Resigns the leader of the opposition alliance in Venezuela.

  • July 31, 2014 at 7:28 pm

Others, such as the leader of a new time, the exiled leader Manuel Rosales tolda, were much more weighted and asked to return to the spirit of the meeting. It was impossible, said Barboza, the opposition might have real option of taking political power with such strategies. It was just a respite from what would come after. The President of the Christian-Democrat party COPEI, Roberto Enríquez, harshly criticized Henrique Capriles, who remained in his post. It gave to understand that the opposition division did not emerge in February 2014, when they began rioting, if not when Capriles decided, on April 17, 2013, discontinue an opponents March to the headquarters of the National Electoral Council to claim his victory in elections which have arisen that faced him with Maduro. Capriles emerged from his silence to say that he did not repent of that decision and that it would come back to take. The Governor has always argued that he did not want the bloody confrontation between Venezuelans. . For more about this topic read

Pujol not only disappoint to the Treasury, also his family and admirers.

  • July 31, 2014 at 6:15 pm

Or the sister of the expresident of the Generalitat, Maria Pujol and Soley, nor her husband, lawyer and historian of Economics, Francesc Cabana i Vancells, suspected the existence of a hidden fortune out of Spain. The surprise was absolute, capital letter, which makes me think he was a little aside from all this money management, has incado hut. I have put as many times the hands in fire by Jordi Pujol I have them burned. The news caught the couple by surprise. Friday, July 25 Jordi Pujol appeared at home and what, confessed a few hours later, would reach the media through a press release. While Pujol explained that the money is an inheritance received from his father, Florenci Pujol Brugat, in 1980, his sister Maria reported to have no record of the money: a legacy that, despite three tax amnesties decreed by Spanish Governments, had not had time to regularise. Maria Pujol, published La Vanguardia, did not inherit a single penny of their father, only some shares of Banca Catalana. The journal also ensures that Jordi Pujol visited frequently to marriage and that never told the rumors about some of their children, particularly, Jordi Pujol Ferrusola. Cabana believes that the former catalan President will leave all their charges in democratic Covergencia of Catalonia. I have a feeling of indignation, which now begins to be a bit of compassion because they will want it to undo and liquidate, said. Cabin, brother-in-law of Pujol, he founded along with expresident Banca Catalana in 1959. In the 1980s, he was accused of misappropriation, false document public and commercial and machination to alter the price of things, in the case of Banca Catalana, being finally acquitted. In 1998, the Government awarded him the cross of Saint Jordi. After leaving office, Pujol has become an ethical reference to Catalan politics. The expresident has given numerous conferences with experts philosophers. Most of the events were organised in Convention by Ethos Chair and Centre d’Estudis Jordi Pujol. A little less than three years ago, Pujol stressed, at one of these conferences, the need of backbone through an education in values. Pujol said that politicians, especially young people, should have a deep ethical formation. Now, it has highlighted that, ultimately, is the individual conscience last court for each person. In other conferences, of less than two years ago, Pujol recovered the words of Plato: "the Government should be exercised by the wisest and the most honest, best". In that sense, revealed that his experience told him that not always the politicians vituosos, wise and well prepared are the best. In addition, Pujol stressed that although politicians generally do not give good example and are not prestigious, citizens, judging them, have the right to do so with demand but also what to do with a little humility. The expresident also recalled the words of Joan Raventós that a politician must have interest in people and that ethics and politics not be can unlink one another. The discrediting of Jordi Pujol takes form in the towns and cities, like Premià de Dalt and Cartaya, where had been honored and loved by the people. Proposals are now valued for remove honours and distinctions to the expresident, who confessed to have hidden money abroad in more than 30 years. The Socialist municipal group of Premià de Dalt, province of Barcelona, wants to remove the monument, dedicated square and the title of adopted son to the expresident of the Generalitat. He is something painful and, possibly, little popular among the population, as Jordi Pujol was well-liked in the village. Despite not being born there, spent much of his childhood and youth in Premià de Dalt, people that her mother was a native. Pujol has a house in the town, about 10. 000 inhabitants, you will frequently and often participate in the festive activities, according to Paco Monleón, first Secretary of the Socialist Group in the municipality. Pujol was a landmark, not only political but ethical and moral also, ensures Monleón to the most decorated politician of the people. The PSC led a proposal to grant the square and the statue of Jordi Pujol while he was in the municipal government from 2004 to 2006 and the proposal was approved in 2011 by unaminidad. Pujol was named adoptive son of the municipality in 1997. We can not let the fight against corruption only in the hands of the police, the public has to take action, says Monleón. Since CiU, party which retained the Mayor’s office, is considering the proposal, but say it is still early to give an answer. Josep Triadó i Berges, second in the parliamentary list by CiU, maintains that the honours and Awards Committee is responsible for making the decision. Triadó opportunist considers the proposal of the PSC, as proposed to the CiU, the Socialist opposition – leader – politician it’s been less than a year than ever is rebocasen the titles of the people. . Additional info can be read reading home page.

