Champions League: Chelsea-Schalke, Mourinho may put eyeful.

  • September 17, 2014 at 12:34 pm

The match between Chelsea and Schalke, Wednesday champions League (20 h 45, 18 h 45 GMT) in London, seems even more unbalanced than those of 2013, between an English club party in Cannonball and German trained diving into the abyss. The Blues have won their first four matches of the season and already took the lead in the Premier League. After having densified its workforce this summer to play in both the Championship and the C1, Jose Mourinho returned to campaign without a net, with the obligation to do better than 3rd place national and continental semi-final last season. This event is part of me and I also do part of its history, said even the modest Portuguese. The win with three clubs, it would be unique. His next opponent, who also has never marked the lesser goal at Chelsea in four attempts, expects him still a first victory after also four meetings of Championship, what had more happened for 46 years. -City in mind? -From, Londoners, unbeaten in seven matches at Stamford Bridge against Germans while only Bayern has deceived their vigilance, can logically expect to do better than the double 3-0 past fall at the Ruhr club. Drogba seeming, soft ankle regrets over no major absence. Most importantly, he can count on an already glowing Costa-Fabregas duo. After his eight goals in C1 with Atletico striker has already scored seven times since August. As the Barcelona ex-meneur, it is is cornered the game for the Blues and has already distilled six assists. However, a few clouds may threaten a distant horizon. First, under similar conditions, the Blues had stumbled last year against Basel (2-1). Then, Mourinho, already facing the clash against City Sunday, must keep his players under pressure, do not feed of superiority complex and not too much to preserve its cadres. As his team has already cashed six goals to the image of an aging Terry and still struggling Saturday against Swansea (4-2). -Unreadable Schalke Рopposite, few things indicate that the Germans, who brought only one win and a draw from their seven trips in England, will put an end to their sad summer series. Caution still because the Bundesliga 16th has a few cards to play since, after having already taken a point in three League games a year ago, he was even finished 3rd. It was also hoisted in 8th finals of C1 before be eliminated by Real. Finally, the team, which has scored in all his matches, is hardly readable. Capable of losing in Cup against a 3rd division, it also held in failure the Bavarian ogre (1-1). His defeat at Stamford Bridge in 2013 is also the only one of its last 10 movements in hens in C1. It is still got to play well in C1 even when it was not terrible in the League, thus recalls the Benedikt H̦wedes world champion. But there is not really Chelsea level even though this may be an advantage to not have to make the play. Given the thinness of the workforce, the conditions of the feat seem yet not met. If Draxler and Huntelaar are always to watch, Matip, Kolasinac and Santana packages decimate the defence while as promising Middle Goretzka and the experienced striker Farfan are also lacking. The question is not whether if I retrieve players, but rather if I am not going to lose others, commented, defeatist, coach Jens Keller already on the hot seat. Well seen, since Captain H̦wedes stated package due to hip pain. .

Ilary Blasi: but which one wag? During matches I get distracted. Football doesn’t interest me.

