference.

Marine Le Pen, a french archaism.

  • November 26, 2014 at 5:48 am

In this sense, the french model is marked with archaism. Who wins the presidential election conquers, at the moment of his victory, all of the power. At least the people believed: all flows from the Summit. Marine Le Pen is the most violent embodiment of an archaism assumed, claimed, theorized, whose characteristics delight supporters of a power muscle otherwise totalitarian. Its backward-looking design of the sovereign State does not let worry: where are the checks and balances in the system it proposes? And can be, thinking of a few precedents, refrain from shaking when one reads, under the pen of the leader of the extreme right, that ‘we must break with the ultra-liberal extremism. Let’s start with the fight against immigration, equated by Marine Le Pen than against Islamism (and vice versa). One can, must, calmly discuss the country’s immigration policy. One could wish is more designed according to our own needs, both demographic economic. But how can we accept the assertion, contrary to truth, that the "immigration worsens considerably social deficits? Where are the figures, studies, demonstration of this enormity? It is true that it is only an intermediate step towards a still more admirable affirmation: when we will have solved the problem of unemployment by the cessation of immigration, "we will have solved the cost of labour as loads are the consequence of unemployment." So there’s no real problem of the cost of labour in France. Alone abroad is the cause! To combat globalism, more expedient is to return to closed economy, thereby well nonsense before needing to see a collapse of the economy and a massive decline in purchasing power. International, necessarily unfair competition, will be implemented for customs duties that restore us our economic borders control. Can we beg M Le Pen does not leave us in uncertainty and telling us what goods (raw materials, that we do not produce capital goods including our productive apparatus needs, consumer goods?) and which countries will be struck (emerging countries, with which we non-petroleum, surplus, developed countries, and in particular the euro area(, forming the bulk of our deficit, China, at which we sell aircraft and luxury products?). Other recaptured sovereignty on the currency. So out of the euro, there’s the franc and, with him, suddenly of successive devaluations, the competitiveness that we have lost. It is fascinating to note that, following a tradition firmly established, the sovereignists large french have always sought power through the continuous weakening of the national currency. Curious paradox, which led to ask a few questions to which you would like to answer: what is the level of devaluation that allows to restore the balance of trade and pay our oil imports? Which bear the shock of the initial adjustment on the stock of claims and cross-border debts? Will continue to lend money during the transition phase when, being out of the euro, we have yet restored our external balances? Curiously, when you put all this end-to-end, you can see many similarities of the economic program of the national Front of 2014 with that of the french Communist Party in the 1970s: protectionism, increase wages (since there is no problem of labour costs), retire at sixty years (since the deficits of the social regimes are due only to immigrants), national preferencemoney creation in the hands of the State, down to the gas tariff, electricity, trains (SNCF poor,.) and taxes on fuel, all this being financed by taxes on big business. . Main facts can be studied reading the following