Laura Pausini and the scandal on stage: an accident that makes me ashamed.

  • July 31, 2014 at 5:47 pm

ROME–just, you win, I not more not to comment on the news of Peru. Laura Pausini is heat-and it explains-on his Facebook profile, having been around the online world with the video in which, at the end of a concert in Lima, Peru, he inadvertently opened the robe she wore, leaving uncovered private parts, no panties. First of all I wasn’t naked, as I am reading now anywhere-writes the artist-but it was an accident that I am very ashamed, because I have never been in this situation, although I always close my bathrobe and concerts are always covered. Is incommentabile then who defines this time by great embarrassment to me as a marketing strategy-Laura Pausini continues on Facebook-like if you need them and weren’t already too exposed. You are ridiculous. Perhaps you forget that 20 years I do this job and I’ve never had a fall ,. probably this is annoying you,.; The artist invites to take surface cosemeno. Really, we’re talking about things and with me we talk about music, because I the one I do, always ,. and I do have like all (is the joke that he delivered at the time of the scandal, ndr) I don’t is a great news for anyone. I closed with a joke to defuse a moment that I had really found unprepared. Now I find t-shirts with my phrase, hashtag and everything and more ,. I’ll laugh above, to joke too, maybe I will get the shirt to play down, but just really, don’t make it a matter of State. In the post the singer explains that unfortunately the real news concerning massacres of children in countries that deserve help and should not focus on Pausini in Peru that later actually sings from 20 years and won awards but receives more attention for a bathrobe that opens to the wind rather than for what he does always the same way and with love. . Related text can be inspected checking

Argentina lost to Ginobili.

  • July 31, 2014 at 4:02 pm

As part of the agreement between FIBA and NBA, American League teams have the right to deny this permission when there are concerns m dicas reasonable involving risk f classic for the players. San Antonio local press later the news Monday – coinciding with the 37 birthdays you Manu Gin bili – and on Thursday the Confederacion n basketball Argentina (CABB) has made official announcement. In the end won’t be in Espa a. Very sorry. Not wants to finish as, coment the player himself in his official Twitter account. Manu Gin bili hab confessed last July 4, nothing m s land the Argentina that Espa pod to be the last station n in his career with the albiceleste. S which is very possible that after the World Cup again play in la Selecci n, ensure then to justify its empe or dispute this Championship. If I’m doing well, I’m going to play. If I’m not healthy, I won’t play. S is not the pain and that the wound may worsen, but that nor will I get as I want to. And if there is a gray area, due n trust m, explained. . Main data can be read visiting the following

Searches for animal welfare label new country.

  • July 31, 2014 at 1:22 pm

Now, but no longer the fatteners, but above all the Chefvermarkter of new land is in the sights of the public prosecutor’s Office. The Oldenburg investigators accuse him of fraud, among other things. You suspected: he knew what chicken he bought at the Mäster. The public prosecutor’s Office has let search premises on Wednesday at five locations. Substantiates the suspicion against the marketers, the fatteners of the fraud charge would be relieved. But Werner Lacey was the only new country chicken Mäster in all over North Germany. He portrayed then NDR info the business practices of the marketing company so: we had to produce, produce. There is not demand but, if we can, but we were just asked us. The order had come on Friday at 14: 00, on Monday morning, the material should have been slaughtered and picked up in the evening. Not a people which has interested in new country, how many chickens we have indoors, whether we can afford it, says Lacey. . For extended about this matter click reference.

Franche-Comté has destroyed the most jobs in 2013.