  • September 17, 2014 at 11:25 am

What you read in the newspapers about her wearing slips, including stolen picture: I don’t do any problems if I am wrong and I’m not wearing makeup. I’m not a comic book. Even a photo can return the authenticity. Pity that Ilary Blasi is always perfect, even with pareo, even when your hair dries in the Sun. Never an eyebrow raised, even when they wrote that Belen wanted Le iene, broadcast from years. Who knows, maybe because he knew that he still her the face of the program. Kind to all, serena, Roman in the very philosophy of life, because this blond girl who looks like a Swedish is one of the few showgirl not to have television anxieties. A Hyena good which does not place itself, makes his program and laughs if Teo Mammuccari and the Gialappa’s band the massacre. Shukur, eighth year, starts tonight on Italy 1. I feel more secure, I have more control, although the excitement of the cameras, the first episode, there’s always the fun doesn’t change. I’m lucky, I enjoy it. And I laugh with them, what should I do? I love jokes and I enjoy it when you tease me. And then live, which to many inspires terror, I like, when you register you lose adrenaline, you can redo it all. Instead live is good, you have to be on time. The important thing is don’t stop thinking that you are live, that you can block. No, thankfully. But I remember a time with Luke and Paul that there had been a problem with a service, we were black and we were thrown in the studio. Sudden there. It is clear that after so many years the desire for change is there, but if I stop watching the television schedule is difficult to find a program like The hyenas, who autorinnova from year to year. And I like. I have no worries, for me that’s okay. Yes the reality I like, I always said, and even the cooking shows. But my favorite was broadcast games without frontiers we met with friends to look at it, it’s a shame not to have it longer made. The idea was coming out when we were shooting the advertisements together, is born and died there. He does another work, training, I am on another front ,, I’m curious about fiction, but it has never happened to the occasion. I do not know either the father judge, it appears my son. For me it is like everyone else. I don’t care just football, do not pay attention when they play, they are distracted. If you have taken some Cristian will gene taken from MOM, who says? Joke. We go out a little in the evening, maybe summer. I sleep at night, when winter comes, then, is over. Rather call friends at home. When you have children you arrange your life differently, I get up early. But I have always been early, I struggle to pull late. Oh dear, I do not want to give the impression that we make the lives of two vecchietti. .

Fashion Week? In the alcoholic version.

  • September 17, 2014 at 10:47 am

Are six new recipes designed by via Grocery Parini 1915 Borgospesso angolo via Montenapoleone, inspired by some of the hallmarks of the stars of fashion week and trying to reproduce in a glass the taste, style and uniqueness of each of them. Entirely renovated and reopened by may with new catering services throughout the day from breakfast to dinner, passing for an aperitif, grocery Parini wants so honor the fashion world that throughout the year the surroundings in the beautiful scenery of the quadrilatero milanese. Bright red as the colour created by the famous Maison is the cocktail inspired by Valentino, with martini rosso, campari bitters and orange juice. Solid and elegant drink dedicated to Armani, with peach vodka, belvedere vodka, campari and bitter lemon soda. For Prada, on the other hand, a cocktail from the clear line, with historical tastes but renovated with original pairings: gin del mare, brown sugar, and baked Apple martini bianco in osmosis in cranberry juice. The orange juice of Sicily, land of origin of the two founders, is the protagonist in that thought to honor Dolce and Gabbana, mixed with rum, cointreau and lime juice. Finally, a tribute to two international always protagonists maison in Milan. At Hermes, with a grey goose vodka cocktail, brown sugar, passion fruit and peach cooked in osmosis in passion fruit juice that illuminates the glass of Orange as the color symbol of home. And at Chanel, where drink could not miss a golden champagne accompanied by rum, cane sugar and hierba buena. .

Junge Union: Miss Fairfax heirs.

  • September 17, 2014 at 10:30 am

Pöttering feels that his opponents are aggressive. Nervous. Pöttering is now better its performance. In one week, he wants to be Chairman of the Junge Union. "I hope that my supporters are not so aggressive," said Pöttering. These are two versions of the same story, as so often in this election campaign. In this case, there is even a third: in Hückelhoven Doveren, on the outskirts of North Rhine-Westphalia, told the the Facebook invitation was sent routinely to all contacts, a week before the district tournament. One did not expect Pöttering would make the six hundred kilometers from Berlin for this. When he expressed interest, you could but No more load from him. Since he is a candidate for the Federal Presidency, Paul Ziemiak has done hardly any press work. Now he wants to allow To write his first portrait. Introductory meeting in Berlin, Ziemiak selects a café in the Schöneberg district, Far away from the Government quarter. Here there is no risk, to be – recognized by politicians or journalists. In four hours, he tells his life: ethnic family, Catholic, fled from Poland to Germany in 1988, four weeks detention center, one and a half years emergency housing next to an asylum seekers home in Iserlohn, Germany, German learned in kindergarten, father found work as a gynecologist. .

Smoothies: What really is in them – vegetables from the mixer.

  • September 17, 2014 at 8:00 am

All in all seems to be the ten-day Detox treatment with green smoothies, so a healthy thing. The term "Detox" stands for detoxification and purification. "But now that it is not suitable," contrary to the expert. "Scientifically speaking, there is no slag, waste and toxins that accumulate in the body and therefore, Detox is nonsense," Bischoff does away with the mistaken belief. The body is a marvel when it comes to the processing of pollutants, example. Alcohol consumption poison is mined Right away, before the liver is dedicated to other tasks. She will be overloaded by Too much alcohol, it increases (fatty liver). Won’t fix this organ damage, cirrhosis can occur. The fatty liver can be however with liver relief. This means first and foremost alcohol waiver. The smoothies taste who, for they are a healthy alternative to eating A lot of vegetables and to maintain natural vital substances so. Up to ten days the treatment can be performed. Better yet, replace, for example, lunch with a green Smoothie and buttermilk. In this way, the body covers his daily requirement of vegetable plus protein, with few calories. Breakfast and lunch there is the usual meals. .

Be Gallant, it makes the silly women.

  • September 17, 2014 at 6:45 am

First experience of gallantry "during a stay in the United States, while I was 19 years old, the first student American who asked me a date came to pick me up in his car to take me to the movies. ” When we arrived, I opened the door and I’m out. As if he had been caught, the student forced me to return to the car. Then he got out of the car and he came me open the door with great pomp. I was surprised. But when, after the meeting of cinema, he wanted tumble me on the back of his car, I could understand. " Followers of gallantry assert it as a simple mark of politeness, an ‘Act of courtesy in a world of brute. They also argue that there is nothing of a calculation: gallantry is a free Act, they say, intended to simply make more pleasant human relations. If that were true, the gallantry would be nothing different from the simple good manners. When a woman holds the door to unknown or help an old man to his coat, we say it is galante? When a woman offers a bouquet of flower to his companion? When another pays the restaurant to his companion? Non. Is not that it is gallant but attentive, Nice or polite.  The galant adjective applies to men. When it applies to women, it changes direction. Which demonstrates that gallantry is not only a question of politeness. What is it then?The concept of "benevolent sexism’ in 1996, Peter Glick (of Lawrence University) and Suzan Fiske (from Princeton University) show that an attitude of contempt, of sexism or racism can be expressed in two ways: benevolent or hostile. Hostile racism: the Britons are lazy. Benevolent racism: the Britons have the rhythm in their blood. Hostile sexism: ‘women are not competent to occupy management positions’ or "women shouldn’t have the right to vote." Benevolent sexism: ‘As a man, I must offer my place of women bus’ or "You should treat women as princesses." For Benoît Dardenne, head of the Department of social psychology at the University of Liège, ‘the idea that sexism can be expressed in the form of benevolence may appear surprising.’ But that is no mistake, "sexism benevolent, that returns positive, tinted gallantry and patronizing attitudes", can be considered "a genuine process of maintaining social inequalities between men and women. On what basis for him?Is gallantry the opposite of sexism?In 2006, Benoît Dardenne and his collaborators validate the francophone version of the Ambivalent Sexism Inventory (ASI), a scale designed by Glick and Fiske to evaluate the respective weight of hostile sexism and benevolent sexism in a same person. Result: the two go together, as well across countries as individuals. "Both forms of sexism are positively correlated, explains Daniel. In other words, in the countries where the average level of hostile sexism is high, that of benevolent sexism is also. "To put it more clearly: in countries where the average level of hostile sexism is high, that of benevolent sexism is also. And individuals who consider that too short dress women are whores are also often the first to consider their wife as a Saint (the mother of my children) and defend the virtue of their own mother. They will be jealous of their sister and, under pretext of protect it from glances of other men, will a pheasant. Conclusion: seemingly opposed, hostile sexism and benevolent sexism are actually two sides of a same phenomenon. Gallantry keeps women in a State of inferiority?Benevolent sexism encourages gender inequality in supporting women in the idea that they have received from nature the gift to be beautiful, desirable, loving, maternal,. as opposed to men who have been with force and power. It is very reassuring to stick to this distribution of roles. Gallantry maintains social order, which is based on the idea that each sex has so innate, natural, biological, psychological predispositions that are clean and which justify that women need a protector. It is in any case says psychologist Marie Sarlet (Université de Liège): "paternalistic bias, as benevolent sexism, could lessen the strength of women to male domination. Benevolent sexism would lead them to less protest against the power of men, they would perceive as a source of protection and resources for them, and at least find their own independent status. ""Be both hostile and benevolent is ruthlessly efficient to keep a group in his State of subordination,"adds Benoît Dardenne. "All studies on subtle paternalism carried out in Spain, the Netherlands and the United States lead to conclusions similar to ours", says Professor Dardenne. A second experience reinforces his belief. Gallantry convinces the woman that she is not Competentelors of this experience, a panel of student is subject, under the same conditions, in an exercise called "the Stroop task" which is to say what color the word ‘red’, ‘green’, ‘yellow’ or ‘blue’ is written (the word is written in all different kinds of color). The results are bad for all women who have been exposed to a matching paternalistic discourse of words such as "loving", "friendly", "available", "charming",. Why? Because they ‘internalize stereotypes on their group. What leads them to confirm the grotesque visions which they are subject. » «The women may have doubts about the way to characterize the speech of the benevolent sexist individual and cannot assign their States and their thoughts to the sexism of the latter, said Marie Sarlet.» For example, if a man offers his aid to a woman, it is difficult for it to determine whether or not it is facing a sexist: the speech of the individual can be attributed to its intention to be nice to him, but to his belief that women are weak, fragile and need assistance. The presence of such conflicting inferences in the spirit of women would plunge them into a cognitive ambiguity. "If we believe the researcher, benevolent sexism generates more intrusive thoughts, disturbing, in the spirit of women than hostile sexism or neutral speech, due to its ambiguity. What the shot prevents it from concentrate. Although women, for the most part, feel uncomfortable when it reflects their gallantry, many of them, however, require these favors. .