  • July 31, 2014 at 10:33 am

However, the year 2012 was not so bad. It had been marked by stability of the employees in the competitive sector and seven French regions had even posted results on the rise: France, Paca, Ile-de-France, Rhône-Alpes, Aquitaine, Midi-Pyrénées and Corsica. In 2013, only two of these regions are resistant to growth that barely leave Corsica and France. All others saw their sales of private employment decline and ten regions show even decreases by more than 1%. Even if the generalization of the poor figures in the area of the present of the interim (less 33 800 positions in interim between 2012 and 2013) smooth regional results, the geography of wage employment remains linked to regional specificities. However make an exception Corsica and Franche-Comté. The first region stands out for its good results related to weight important construction, a small percentage of interim contracts and dynamism in all sectors of activity. The Franche-Comté, is the dunce of the French regions. It is pulled down by one-third of its employees working in the industrial sector, and in particular the automotive sector. Acoss thus distinguishes five major regional families for employment in the private sector. The first family includes Burgundy, Picardy, Ardenne, Franche-Comté, Haute-Normandie and Lorraine. This family is one that registers between 2012 and 2013 the most unfavourable evolution in employment, all sectors, due to the low rate of tertiary industries and acting. The second family consists of lower Normandy, Brittany, Centre, Limousin and Poitou-Charentes. These areas are rather industrial in nature with a little more tertiary and construction than in the first family of region. Employment there evolves around the average of 0.6%. The third group of Alsace, the Auvergne and the Nord-Pas de Calais substantially follows the same evolution that the fourth group composed of the countries of the Loire and the Rhone-Alpes Region. These two families have changes of employment in the slightly higher than the average private sector national in particular because of their dynamism. Finally, the fifth family is distinguished by its high rate of tertiary and its low number of industry. It includes the Aquitaine, Midi-Pyrénées and Paca regions that stand by changes in employment in the private sector above the average national in all sectors (industry, tertiary and acting). . For extended information about this matter read blog.

Free, from 28.5 million to cover Angelucci grain of public aid.

  • July 31, 2014 at 10:05 am

The Angelucci are preparing to reorganize Free in September after it pledged to pay 28.5 million to secure the future of the newspaper. The newspaper were denied Government grants for publishing from 2007 until 2010 and now the watchword is rearranging the publishing house in order to afford cash in the next aid, starting with those of 2014. But also in view of a possible capital increase and the entry of new members, maybe close to the New Center of Angelino Alfano. Everything stems from the decision of a Council Presidency has cancelled the payment for the year 2007 because the family of entrepreneurs of private health care was another recipient of public funds daily, il Riformista (then failed), in violation of the law of 1990 on 250 field. Why the family of Antonio Angelucci, former lawmaker of the Pdl, was sent for trial at the end of last May. The Council Presidency has excluded the Publisher from the contributions for the years 2008 and 2009 and said the loss of the right to the contributions for the 2010, kicking off a series of appeals to the Tar of Lazio and the State Council concluded in favor of Palazzo Chigi, although the publishing company has made yet another appeal to the European Court of human rights. For though risk account Angelucci to be more salty and rise to 36 million fee if the daily, today directed by Maurizio Belpietro, should return the State contributions for the year 2006 which intervened the prescription. When predictions don’t seem so very optimistic, considering that the Presidency of the Council of Ministers issued then "refusal notice" to requests for 2011-2012 funds (approximately 4 million for each year), as stated in the explanatory notes to the budget 2013 Free editorial. Still waiting for reply only demand to the year 2013, for which the required contributions for another 4 million. However, not to take more risks, and again prior to the reorganization, the Angelucci have commissioned a report on the progress of the company until 2014 and the first half of a three-year business plan.  In the coming months, however, the rules of the system of contributions could change if the Undersecretary Luca Lottiavvierà to publishing reform of the entire mechanism of provisions announced for September. Meanwhile, the newspaper directed by Belpietro 2013 ended again in red for 1.8 million euros. At the end of 2012 the net result had been negative for almost 1.9 million, and even worse had gone in 2011 when the losses were of 2.9 million. In particular last year dropped 13 percent turnover of 19.5 million with revenues from sales of copies to -10%, those from subscriptions to -9% and -23% advertising. The spread of digital and paper copies is around 103mila, according to the latest data may Ads. To safeguard the accounts the Publishing House has collapsed, reducing costs, for example those of circulation, printing and distribution. Staff costs also fell, mainly thanks to the solidarity among journalists that lowered their salaries and was renewed in 2014 for a further two years (including the salaries of the Director and Deputy Directors Belpietro). But late last year ebit worsened the same passing negative by 4.5 thousand euros of 2012 to -3.8 million euros, management report annexed to the 2013 budget, administrators state that "the above interventions, a systematic and continuous reduction in revenues, are not yet sufficient to attain in the short-term rebalancing of economic management".  Presa d’atto that resulted from the end of last March, to increase the price of the newspaper to 1.3 euros. . For additional information on this topic visit blog.

“Little Inferno”-the dangerous playing with fire.