Reopen the school: Italian children more and more obese.

  • September 16, 2014 at 8:38 pm

In childhood and adolescence the BMI (body mass index) is characterized by considerable variability, mainly to sex and age. For this reason they were taken as reference the percentile tables, instead of an absolute value as you normally do with adults. The 50 percentile represents, for example, the median value of BMI. Were then compared to growth percentiles of normal tracks and has been evaluated where you place the sample examined. In the literature there are percentiles of BMI in childhood and adolescence referred to different populations, because the geographical origin may affect non-negligible in the normal range; in Italy, for example, are very used BMI table team Cacciari which take account of the considerable variations between different Italian geographic areas, by proposing different standard values. Internationally, however, using the percentiles by Cole and colleagues, whose interpretation is based on the following criteria: the limits of healthy population are between the lower and the upper curve, representing, respectively, the 3° and the 97 percentile. .

Torres-Dulce: the possible suspension of the Catalan autonomy is ‘a political decision’.

  • September 16, 2014 at 8:02 pm

#31 run out of the EU, without the euro, pensions, owing to Spanish to a milmillonada, losing main customer of all their businesses, losing a language, Spanish, remain governed by a few mobsters, return to borders, tica energy dependence, flight companies. If I were catal n be to acojonado everything I can lose, but I’m not. Think I get to wander the beautiful Seville or the Alhambra without feeling them already as m ore, or not to feel proud of the Ribera del Duero or the Alvari, paella,. renounce all the culture and history that Espa a whole brings me give v dizzying. How good is add, be United and build a society fair s m and pr spera and let’s tonte as. As we are because history us has tra do until here, not seek three-foot cat or conflicts. The espa ola what ever it felt as mia. I’m not reacció at all, but for example I can’t stand the sevillanas and flamenco generate me a feeling of shame of others see a bullfight on television. And above all, DIME catalan rare if you like, I do not identify at all with the way of being of the espa oles, not all of course. Te dire that either I’m passionate about the sardana, I find them quite ridiculous, but do not generate me a feeling of rejection as if it is in the culture espa ola. And until I tildes provincial, I assure you that I’ve traveled enough by espa and for the world. BTW go nonsense the stroll the Seville without feeling it as yours, importantly, ride it and enjoy it and point, total nor feel it as mia now, to me that more gives me,.

“Oh, my God, my husband can’t see it”: Charlotte Roches “Lap prayers” in the cinema.

  • September 16, 2014 at 6:54 pm

C. R.: Together we are about Marcel Hartges, the Piper Publisher. The requests came Very much quickly when the book was published. I won’t have to do anything so then first. But at some point I need to get going. And then Oliver and I have met, and the conversation was the best light years distance. You had with the book and have read me, what has touched you the most. I am melted, but not directly told to, because I want to come over Yes and A little bit professional. But it was clear, he can get the rights. O. B.: First that wasn’t my plan. I wanted To write only a prose text about it, what fascinated me about the book. It has failed me. Then I told me maybe it is easier To write a scene. It became then a hundred pages. I wrote this because I wanted to see whether I get at the handle, what touches me, moving and laugh. I wanted to always a substance that works in waves, that laughs and is shocked at the next moment. .

The credit back to individuals if any risk to the public.

  • September 13, 2014 at 10:25 am

The credit companies will grow if the risks will be partially transferred to public budgets. This is the line drawn from some of the measures taken by the ECB last week and confirmed by Mario Draghi and other members of the Executive Board in the context of financial summits milanesi. Although the Ecb don’t worry (rightly so) that risks that will will be limited and what France and Germany can prevent activation of sovereign guarantees on loans of banks, this is an inevitable process to reactivate loans to businesses, especially small and medium-sized. Thanks to the open market operations of the ECB banks today have no real problems of liquidity and funding. But the companies are not funding because brokers are still many budget claims in insolvency and because the banking regulation makes it onerous to take risky jobs. Business credits are an asset class still riskier bonds. And the greater the risk of employment, increased the share capital by abandoning and therefore (given the myopia of markets) the lower the return on equity that the gross return of that asset throws. Therefore, or financial intermediaries are able to operate on equity returns much lower than historical ones or the "safety" of their budgets through the strenghtening of the capital structure as much as needed, reduces their ability to brokering and is inconsistent with the objective of increasing the supply of credit. More importantly, as long as an alternative market (minibond etc.) will not be adequately developed and the problem of deteriorating claims resolved. The first allows banks to bundle good loans (senior tranches of ABS) and sell them to the ECB. Is an easy way to make funding and rebuild capital. The result is a transfer of risk (however not elevated) budgeting (public) of the ECB. The second step allows banks to yield even lower quality credits (mezzanine tranches of ABS) if warranted. The guarantee can hardly be given by others if not by the Government or other public bodies. Banks will be able to partly clean up their balance sheets, asset transfer difficult the ECB and their risk to sovereign States. Here too there is mutual, but cross-border: not every State provides loans to its banks. However several countries, Germany on his head, nose storcano this idea, in fact you’re already going in this direction. This is for example the prospect of public credit guarantee for small and medium-sized enterprises and programs such as to extend the Italian Government guarantees on some of the uses of Cassa Depositi e Prestiti. The public mutual credit risk is inevitable and necessary in this economic time to revive economic activity and investment, although not sure the best way to ensure a good allocation of funding. The crucial question, though, is whether it will be a pure economic intervention that will be filed with the final out of the crisis. Given the trend towards disintermediation induced by new banking rules on credit, which probably will increase after the Asset Quality Review currently underway, it is said that resolved the crisis, risks can properly back on the shoulders of private investors. For these reasons it is essential that in the medium term there is also a collective effort to develop alternative funding channels to bank credit, as also called for by our Government’s document on enterprise finance presented to Ecofin in Milan. @unimi beard. it © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.