  • July 31, 2014 at 9:57 am

As a child, everyone comes to the stage, where you like to play with fire and kokelt sooner or later. What is very dangerous in real life, you can now virtually live out in a game. In "little Inferno" is mainly about the burning of things! At the beginning, the player gets a fireplace that is advertised on television and sold through a mail order. I throw the paper with the safety instructions in the fireplace first and light it. They burn as they would – do it in reality, because the developers have implemented very well the physics of fire. Because the ignition and burning is so much fun, I get a catalog, through which I can buy other things to burn from a thickish vendor. I propose: batteries, stuffed animals, a corn on the cob. After a short delivery time, I get packages that I unpack immediately and throw it in the fireplace. While departing the grains in the form of popcorn from the corn on the cob, glows the plush animal away. The batteries caught fire eventually, it comes to a large explosion. Haha, I am happy. It makes a lot of fun to play with fire! The more I burn, the more money I earn it and unlock more and more and more expensive stuff that can go up in flames. In the history of the game all bought a fireplace, because it’s snowing out there forever. While I make sure that the fire is burning and burning, I get a letter. My neighbor has also a fireplace and send me sweet letters – I never answer, but burn now at regular intervals. Har har. But the neighbor will be later still very important to the story,, You can click the following to discover extra on this amazing subject.

Yellen as Greenspan.

  • July 31, 2014 at 6:27 am

Why? The Central Bank does not see substantial progress in terms of unemployment rate, and at the same time do not see overheating in terms of consumer prices. Then in the expected benefit of Yellen maintain an expansive attitude is that you can give with the monetary policy contributed to a stable recovery of the labour market. Is a robust expectation? Depends on how you believe the u.s. economy functions. Doves-which Yellen belongs-are convinced that a return to full employment depend on continuous support to aggregate demand, which can be ensured by maintaining an expansionary monetary policy. The hawks are on the contrary that the stagnation in the labour market should be accused in reasons linked to the shape of aggregate supply: the lack of flexibility, competitiveness and productivity have never cared for through monetary expansion. It is no coincidence that the drawing of monetary rules has always considered at most two goals-the inflation rate and economic growth rate-no claim to be able to affect the labour market. Then the expected benefit is far from a foregone conclusion. But should be considered expected costs. There are at least two entries: the monetary instability and risk to financial instability. To date the monetary instability risk may be some fear are ultra-Hawk. The dynamics of prices may become busy only if they are to grow decisively wages. Or causes of fire in aggregate demand, but which today is sluggish; the expansion of primary liquidity became growth of money and credit. Bank reserves and the companies ‘ financial reserves continue to be high. Different is the keynote speech on financial instability. In the design of the strategy of the Fed can find an element of continuity in the last two decades: neglect the destabilizing effects of the excesses of finance. The first was Greenspan. His design of monetary policy was based on the idea that financial markets are efficient. Financial innovation supports the product and process innovation, increasing productivity and competition: then has effects on growth and stabilizing prices. Financial innovation is supported with financial deregulation and monetary indulgence. We know that Greenspan was wrong, creating the explosive mixture that did detonate the great financial crisis. But inattention is continued even with Bernanke’s chairmanship, which from the beginning of his tenure showed a ondivago its attitude in relation to the risk of financial instability. Despite the financial crunches were evident, Bernanke kept faith in the ability of markets to self-regulate: monetary policy had to be indifferent to what happened on Wall Street. The dogma was maintained even in the days when Lehman Brothers failed. Bernanke had to surrender to the evidence: financial stability became the only compass. Overcome the crisis of confidence the Fed found a new lighthouse-the unemployment rate-in the absence of inflationary risks. And finance continued to grow. Yellen’s policy is in perfect continuity with that of his predecessors. Abandoned flexible monetary rules, you acknowledge that expansive monetary policies may result in potentially destabilising financial bubbles, but that there is a solution: macro prudential policy. So it is not true that the financial markets are always efficient, but now there is a new deus ex machina of economic policy dedicated to financial stability. So monetary policy can focus on employment, given that there are still inflationary tensions. And the circle closes. Under different forms, the bet of Greenspan and Bernanke is still there. Losing it would mean a new financial crisis and recession. However, after 2016, the year of the presidential elections. . You should click the following to discover more regarding this great subject.

The Argentina in default of payment without agreement with the “vulture” funds

  • July 31, 2014 at 6:24 am

Unlike 2001, failure is for a small amount. It comes to $ 539 million or 400 million euros, remaining always blocked – fault agree with hedge funds, by American justice on account of the argentine Central Bank at the Bank of New York. This amount should be used to pay the interests of creditors have accepted the restructuring of argentine debt in 2005 and 2010. Since these two tenders accepted by 93% of its creditors, Buenos Aires had always paid in time and hour. Thirteen years after its massive non-payment, the third Latin American economy enters a period of uncertainty. According to economists, the recession that began at the beginning of the year could worsen. Inflation is expected to climb up to 40% as result of the defect, the Central Bank could accelerate the monetary issue. Remains to be seen how the Argentine companies will cope with the situation. A drop in funding is to be feared, and, ultimately, lead to redundancies. At the Casa Rosada Presidential Palace, you make sure that a battery of emergency measures is already ready. One of them is to strengthen a program that allows the State to take over part of the salary of an employee so that the enterprise dismissed not. . Extended info can be read clicking